The chips are down and the Old Man has lost this round of the game in episode 6 of Mr. Baek... He’s on the streets and learning that being homeless is not as easy to bounce back from as he once thought. Kind hands will have to see him through if he can learn to hold onto them. The triangle is forming so join Amy and I as we wonder who is going to win in the game for Ha Soo.

Amy: Let me get this out of the way so that you will have proper warning. I have a major case of second lead syndrome so my opinions will be extremely biased. Dae Han!!! Dae Han will get Ha Soo! I really like Old Man but I can’t ship him and Ha Soo together. If Dae Han doesn’t get Ha Soo I will make my own version and put them together myself.


Wendilynn: I’m with you on this one. I really am starting to like the Old Man, but I am rooting for Dae Han to get Ha Soo. I don’t think you’d be the only one writing some fan-fiction to fix that storyline. lol What I do find extremely interesting is that they started to explore the rules for this “youth”. Why is it that he stops having a heart attack when Ha Soo holds onto him? Is it because she was holding him in the sink hole?

Amy: I think that it is somehow connected to Dae Han’s necklace. I think Old Man lost the necklace in the last episode but Ha Soo picked it up and then in this episode when Old Man started having an attack the necklace in Ha Soo’s purse glowed and he got better.


Wendilynn: I noticed that myself. What role does that necklace play?

Amy: We’ll have to wait and see! Waiting is the best!

Wendilynn: NOT! lol I’m glad to see that our suspicions about the lawyer are being proven right. I’m thinking his connection is to the Sister. I’m pretty sure that was her bringing him food. If she's the one wearing that ring. 

Amy: I think it was the sister too. I’ve been calling them vulture sister, brother, and sister in law. Anyway, they’re in it together. There has to be some kind of connection between them though. Mother and son?


Wendilynn: That’s what I’m thinking. And Sister and Sister in Law would happily toss the other out, so they are not quite a team. I just feel sorry for Dae Han because they all will toss him out, he just doesn’t know that yet.

Amy: Yeah. They view Dae Han as a disposable entity which he really is not. I think he has the skills and the know how to do a good job but he doesn’t utilize them because of his reputation. It would be awesome if he and his dad teamed up so that Dae Han could take over.

Wendilynn: I see him teaming up with the Old Man the only way to save him because his family has gone to great lengths to get rid of him. And if the lawyer really is his cousin like we suspect, he’s so jealous about Manager Hong that he’ll ditch Dae Han in a minute to get to her. And we now know who has her heart. That won’t help his case any.


Amy: *Big heavy sigh* I feel bad for Manager Hong because I like her but I don’t want her to get Dae Han. She should be with the lawyer and help him become a better person. Get over that Dae Han, Manager Hong! You don’t need him! What was I saying? There is definitely going to be a fight and I’m sure it will get nasty.

Wendilynn: Yup, I’m with you on that one. In the short term, I’m thinking Dae Han is worried that Ha Soo may be in the “enemy’s camp” now that he knows the Old Man is at her place.


Amy: Oh for sure. That is not going to be pretty. Oh the jealousy between those two will be loud and ugly. At least Old Man is questioning if he should like Ha Soo or not. There is no problem with him liking her but a relationship, to me, is a problem.

Wendilynn: While I’m on Dae Han’s side where Ha Soo is concerned, there is a sweetness to the interaction between the Old Man and Ha Soo that I like. He clearly has to depend on her if he is going to survive this “youth” period.


Amy: I really do like their interactions too. They’re very cute with each other. I especially liked the bike riding scene. Old Man tries to be a tough guy but he is such a chicken. Old Man really needs Ha Soo to help him out and tell him what he is doing wrong. I like that she is able to do both instead of being an extreme in one direction.

Wendilynn: I like that she’s the middle of the road sane person in this mess. LOL! She hasn’t taken sides, she’s compassionate to both, she is friends with both and it works.

Amy: I like that too. Did you like Old Man’s dance with the homeless people? Ha ha! I thought it was quite spectacular myself.

Wendilynn: That was so funny. Did you notice he just started making up stuff at the end? rofl!

Amy: Yes! The, “What am I doing?”! Hee hee hee! I’ve caught myself doing that too but in a situation like that by the time you ask that question it is already too late and you just have to roll with it.


Wendilynn: I love how they find humor in the silliest moments. Like her brother being tickled pink that his sister has found “a boyfriend” so of course, he’s willing to take in the down-on-his-luck former rich dude. lol

Amy: I mean, how adorable is Ha Soo’s brother? I love that he is willing to accept Old Man and encourage their relationship even though I don’t want them together. Anyway, I would love to see more interactions between Ha Soo and her brother. I was wondering where Ha Soo’s mom was during this episode though.

Wendilynn: She was conspicuously gone, wasn’t she?

Amy: She was. I was thinking they would have to get her permission to have Old Man stay but nothing. I missed her. She’s sweet but sassy at the same time.

Wendilynn: I think she would have helped, too. She knew the Old Man when he was young and down on his luck, she’d already let him stay there once before. He treated her kindly last episode when he picked up the suit. So I see her as being just as helpful, especially since he was sick. Speaking of sick…. kdramas send people to the hospital for a week stay and an IV for scratches like he had on his arm, how did he not end up in the hospital for the heart attack in the restaurant? lol


Amy: I was wondering that myself. I’m assuming it was a money issue but then again he is so controlling he probably wanted to be sure to stay out of the hospital so that he can know what is going on in his company.

Wendilynn: I have to admit, If I was in his shoes, I wouldn’t want docs poking at me either. Who knows what screwy stuff will turn up?

Amy: Yeah. He’d have to make sure the doctor he bribed to help him last time looked after him again. I’m sure something would come up if he went to the hospital.

Wendilynn: I was sort of surprised that the family doc didn’t show up, to tell you the truth. He’s at least in on the secret.

Amy: What do you think about Old Man seeing himself as old in the mirror at the end? Do you think he saw that because he was wondering if he should like Ha Soo or is it a premonition of what is to come?


Wendilynn: I don’t know what to think. I’ve seen some forum talk about how if he feels love again, he’ll get old, but I don’t know if I give that any credence. Was he just imagining himself as his proper age and how inappropriate it would be to fall in love with Ha soo and ACT on it? I just really did not know what to think.

Amy: If I had to put a theory on it, I would say it is because he is questioning his relationship with Ha Soo and his real age BUT who knows? This is dramaland, after all, and anything could happen!

Wendilynn: And we don’t even know the rules yet for this game.

The stakes are just getting higher and who you can trust is getting smaller. Will the Old Man stay young long enough to keep Dae Han from being betrayed by his family? And are the boys going to duke it out for Ha Soo’s affections? Only time will tell. Leave your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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