What are these people getting themselves into? Deception and goofiness seems to be the formula for episode three! Join Wendilynn and myself as we talk about it below!

Wendilynn: Goofiness is right. There is an old school comedy feel to this show. Trying to track down the black box so he could see what the mystery man was up to was funny. I’m really starting to love how he interacts with Ha Soo. She is helpful but isn’t going to take any crap from him.

Amy: It’s nice to watch a female character who doesn’t put up with crap just because the person is a man or in a position above her.

Wendilynn: AMEN! I get so tired of dramas that make our lead female a moron the first three episodes. Ha Soo is a tough, but kind, cookie.

Amy: Yes she is. Not to mention pretty! I don’t know why but I thought she looked especially pretty in this episode. Was her hair a different color?

Wendilynn: She was able to wear it down and long. It had a soft sleekness to it. She had it up in the first two episodes.

Amy: That’s probably it. How about that piggyback ride? Did you catch Ha Soo calling Go Bong a taxi driver? Hee hee!

Wendilynn: I did… that was so funny. I’m frankly surprised Go Bong was willing to do that. He’s such a selfish creature anyhow. If he wasn’t dead broke, I bet he’d have put her in a taxi. It was fun watching him learn that he’s not an old man anymore during that drunk fight.

Amy: Yes. Go Bong is adorable learning all of these things he can do now. It was fun to watch him enjoying alcohol and food again. I think he gave Ha Soo a piggyback ride home because he had nowhere to stay. That or he is starting to care for her.

Wendilynn: That’s a very good point. And it just turns out that she lives some place he is familiar with as a younger man. Did you catch that? What’s the story there?

Amy: I did catch that! I’m wondering if he was in love with Ha Soo’s grandmother or something. I wish they would have touched on that a little bit but what can you do? We’ll just have to wait and see..

Wendilynn: I will wait for more story there, cause I’m sure there will be. Her family thinking he was a boyfriend made me laugh.

Amy: It was too funny. I liked how they just accepted that he was her boyfriend without making a big deal out of it. Her brother’s reaction was especially cute.

Wendilynn: I like her brother. He’s a fun side character.

Amy: Yep. We got a drunk scene with Dae Han too. He is really hurting a lot. I felt bad for him throughout the whole episode. I can’t imagine how hard it is to watch your family being so greedy and deceitful. It broke my heart when he asked Ji Yoon to stay the night. I think he just wants someone honest around him.

Wendilynn: His character is the one that my heart breaks for the most. He really loved his Dad and watching his family be vultures just disgusts him. Its such a shame that the only time his Dad did see him was when he was at the end of his rope and made a snotty, but honest, reply. His Dad isn’t seeing all these heartbreaking moments.

Amy: I know. I really want his dad to see them. He isn’t getting the full picture and is missing how good of a guy Dae Han really is. Stupid Yi Gun getting all of his dad’s attention.

Wendilynn: I’m convinced now that the lawyer is a “bad guy”. Yi Gun is willing to take control of the company away from Dae Han and others now that the chairman is missing. Mind you, he was more connected to how the Chairman thought and so may feel he is “following orders” but I feel this is personal to him because of his feelings for Manager Hong.

Amy: I think so too. I want to know why Secretary Hong is so invested in Go Bong. There has to be a backstory there.

Wendilynn: Agreed. Although, I’m wondering if he’s a family member of some type. There was a confusing little conversation with Go Bong’s siblings and I don’t know if I interpreted it correctly, but it made it sound like he could be Dae Han’s cousin or something.

Amy: There is too much that I want to know right now! I’m way too impatient for this waiting nonsense. What did you think about Go Bong as a janitor? That tickled me. Especially since Driver Sung did most of the work.

Wendilynn: ROFL!! I can’t wait either, and the janitor bit was hilarious. Go Bong just cannot be inconspicuous can he? What really cracked me up is when they were questioning the brother later about “the mystery janitor” and he mentions Go Bong with an ax and big bag that he could fit a man into. I can only imagine what type of impression THAT left.

Amy: Right? Ha Soo’s brother doesn’t suspect anything though. He is so trusting. Little lamb.

