Welcome Kdrama lovers. We have shoes, breakups, make-ups and rock climbing in this episode. Come join Amy, Cici, and me, Wendilynn, as we enjoy another wonderful episode of Mr. Baek.

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Cici: Can I just say that Dae Han and Shin Hyung should be nominated for the best bromance of the year? They are beyond adorable.

Amy: They really are and they were especially adorable during this episode! The way they were looking out for each other is really touching and is what I’ve been wanting to see since this drama started!


Cici: Yep, right from the opening, when Dae Han confronted Shin Hyung about making him seaweed soup for his birthday, these two are really hitting all the right notes. For any parent who has ever had moments of regret (and who hasn’t?) this episode is especially heart-warming.

Wendilynn: Agreed. Their relationship development was a wonderful counterpoint to the heartbreak the Old Man and Ha Soo were going through since she broke up with him. I really applaud her for not wanting to come between them and it was so in character for her. She really cares about both of them and wants them to be close.

Amy: I thought that was pretty awesome of Ha Soo too. I think it is more important for brothers to be close than to have a significant other.

Cici: Wait, are you saying “Bros before . . . “ Never mind. Ha Soo doesn’t fit that category, lol.

Wendilynn: LOL Cici! What is nice is that this doesn’t count as noble idiocy either. Thanks to Sister in the last episode we got that hilarious parody of what a greedy woman can do between family members and Ha Soo wasn’t having any of it. Her priorities are so firmly in the right place. To the point that even Dae Han recognizes that he’d rather have her with his brother than fighting over her pointlessly.


Amy: DAE HAN! You are not helping me get over you! He was just so sweet putting them back together and being proud of himself even though you could tell it hurt him. My heart ached. I’m glad he has Old Man to lean on now.

Cici: I loved the interplay between the two. First they go rock climbing together, and Dae Han is clearly the master. But he offers to coach Shin Hyung instead of gloating over his own superiority. Then Shin Hyung turns around and teaches him how to win at negotiating with a masterful bluff. That was beautiful to behold!

Wendilynn: I loved the rock climbing scene. Talking about a parent love even in the face of their children potentially dying. lol And that Bluff… you could see the dumbfounded respect in Dae Han’s face as the Old Man pulled that off. Heck, I was impressed.


Amy: The bluff was pretty awesome but I could see it coming when they laid that briefcase down. Hee hee! I’m glad that worked out for them, though, because I wasn’t sure how they’d get out of turning Seohae into a mall.

Cici: I’ve got to confess I’m having a little bit of trouble following all the different projects--Seohae is to be turned into a hotel catering to old people, right? Medi-something. The evil siblings will lose the chance to turn it into a luxury outlet, but they’re going to focus on the Cruise hotel instead? I thought that was just another bluff to distract them.

Wendilynn: Yup, there are two projects everyone is rushing around on. SeoHae is the project meant to show that Dae Han is no longer a loser and Cruise is the luxury project that the Old Man was working on before his death. So its all hush hush, supposedly.

Amy: My head hurts. Too much business talk. It is nice to see Dae Han finally taking an interest in business because of Old Man though.

Cici: Agreed. And it is nice to see Old Man expressing his faith in Dae han. Did you catch his comment at the shoe store? “He is going to do great things” Who knew such bonding could occur over buying shoes?

MBe12 praise.jpg

Wendilynn: I loved that line. The Old Man got a reality check and a chance to see things from his son’s perspective the last couple of weeks and we can now see that they are starting to believe in each other.

Amy: They’re just too cute together. It broke my heart when Dae Han was crying because he doesn’t want Shin Hyung to leave him too. Too many emotions!

Wendilynn: That scene was rough for me. We know that the Old Man has a decision to make. will he die in 14 days or will he remove the meteor and live for whatever time was left to him as an old man. (which wasn’t long anyway) Can he leave Ha Soo or Dae Han when they clearly love him so much?


Cici: So I just have to ask--why are we assuming that the Old Man will die in 14 days if he stays there as his young self? Yes, something is supposed to happen at that time, but has the mysterious voice behind the text messages ever actually said that death was on the line? I don’t think so. I think we’re just being manipulated to think that.

