Secrets, confessions, and misunderstands abound in episode 7 of Mr. Baek! Join Amy and Wendilynn as we discuss everything and try to understand the mysteries that surround Mr. Baek!

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Amy: I loved the tomato fight. It really was a good idea to relieve some stress and it looked like the boys did a little bonding. Ha Soo was really cute cleaning up Old Man too.

Wendilynn: Yes, I thought the boys were adorable too. They needed to throw tomatoes at each other. I like how Ha Soo tries to keep them interacting with each other so they can have a chance to bond.

Amy: Me too. She is really sweet and I’m glad she doesn’t shy away from them despite their positions. It must have worked a little bit, too, because Dae Han let Old Man come back to work! Sure he is a janitor again but it is a start.

Wendilynn: Well, Dae Han allowing him to move back into the house was to keep him away from Ha Soo. But, its a smart idea to have him close in any case. Who knew that cleaning a pool could be a great place to flirt. lol


Amy: Yeah. You know I don’t like that pairing but even I will admit that it was cute. Even when Old Man wiped the soap off of Ha Soo’s nose. Very sweet.

Wendilynn: I really could go either way. I think she is adorable with both of them. I’m starting to think there is more to this connection between her and the Old Man then just a crush. Especially as she now has the necklace again.

Amy: Yeah. I’m still wanting them to all be friends and have no love connections but I know it won’t go that way. Especially with Old Man trying to convince Ha Soo to stay away from Dae Han. That was cute though. Poor Dae Han getting a bad rep.


Wendilynn: She didn’t fall for it though. She knows them both too well. I loved that Dae Han and the Old Man were able to talk that misunderstanding out. Finding out that his son wasn’t a wastrel and was really someone who knew his Dad didn’t like or believe in him really kind of knocked him a bit.


Amy: Yep. He needed that knock. He needs to see Dae Han for who is and not the picture that he has in his head. He obviously is not as good at judging someone’s character as he thought. Look at all of the stuff that the lawyer and his youngest sister were doing behind Old Man’s back!

Wendilynn: I’m so glad we called that one. He is a slimy as we thought he was. I still haven’t figured out what his relationship with the Sister is though.

Amy: It looks like the youngest sister likes the lawyer but he doesn’t return her feelings. Like, at all. I can’t say I blame her though.

Wendilynn: I wonder if he’s been “on the president’s side” because Manager Hong was. If he can’t have her, I can only imagine how he’ll be once the shackles of his crush are off.


Amy: It won’t be a pretty picture. How cute were Ha Soo, Dae Han, and Old Man at Silver Town though? I loved seeing Dae Han teasing Ha Soo and then we got an almost confession from Old Man!


Wendilynn: I love how we’re so close to any of them confessing but nobody ever quite does. And I liked them at Silver Town. I liked watching Ha Soo reminisce about meeting the Old Man for the first time. I liked the Old Man letting his brother have it. Once the Old Man knew the lawyer was bad, it seems he’s now going to champion his son. Now that he knows he’s not a bad guy. What did you think of the dance sequence?

Amy: Awesome! Hee hee! Of course I would say that but I heard that Lee Joon choreographed that himself. I like how he worked that in there. Why do all of the businessmen have some kind of hidden talent in an art of some kind? Ha ha!

Wendilynn: I know, right? Probably comes from the fact that they had to be business men and not follow what they really liked to do.


Amy: Poor guys. You know what I found interesting? The doctor’s research! He found someone in Africa who was 78 years old, got into an accident similar to Old Man’s, and woke up young the next day. Both men are powerful in their countries. One was a chief and, of course, Old Man is rich and powerful.Lee Hong Ki

Wendilynn: Yeah, both were the same. CEO’s of their own little worlds. One a business magnet the other a village. But both in the same situation. Side note: Doctor is the same actor who is playing Mute Dad in Modern Farmer. I had to laugh when I finally realized it.


Amy: Ooooh! I’m not watching Modern Farmer. I’m waiting for it to finish. I wanna marathon it. Lee Hong Ki! Wait. What were we talking about? Scandal? What about the “sex” picture?

Wendilynn: Oh my gosh…. talk about tired old tropes. What I really liked was that the Old Man didn’t even for a minute act like he believed it. I love him standing up for Dae Han.

Amy: I really loved that too. That is what I’ve been wanting from the beginning! For Old Man to see Dae Han for who he is and start supporting him. I was very proud of Old Man.

What do you think fellow drama clubbers? What will the doctor find out about Old Man's condition? Will Ha Soo ever get her confession? What do you think will happen to Old Man now that he has confessed to being in the "sex" picture? Will Old Man's brother and sisters' plans come to fruition? Sound off in the comments below!

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