Episode two of Mr. Baek was...interesting. Nudity, gymnastics, greed, and mystery all in one episode! Join Wendilynn and myself as we discuss the craziness that is Mr. Baek.

Wendilynn: Craziness is right. Omo, Omo, OMO… Go Bong spends the first ten minutes of this show naked. How did that get past the censors? LOL!!

Amy: I won’t lie. I was mesmerized by the nakedness. I don’t blame Ha Soo for running out when she saw a naked man, though! She must think Dae Han is the biggest pervert.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! Can you blame her? You see a naked young man in the room, you are going to assume its the guy who told you to come to his house. I do find it interesting that they are so careful with how the women dress (excusing the bare legs) but they let Shin Ha Kyun run around nude. It was one thing to have his middle section blocked by furniture, but that little digital heart just cracked me up. I laughed so much.

Amy: Poor Ha Soo had already been through so much and then she went home only for her family to think she is a ghost. Hee hee! Her family is adorably funny. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

Wendilynn: Agreed, her family is adorable. And such a contrast to his family, except for Dae Han who seems to genuinely care about his dad. The rest of them are vultures.

Amy: Yes. I’m glad someone in his family actually cares for him and not his money. I can’t stand people like that. Money does not come before people and you shouldn’t see money when you look at someone. It is no wonder Chairman Choi is a huge grump.

Wendilynn: I think he’s getting what he asked for. He made it clear he trusts no one. And then his family groveled to him for decades to share in his money and he probably wasn’t nice about it. One of those, “You made your bed…” sort of deals. He’s lucky though, he gets a chance to fix things or learn to let it all go...take your pick of story lines.

Amy: Great. Now I have “Let it Go” from Frozen in my head. I think that Chairman Choi has a lot of good people next to him who aren’t family members. His secretary seems pretty awesome. I think she sees Dae Han for who he is and she let Ha Soo stay on after she was supposed to be fired.

Wendilynn: She does seem with it more than the others. After watching episode 2, I’m not so sure about that lawyer,though. He’s clearly jealous of what he thinks MIGHT be happening between Dae Han and the Secretary. And with his boss not having any faith in his son and add too the references of “I wish my son was like you” stuff, he has no respect for him, either.

Amy: Yeah. I don’t trust the lawyer. He is up to something. If I was a person who didn’t trust others like Chairman Choi I would not be telling a young man that he is better than my son. That is just opening the door to all kinds of bad things.

Wendilynn: When the car blew up in the sink hole, I was surprised to see so much money being burned. Then to find out it was how many billion wons of it, was a shocker. That they showed who was behind the money in this episode makes me sort of wonder what bigger stuff they are going to do to us.

Amy: It will be interesting to watch! I loved Chairman Choi’s reactions to all of the things he can do now that he is younger. Especially the cartwheels. It was also great to see him trying to convince people that he is, in fact, Chairman Choi.

Wendilynn: That was so funny to see him strutting around town reveling in his youth. From peeing 2 feet across the room, HA!, to trying to see if he could mind blast a bush. *falls over laughing*

Amy: Oh I forgot about the peeing and wondering if the other man can satisfy his woman. Ha ha! I think that the peoples’ reactions in the background while he was trying to mind blast the bush was the best.

Wendilynn: I laughed so much. It was so hokey but you got a good idea of just what a chauvinist pig he sort of was. I get a feeling Ha Soo will teach him a thing or two.

Amy: I think she’ll have to teach both him and his son a thing or two. It is fun to watch their interactions. Ha Soo is always genuinely perplexed when she meets both Chairman Choi and Dae Han. Who can blame her, though, with the circumstances they put her in?

Wendilynn: Oh absolutely. Its so funny to see her treat Dae Han as if he’s some sort of streaker. lol And then Go Bong is sitting there holding her hand asking her if she gets hot in the bathtub. Its like, “What the hell? I just wanted a job!” lol

Amy: Poor Ha Soo. They’re definitely going to put her through a lot. She is going to have to be pretty tough and patient to tolerate both of them. Now I’m curious about what will happen to Go Bong. Will he age naturally or is he on some supernatural timeline? I’m assuming the latter.

Wendilynn: That is a good question. We haven’t been given the rules yet, have we? I was glad he was able to convince the driver who he was. We got to see a glimpse that Go Bong isn’t a total jerk through that flashback scene of them drinking together.

Amy: Yeah. It is nice to see that he is at least a little empathetic to peoples’ needs. The rice wine that was actually a supplement cracked me up, though! He went to Canada and made his second child! Hee hee!

Wendilynn: *chuckles* I wonder how the Chairman missing will affect the search going on by the police? That usually means one is guilty. They have to get that solved soon if he’s to stay out of a mental institution or not lose his business. lol

Amy: Oh yes. I’m sure he’ll have to work with the manager and Ha Soo a lot to find out what really happened. It would be interesting to see the Chairman in a mental institution though. Ha ha! I’m sure he’ll get himself into plenty of hijinks with the manager.

Wendilynn: The humor of this show is really good. Ha Kyun is such a good comedic actor in this. His facial expressions, like the scene where he faces Dae Han across the cane, are so good.

Amy: Yeah. I feel like Dae Han can figure out who his father is if they interact more just by the facial expressions and body language alone. Chairman Choi has a unique way of expressing himself that you don’t see a lot in Kdramas.

Wendilynn: No you don’t. Most faces are on the stoic side. You can’t say that in ANY WAY with this character. lol 

What did you think of episode two of Mr. Baek Drama Clubbers? Will Ha Soo become Dae Han's assistant? Will she work with Chairman Choi? What about Chairman Choi's lawyer? Do you think he is up to no good? Will we get more nudity? Sound off in the comments below!

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