Welcome back, drama clubbers! Everyone is starting to piece together the mystery that is Mr. Baek! Join Cici, Wendilynn, and me as we discuss it!

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Cici: Well, this is a weird episode. It’s like they’re stalling. They hint at a few possible explanations for the Old Man’s transformation, but nothing solid comes of it. Likewise the possible ways he might get to live. And Ha Soo comes very close to realizing just who he is, but she doesn’t get there either. Argh, I hate episodes like this.

Wendilynn: Now see, I really liked this episode. I loved watching Dae Han and the Old Man finally come clean to each other. They both knew what was going on. They both knew that they loved each other and respected each other. They needed this episode. And we got a little build up of whatever is going to happen with the new investors that will hopefully bite the Lawyer in the butt. Although, it looks like he’s starting to put the pieces together too.

Amy: I didn’t like or hate this episode. There were a lot of good parts and I’m really enjoying the relationship between Old Man and Dae Han now. I think that Ha Soo has everything figured out but she didn’t say it out loud. I think Lawyer has an inkling too so I’m wondering what will happen when he finds out for sure.


Cici: Okay, I will grant you that it is beyond adorable when Dae Han is trying to figure out just what to call the Old Man. Father? No, that won’t work. So he settles so gleefully for older brother. He is really cute in that scene. And Director Jung overhearing the hints Dae Han drops about Shin Hyung’s real identity when he’s talking to Manager Hong seems to foreshadow something ominous. But I still remain frustrated at how slowly any real resolution to the main problem--Old Man’s impending demise--is forthcoming. And just when he’s about to confess to Ha Soo who he really is, it fades to black.

Wendilynn: We won’t get that information till the last episode at least. lol I’m thinking next episode will see us destroy the lawyer. I hope. But, if he gets his hands on the shares of the Brother and Sister-in-law, all bets are off. I can’t believe she is stupid enough to believe he’ll keep her in the loop. And then Sister tried to warn off Manager Hong. lol That was sort of funny.


Amy: I know! Like, what exactly is she thinking? She knows his character traits and how desperate he is. How is it a good idea to hand her shares to him? Use your brain, lady! Yeah. Sister trying to ward off Manager Hong...that was just pitiful. Not that Lawyer has a chance with Manager Hong anyway.

Cici: I realize that this is a drama that centers on family relationships that have been determined by being rich business magnates, but I really don’t care about what happens to the family business. Am I the only one who gets annoyed and/or confused when all the business shenanigans are taking place?

Wendilynn: You are not the only one. It really is anecdotal most of the time. It really only matters when they bring out the Lawyer to roll his shoulders and be a pill. The real charm of this story is the triangle of the Old Man, Dae Han and Ha Soo.


Amy: Yes. I’m really enjoying their relationship now. I just want to see Dae Han happy with a lady. It was cute when he put his arm around Manager Hong’s shoulders and told her she’s great but I got a friend vibe from that.

Cici: yeah, I’m definitely feeling more of an “I appreciate you for all your hard work” vibe rather than an “I love you and I want to marry you” vibe. It may be that he really is just immature (cute, but immature), though. But the slim hope I had that Dae Han’s relationship with Manager Hong would develop into true love is fading rapidly.

Amy: I think it could still happen but it will feel forced unless they do it right.

Wendilynn: I like how they are developing things between them. Its not rushing because after all he had fallen for Ha Soo. He has recognized the feelings of Manager Hong though and done what he can I think to see her for who she is and not just as his Dad’s secretary who kept tabs on him. There feels to me like something could develop in time if they keep this going but not quickly.

Cici: Well, if it doesn’t, I’m OK with that. As long as the possibility exists, that’s one relationship that would be all right left open-ended. A spin off, maybe? Oh wait, this is kdrama land. No spin offs.

Wendilynn: Yeah, no spin offs here. lol


Amy: I’m okay with no spin offs. My attention span isn’t very long. Old Man’s must be to make all of those cherry blossoms, though!

Wendilynn: Cutting all those petals was so darling. That scene had so many feels for me. I couldn’t help but catch the apprehensive feelings of Ha Soo as she realizes that if all her wishes are met then it might be over and I didn’t like that.


Cici: The fact that he created that scene out of fake blossoms just to make her final wishe come true made me tear up. He knows in his heart that he might not be there come spring time to see the cherry blossoms with her. And while he claims to be all right with his impending death, he is concerned for the well-being of the people he will leave behind. Especially Ha Soo. Can I just say it one more time? I WANT MY HAPPY ENDING.

Wendilynn: lol, I’m with you. I don’t want to lose the Old Man either. I’ve really come to like his cranky nature and the softening he’s learned through this experience has really made him adorable.

Amy: You can ask my best friend, I love a good happy ending BUT I would okay without one in this drama. I don’t know why. Maybe I’m just going crazy but I’d be okay with it. I still WANT the happy ending but either way I feel like I’ll be able to accept what happens.

Cici: Humph. 

What do you think drama clubbers? Has Lawyer finally caught on and what will happen if he has? Do you think Old Man, Ha Soo, and Dae Han will have their happy ending? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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