Wendilynn: Good thing Dae Han isn’t. He’s “figured it all out” and has Go Bong as the kidnapper since he seems to have all of Dad’s things.

Amy: I appreciate that Dae Han is actually concerned for his dad and trying to figure out what is going on with him instead of focusing on position and money. Someone needs to. Speaking of Dae Han, did you notice how much he is starting to like Ha Soo? Choosing her to be a model and all of that.

WendilAmyynn: Yes, I did and that struck me as strange. I can’t figure out why he trusts her, unless it was the bed incident and the fact she didn’t want his money and then helped him with the necklace. As for not caring about position, I get the feeling that he doesn’t expect to be seen as the heir since he took no interest in the company. I would be surprised to see him fight for it.

Amy: Yeah. You could be right. He could be trying to keep up his reputation, so to speak, so he is feigning no interest.

Wendilynn: I have a funny feeling his “reputation” is a fabrication by his uncle. We know that “pregnant” girl was a plant and what he really used that money for was to help a friend’s business, not gamble.

Amy: Yep. Poor guy. I really want to give him a hug. He needs some kind of love and positivity.

Wendilynn: Both Father and Son do and that’s why I think we may have a “forbidden” love triangle if we aren’t careful.

Amy: Ugh. I really don’t want that to happen. I think it will but I just really don’t want it to.

Wendilynn: I laughed when Go Bong went and “disinfected” his office and chased off his brother and sister-in-law. I think what he saw made it clear he had to take steps to protect himself and his fortune.

Amy: Oh definitely. The scene in the house was great too. Why does poor Ha Soo always get men falling on top of her? She must think perverts are just after her for some reason. The drawing she did was pretty awesome too. She’s got some skillz fo’ sho!

Wendilynn: The house.. *snort* One, that’s a lot of gold bars in that safe and two, its a good thing Ha Soo can take care of herself because she seems to be a pervert magnet. How is she always in the wrong spot at the wrong time? lol

Amy: I’m just surprised she didn’t recognize Go Bong. I mean, not a lot of people have those lips and eyes or mannerisms for that matter.

Wendilynn: I’ve noticed that with everyone having black hair and similar shaped eyes, that these dramas feel that anyone wearing sunglasses or a hat “totally looks like anybody”... to have a full on face mask makes you unrecognizable. lol

Amy: So not the case. Oh well. I’m wondering how they got the evidence to make the police suspect Shin Hyung as the kidnapper as well. I mean, I know they had a little bit but it was nothing concrete.

Wendilynn: Circumstantial evidence can be convincing if there is enough of it. And unfortunately, there is a lot of it because of course, Go Bong IS Shin Hyung.

Amy: I think we need to settle on what we’ll call him. I’m thinking Old Man. That just covers everything since he is an old man in a young man’s body. Hee hee!

Wendilynn: I was wondering that too but, the Old Man “dies” at the end of this episode so we could technically call him Shin Hyung starting with episode 4. But I sort of like Old Man better.

Amy: I like Old Man too. It is like a term of endearment.

Wendilynn: *chuckles* Old Man it is then.

Amy: So now that Old Man is dead someone will have to take over the company. Sigh. Too many greedy people. My heart broke when I saw Dae Han’s eyes all red. I just wanted to cry with him. Poor guy.

Wendilynn: If there is anyone who has pulled our heart strings already its Dae Han. Lee Joon has been doing an outstanding job.

Amy: He really has been. I haven’t seen him in a drama before but I like him a lot so far. Ha Kyun is awesome too. I feel like I need to watch all of the stuff they’re in. *Whines* Why isn’t there more time to do what I want?!

Wendilynn: Sadly, there’s no miracle meteor pills to reverse our age. lol

Amy: Sigh. Why can’t I get what I want when I throw a fit or ask nicely? I want to be a kid again! So not fair.

What an episode! Are you as impatient as we are to find out exactly what is going on? Is Lawyer Yi Gun really a bad guy? Why do the Choi men trust Ha Soo so much? What is your theory behind Old Man and the tailor shop? What will happen to the company now that Old Man is dead? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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