Ha Soo and Shin Hyung’s relationship is progressing while Dae Han is figuring out his place in the company in episode 11 of Mr. Baek. Come talk about it with Amy, Wendilynn, and a new friend, Cici!

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Cici: First of all, thank you for including me in this drama club! I recently swore off melodramas, but I am really enjoying this one. It has just the right mix of tender moments and comic relief. Plus, here we are on episode eleven, and I really have no idea how this is going to turn out. The suspense is kind of killing me.


Wendilynn: This drama has been VERY good about keeping its secrets. I also can’t tell where it will end up. I know what I hope for, but there is no guarantees with where we are heading. Especially after the tidbit we got from the fortune teller this episode.

Amy: Just when I think I know where this drama is going I begin to doubt myself so I’ve just decided to enjoy the ride. I’ve even (mostly) gotten rid of second lead syndrome! That is a big deal. So if I understand what the fortune teller said correctly if Shin Hyung removes the meteor he’ll return to being old and if it stays he’ll die in the body he has now? Is that correct?

Cici: That’s the way I understand it. But from the ominous text messages he keeps getting, he only has a matter of weeks left to pay his debt. However, nothing is really said about what that means or what the consequences will be if he fails to meet the deadline. No pun intended.


Wendilynn: He’s got 3 weeks left as of this episode. I admit, the countdown makes me all stressed. But overall this episode was soooooo sweet. They had their date and we had Dae Han confess and Manager Hong also confessed and everybody was confessing. lol

Amy: The five syllable sentence game was so cute it was almost vomit inducing. I’m just saying. Ha ha! I can only take so much.

Cici: I absolutely loved the comic parts of this episode. From Shin Hyung dancing in the background while Dae Han taught the folk dance, to his sister describing how young girls catch a rich boyfriend (she has definitely been watching too many kdramas!)

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh, the rich boyfriend bit was hysterical. I laughed so much. Dae Han has been a doll this whole series. Watching him wag his tail while Sister kept getting more and more ridiculous just had me rolling.


Amy: I was laughing at the cheesiness Dae Han imagined when he thought of Ha Soo and Shin Hyung being married too. His reaction to that daydream...poor guy. I thought it was funny and pretty spot on for that couple, though! They’re so cutesy.

Cici: Given how un-cute the Old Man was, it is pretty remarkable seeing him interact with Ha Soo. It melts my heart--until I think about Dae Han, who I also want to end up with her. Amy, you may be over your SLS, but I am definitely not. Yet. Maybe ever.

Wendilynn: I’m pretty evenly split. I love both the Old Man and the Son. They each have their separate charms for me and I cannot choose between them.

Cici: Exactly! I am so torn. And I don’t like it very much.

Amy: Okay. I said I’m over it but I should have said I’m getting over it. You guys are not helping! Well, Dae Han doesn’t help either because he is so sweet with Ha Soo. I died when he followed them on their fishing date. Too stinkin’ cute!

Cici: Yes, but what really gets me is when he reflects on his relationship with his father, and he admits that he loved and hated him, and really misses him. Kind of tears me up, you know? And when Shin Hyung gets to overhear that kind of stuff, it really makes him so touched. It gets very emotional and I really love them both. Curse you, writers!

Wendilynn: The writers are excellent in this drama. The various romances don’t really hit me very much because the relationship I love best is the one between the Old Man and Dae Han. Whether they are beating each other up or missing each other, or feeling regretful, that is when I am moved most. That happened so much this episode.


Amy: I think my favorite part of the episode was when Dae Han found out that Old Man made seaweed soup for his birthday. Old Man finally got to do something for his son and you could tell Dae Han loved it. Their relationship is getting better with each episode and I love watching them get along finally

Wendilynn: Fangirl moment…. I melt.. seriously melt whenever Dae Han tears up. I don’t know if he’s really generating those red eyes or they put stuff in it to sting his eyes and I don’t care, he is always so convincing when he’s moved by emotion. And gorgeous. *sigh* okay fangirl moment over. lol

Amy: I second everything Wendilynn said. I’ve developed the biggest crush on Lee Joon since this drama started.


Wendilynn: One development I’m curious on is how bad things are going to get now that Manager Hong has sold her soul to the devil to try and save Dae Han’s position in the company. Telling evil lawyer she’ll give him what he wants is a recipe for disaster. Especially after confessing to Dae Han. Do you think she is running away from her confession?

Amy: I’m not really sure if she thinks that she’ll be able to help if she is next to the lawyer. Like, she’ll be a voice of reason so to speak, or if she is running away. Maybe it is a combination of both.

Cici: I got the impression that it was a mild example of noble idiocy--she is willing to sacrifice herself and go over to the other side in order to be able to protect Dae Han. And although she hinted that she would marry the lawyer, she didn’t actually commit to it, just said that she’d get to that part later. While she isn’t one of my favorite characters, I have to admire how she is usually on top of every situation. I just don’t see a happy ending for her. It did surprise me how readily Dae Han assumed that she was a traitor, though. Hasn’t he been paying any attention all these years?

Wendilynn: With his family and the way his Dad was, can you blame him?

Cici: Well, that would be the polite explanation--but I worry a little that maybe he just isn’t all that bright. Especially after he found Shin Hyung’s notes and didn’t put two and two together and realize that he’s really his father.

Amy: I think Dae Han has spent most of his life fighting for the attention of this father so he hasn’t paid much attention to anything else besides himself. I can’t say I blame Dae Han for not accepting Shin Hyung as his dad. That idea is so far fetched that he is coming up with excuses to cover up the evidence he’s found that Shin Hyung may actually be his father. I would do the same thing. Awww. Are you saying I’m not that bright Cici? Ha ha!

Cici: Wait, wait! No! OK, I’m willing to concede that the reality is so hard to accept that he can’t admit it unless he’s /really/ drunk. Yeah, I guess I’d be the same way. Which leads me to the inevitable question--where are these writers headed? Will Dae Han ever realize that Shin Hyung is really his father? And why am I flashing to Darth Vader all of a sudden? Cue David Prowse’s voice: “Luke….er...Dae Han, I am your father!”

Amy: Don’t cut off Dae Han’s hand, Old Man!

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