Amy: I think you may be right but I don’t want to get my hopes up. I’m just going to go along with it and hopefully be pleasantly surprised when bad things don’t happen.

Cici: Well, it’s been a while since I saw 49 Days, but wasn’t the premise there that the person who died had that much time to prove that they would be grieved over?

Wendilynn: This show isn’t doing the 49 days idea, its doing a 48 days Buddhist philosophy.... sort of. And we’ve had the fortune teller specifically say death happens either in 14 days or when his appointed time comes as an old man. Depending on if he keeps that rock in him or not.


Amy: The fortune teller could be there to throw us off though. Look at me getting optimistic. Must stay firm because I really can’t see Old Man sticking around much longer.

Cici: And this is why I am always swearing off melodramas...until I get sucked in by the next one. I am optimistic, because I think those text messages contain the hope that there is a way for him to repay the debt and live. That’s what I’m clinging to at this point. Even though I know that if it’s a melodrama, someone's gonna die.

Amy: I was thinking that the repayment was the meteor. Like, Old Man is either going to have the meteor removed and give it up himself or he is going to die in so many days and give it back that way. I don’t know. I get kind of confused with that stuff.

Cici: Okay, but think back to when the Old Man thought he was dying, and he was pleading with the angels of death for more time. I think he made a deal with them. But that type of deal inevitably ends up being a test of some sort for the person who makes it. So the question is, what does he have to do to pass the test?

Wendilynn: Some kind of deal with made to be sure. I think most of us are hoping that there is a way for him to stay. But this being a kdrama and kdramas are not safe. We don’t want to get our hopes too high because we have NO FREAKING CLUE where this is going. I can’t even imagine how they plan to resolve all this. Dae Han and Ha Soo are going to hurt a lot if he leaves.

Amy: I’ll be in a corner pouting because I have to wait to see how everything ends. I HATE WAITING! Dae Han and Ha Soo are going to be hurting a lot so they’ll have to comfort each other right? Wait. It might be a little weird if they fall in love after that.

Wendilynn: I’m hoping Manager Hong is able to make it work with Dae Han. I do. She clearly loves him and he was surprised by her confession but now he’s confused by her actions of attaching herself to the planning department.


Cici: Hmmmm...sorry, not feeling any chemistry between those two, even if that would provide a nice tidy logical resolution to the love triangle. I just don’t see that happening.

Amy: I’m with Cici on this one BUT this is Kdrama land and couples with worse chemistry have been matched before.

Cici: LOL, agreed. My Lovable Girl, I’m looking at you.

Wendilynn: LOL! Did anyone else love the Cosplay scene at the end of this episode?

Amy: So adorably cheesy! I liked it, though, because they stepped out of their box to have fun and it is always awesome to see people doing that.


Cici: Nope. Didn’t like it at all. All I could feel was huge disappointment that Shin Hyung did not dress up as Darth Vader. I think the writers really missed the boat on that one.

Wendilynn: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It took me awhile to realize he was supposed to be the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. I thought he was dressed as an Elizabethan royal, but that was a mane around his neck not a ruffled collar.

Amy: They could have danced to “The Imperial March”! I like that scenario better, Cici! I was kind of disappointed in Ha Soo’s hair too. I mean, she has all of that hair and you couldn’t give her a better style than that?

Wendilynn: LOL! You guys are cracking me up. What did you think of her finding his wish?

Amy: I think she and Dae Han will be putting it all together now. They may not know who Old Man really is but they’ll figure out that he won’t be around much longer.Ep26_QuitCryingMeme.jpg

Wendilynn: Yes, Dae Han saw the calendar and the text messages. Next week’s episodes are going to be a trip. Cici, that meme is hilarious. Too bad this melodrama acts more like a romantic comedy. Its messing with our heads.

Cici: It keeps me ridiculously hopeful for a happy ending.

Amy: Have I mentioned lately how much I hate waiting?

The clock is ticking down and Shin Hyung's choice is approaching fast.  What will he decide to do now that he is close to both his son and to the girl who has taught him how to love?  Will Dae Han be able to handle losing his Dad/brother all over again?   Let us know what you thought of this week's episodes and what you hope for next week.  Tell us in the comments below. 

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