It's Christmas time on Mr. Baek, and our story gets a little more resolution and a whole lot more adorable. We get a giant snowman to puppets. We also get to know Director’s Jung’s reasons for turning bad. Join Cici, Amy and me, Wendilynn as we talk about an adorable episode.

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Cici: I absolutely loved this episode. Which is saying a lot, since I was so apprehensive going into it. I could not see how the writers were going to provide a satisfactory resolution so late in the drama, and they pulled it off beautifully.

Amy: I enjoyed it too. It was adorable and touching. The writers really did do an excellent job.

Cici: I was a little concerned at the beginning of the episode when Shin Hyung was trying to tell Ha Soo who he really was, and those ghostly angels of death kept coming closer every time he was about to explain. I got that sinking feeling that he was never going to be able to tell her the truth. I was so glad he found a very clever way around that.

Amy: I thought Ha Soo would think Shin Hyung was going crazy and take him to the hospital but I guess I was putting myself in her shoes and not remembering that this is dramaland.

Wendilynn: Well he certainly scared her enough at the beginning of this episode but that long talk they had in the park was really touching. She really let him know how he was making her feel. How anxious she was over his illness


Cici: And he was able to let her know that he appreciated her concern, but that he had been worrying over hurting her and Dae Han and the other people he had come to love. It was so tender and sweet. But what I appreciated most is that he put her mind at ease by promising to have the surgery, even though he knew that that would never happen. It was a white lie to enable her to rest easy..

Amy: He has really gotten sweet as he has fallen in love and gotten closer to the people around him. It has been nice to watch him change into a better person.

Wendilynn: The tenderness shown by these characters just really make you love them in this episode. We’re not even allowed to dislike Lawyer Jung in peace. I cry foul on giving him puppy dog eyes as he finds himself losing Manager Hong. I didn’t want him to have feelings. lol


Cici: It did make it hard to hate him as much as he deserved. I found it interesting that the writers almost gave him a justification for his evil ways. He had worked hard for years but he had never been able to be equal to Dae Han, in either Manager Hong’s or the Old Man’s eyes.

Amy: I mean, I feel bad for the guy but he is smart enough to know that there is a right and wrong way to go about things. He knows that he chose the wrong path. Tsk. It’s a pity.

Wendilynn: Dae Han has been hard pressed to feel his Dad’s love. I can only imagine how much harder it was for our Lawyer to feel approval from the Old Man who had literally saved him by taking him under his wing after his parents died. We saw in the first episode how he always heard, “if Dae Han could just be more like you”, etc. That wears a person down after awhile.

Cici: I think the cruelest thing is to give a person false hope. He really believed that he was being groomed to take Dae Han’s place as both surrogate son and heir to the company. To have that yanked away at the last minute must have been a bitter pill to swallow. It almost reminds me of the prodigal son.

Amy: Dae Han and Old Man were very cute in this episode. I cracked up when Old Man was singing in the bath with Dae Han and they scrubbed each others’ backs.


Wendilynn: The bathhouse scene was awesome. Watching the back scrubbing turning into a tickle fight was freaking adorable.

Cici: It was also funny how they used back scrubbing to take out a little aggression on each other--yet they both enjoyed it. You’re right, it was just plain adorable. And then when they decorated the tree together, my heart just melted. Dae Han’s wish for a miracle for his father brought tears to my eyes.


Amy: Dae Han is the sweetest. He’s really grown up a lot in this drama.

Wendilynn: Dae Han was always sweet. He was just recognized by his Dad for it now. Watching them reconnect as father and son was really my favorite part of this whole stinking show. And then they add more cuteness by having the Old Man go on dates with Ha Soo.

Amy: It took me a while but I finally started appreciating Old Man and Ha Soo’s relationship. I love their interactions and cheesy cuteness now.

Cici: I have to admit, I am not usually a fan of puppets. But that puppet show was not only touching, it was a brilliant way for Shin Hyung to tell Ha Soo what she needed to know--that his time left with her was short, and that he loved her and wanted her to have a happy life, even without him.


Wendilynn: That final scene starts out as a break up scene and ends up as the most adorable I love you scene I’ve seen in a long while. I couldn’t help but think of Tomorrow’s Cantabile when he carried the puppets to the couch to talk to her through them. It allowed him to say what he needed to without feeling too exposed. But when she refused to accept that he was letting her go it became oh so much sweeter.

Amy: I, on the other hand, had mixed feelings about the puppets. I thought it was sweet but I didn’t care for it at the same time. I guess I just prefer a straightforward approach but it wouldn’t have been as cute so I’ll accept the puppets. I’m just glad everyone got their feelings out in the open.


Cici: I’m not sure, but I think he was basically forbidden from telling her outright who he really was. At least that’s the impression I got from the opening scene. So the puppets were a way to circumvent that. Either way, she was finally able to realize that he would not be able to stay with her. And it gave her a chance to tell him that she didn’t want to break up, “no matter what.”

Wendilynn: The other relationship that he tried to break off was the one with his driver and best friend Manager Sung. He was so broken up over potentially losing the Old Man. He even ran off to Dae Han to try and stop it.

Amy: Poor Manager Sung! He doesn’t know what to do without Old Man. They’ve been together for so long it is hard to picture life without him.


Cici: I just loved how the Old Man has transformed into this kind, tender-hearted person intent on giving what his loved ones need most--his affection, appreciation and approval. He never did that before. He has really become a new person--just in time to leave. Waahhh.

Wendilynn: Nope, he’s not allowed to leave, they better not having him disappear for good. that’s all I’m saying. Can I just say I also really loved how they decorated his house. The scenery in this episode was adorable. That giant snow man they got lost around was enormous.


Amy: It was. The scenery really cheered me up but it also made me want to see it in person.

Wendilynn: Really makes you want to go see Korea at Christmas, doesn’t it?

Cici: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Cherry blossom time...basically, whenever, lol.

The Old Man has done the best he can to prepare his loved ones for the inevitable.  They are just as determined to make sure he doesn't leave them.  Will they be able to find a way to save Shin Hyung before his time is up? Let us know what you think about this episode and join us next time for the final episode as we wrap up what has turned out to be an adorable story. 

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