The Old Man just had a close call and now has to decide exactly what he wants to do in his relationships with Ha Soo and Dae Han. Can Dae Han handle potentially losing another family member or will his jealousy over Ha Soo drive another wedge in his heart? And what is up with the Old Man’s sister? Join Amy and me, Wendilynn as we discuss episode 10 of Mr. Baek.

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Amy: Wow, wow, wow! This was a cute but sad episode for me. Old Man and Ha Soo were adorable but Dae Han broke my heart. He’s such a good guy. I think that Old Man kind of has the right idea but I wish he’d try to fix things with Dae Han first.

Wendilynn: That beginning was a trip. Deciding whether to die or not, basically. And then watching him really think about what it means in the situation he’s in. What does he owe Dae Han and what does he owe Ha Soo or even his siblings. That scene in the restaurant with 5 year old Dae Han had me tearing up.

MBe10 daehan child.jpg

Amy: I was tearing up too! It broke my heart. It finally hit him how he should have lived his life and the pain was very evident in his face. I’m really happy he is beginning to understand people better now and actually empathize with them instead of just thinking about how to earn money.

Wendilynn: There is a definite change for him here, but I feel a little at a loss to what he’s choosing to do. Cause on the surface, he doesn’t seem to have changed course. I really was expecting him to break it off with Ha Soo, but then you have Dae Han telling him that he needs to be responsible for the feelings he encouraged in Ha Soo.

Amy: I know! I loved/hated that scene. My feelings are just all over the place. I just really want everyone to be happy. Why can’t everyone be happy? Anyway, I’m glad he did take responsibility. Oh and the scene where Old Man and Dae Han were play fighting was adorable! I want more moments like that.

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Wendilynn: The play fighting was adorable! I really love the Dad/Son moments the best in this show. That’s the story line that interests me because they really took care to make us love Dae Han in this show. And watching Dae Han care about “his older brother” unwillingly was moving. That conversation he has with Ha Soo about missing those we may hate or like just because we never resolved our feelings with them was poignant.

Amy: It really was. Ha Soo is very insightful. I love that her character is so strong. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to go after it. Can I be like her when I grow up?

Wendilynn: LOL! What I like about her is that she is never fake with anyone. She is very upfront with her boundaries. She is the one that has initiated most things with the Old Man. He starts to pull back and she says, “nope”.

Amy: Feisty little thing isn’t she? It’s nice to see a female character who does not play a bad girl be like that. If Manager Hong could be more like her she might be able to get her man. Stop hinting around and make sure Dae Han knows you like him, woman!

MBe10 feelings.jpg

Wendilynn: Manager Hong is in an interesting position. She sort of knows the truth about what is going on around her. She is maintaining her friendship with the Lawyer even though he’s the bad guy. Maybe she doesn’t see him as much of a bad guy as the Brother and Sister in law.

Amy: I think since the Lawyer is her sunbae she feels like she wants to be there for him but she won’t help him do anything bad for the company. I feel like she wants him to be good and she thinks if she sticks around he’ll change his tune. He is going to lose it if she does leave him.

Wendilynn: well that’s true. And now we understand why he hooked up with Sister. She is easy pickings for a guy who shows a little interest in her. I was so surprised when the Old Man confronted her about how gullible she is because she is so desperate to be loved or liked.

MBe10 scammed.jpg

Amy: I was too but I loved that scene! Someone needs to set her straight or she is going to get herself hurt more. I love that he still cares about his sister even though she is trying to take over the company.

Wendilynn: Well, you can still love your family even if you want to spank them all. lol

Amy: Ha ha ha! I know first hand the truth in that statement. The husband is in big trouble today. What do you think about the plans to turn Seohae into a mall? I wonder how far they’ll get with that.

Wendilynn: I can understand wanting to make a location cost effective. But as a viewer, I don’t want the Brother to win so I want Dae Han to be able to revive it. Dae Han sure wasn’t expecting the Old Man to show up. Did you see that look he sent the Old Man from behind the tree because he was being close with Ha Soo?

MBe10 daehan glaring.jpg

Amy: I did! I felt so bad for him. The poor cutie. I just want to hug him and give him cookies.

Wendilynn: LOL!!

Amy: I thought that Dae Han’s speech to the workers was good too. You could tell it was really hard for him to tell them that he depends on them and that he is grateful for them. It was very touching. Seohan means a lot to him because of his mom. Just so sweet!

MBe10 thank you .png

Wendilynn: The dream lanterns was such a cute idea. I love floating lanterns, they are so pretty. You could really feel that Dae Han has come a long way in understanding how important everyone is around him. When he gets this all figured out, he’s going to be an amazing business leader.

Amy: I think so too. I’m really excited about how much he’s grown so far. I should probably stop fangirling over him huh? Ahem.

Wendilynn: We have to stop?! Nope.. not happening. However, I did find that kiss at the end really sweet. I wonder how many viewers went up in flames over that?


Amy: Me, me, me, me! It was completely adorable though. I just want Ha Soo with Dae Han. Second lead syndrome is real. Sigh.

Wendilynn: Let it be noted that Ha Soo initiated that kiss. It was a nice kiss though.

What is in store for us now that they've kissed?  What choices has the Old Man made and who will they affect?  His time is running out  Can he fix his relationship with his son before time runs out?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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