The plot thickens with a new sex scandal and the Old Man sticking up for his son. Is this trap meant for Dae Han or the Old Man? Will Ha Soo finally get an answer to her question? Join Amy and I as we ponder these questions in this episode of Mr. Baek.

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Wendilynn: Ooooooh, dirty cops working for the lawyer.

Amy: Indeed. *Sighs.* Why even pull an old trick like that? You’ve done this before! Can’t you think of something more creative?

Wendilynn: That tramp wasn’t really all that dependable the first time around. Why did they use her again? She really wasn’t smart either.

Amy: I know. If you’re going to do something like that actually do it right. I would have been mad if I were lawyer guy too. If you’re going to be evil you have to know you can get away with it or at least not be dumb about it.

Wendilynn: Yeah, hard to claim you're a victim of sexual assault if you were only in the room for 30 seconds. lol Oh, he was mad. BUT, did you notice that they were a little too interested in the Old Man’s personal information. Their searches in Canada hinted at possible forgery, but I got the feeling that this was more a trap for the old man then Dae Han. Ruining his reputation more would just be a bonus.

Amy: The lawyer looked pretty hot when he was mad. Just sayin’. I think they were using Old Man’s imprisonment as an opportunity to research him more too. I mean, it is really suspicious to have an illegitimate man child pop up after a death and try to take over the company.

Wendilynn: Very suspicious, and they started putting things together in funny ways at first. I laughed so much at the scene were the Brother, Sister and Sister in law were asking the servants if there was anything going on between the Old Man and Dae Han. Their cryptic reply only made it worse. Their faces were so funny as they imagined them as potential lovers and then there’s Dae Han standing behind them looking slightly revolted saying, “What are you imagining?” bwhahahahahahaha!!

Amy: They’re only imagining what dirty fangirls and fanboys write about in some fanfics. Ha ha ha ha! I laughed a lot too.

Wendilynn: LOL… ewwwww. that’s a fanfic I don’t need to read.

Amy: Yeah. Nobody should go there. Not appropriate behavior, children! Poor Ha Soo though. She was trying so hard to get Old Man to tell her what he was going to say at Silver Town and he just keeps talking about side dishes. Yes, I can sympathize with her even though I don’t want her to like Old Man. I’m trying, okay?

Wendilynn: *grin* I can understand that though, when you’re potentially going to be in a sex scandal, its probably not smart to confess right then. However, he did make up for it later. I admit, I melted a little when he was talking about following the sky to the milky way.

Amy: Yes. That was very sweet. He is good at using the words and making them sound pretty. Mr. Lawyer isn’t though. He just flat out proposed to Ji Yoon without any kind of pretty coming from his mouth. It was unexpected.

Wendilynn: Not really. He’s been chasing her for years. She calls him sunbae so they’ve clearly known each other a long time. He should know better though that throwing her a bunch of expensive jewelry won’t necessarily get his way. That may work on the Old Man’s sister, but not Manager Hong.

Amy: Yeah but they aren’t even dating. Or at least in her mind they aren’t. I agree it would work on Old Man’s sister. She is the forever lonely type.

Wendilynn: yeah she is. This is Korea though, marriage proposals can come out of the blue like confessions. Except that he clearly confessed a long time ago and she didn’t accept it. I expect all hell breaks loose as soon as she tells him no.

Amy: Yep. Any kind of inkling he had to help her will completely disappear and he’ll go into revenge mode. Old Man is trying to trap him too. He planted the wrong documents for Cruise Hotel with his younger sister and the lawyer.

Wendilynn: Yup, they took the bait and he got the records he wanted. I have to wonder what is up with this Cruise Hotel thing they all seem to be crazy about.

Amy: There has to be something for all of them to want it so badly. Old Man’s brother stepped down from the company because of Old Man’s blackmail!

Wendilynn: Well, they all have to show they can provide profits for the company. A successful deal would clinch their nomination as CEO from the shareholders.

Amy: All of this business talk is hurting my head. I do not have the brain for it apparently. In one ear and out the other. Let’s talk about something funny. Eels! Hee hee hee! The first thing I wanted know was how they were still alive but that scene was too funny and cute.

Wendilynn: We got a couple of dates between the Old Man and Ha Soo this episode. I agree the eels scene was hilarious. But I don’t think all is at it seems in that scene. Was it just me or did it seem like she threw those eels around on purpose?

Amy: Yeaaaah...I remember thinking the same thing. She kind of had an ornery look on her face right before she opened the bag.

Wendilynn: It seems to me like she kept giving him furtive looks. And then once he got hurt, all her screaming and freaking out just stopped.

Amy: Trying to get some skinship? Hm? Ha Soo are you being that naughty? Tsk tsk.

Wendilynn: LOL!! I’m half way to changing his nickname to fish lips.

Amy: That is a good nickname for him. I’m always distracted by his lips when he is talking. His facial expressions are priceless.

Wendilynn: Just as he’s getting his heart settled, he gets bad news from the doctor who has now found out what has happened to the village chieftain. And we now know why Go Bong’s phone is counting down 48 days.

Amy: Yes! I was wondering if that would be the outcome but I have a feeling he will find a way out of it. I don’t know how, of course, but I think it may have something to do with the necklace that Dae Han’s mom gave him. It is a piece of a meteor too.

Wendilynn: I loved that bit. Everyone seems to be connected to a meteor piece. And Dae Han has now proven that he’s not as dumb as he looks. *chuckles* Of course, the clues were glaring.

Amy: I never thought that Dae Han was dumb. I keep saying it and saying it but everybody likes Old Man more. Blah blah blah. When Dae Han called Old Man Chairman Choi Go Bong I was hitting my poor daughter and saying, “Oh! Oooooooooh! Oh! Oh! Oh!”. She shouldn’t have been next to me, poor thing.

Wendilynn: LOL! I don’t really think Dae Han is dumb, but he sure does try to make everyone else believe he is. He looked understandably pissed now that he’s figured it out. I wonder what the final straw was?

Amy: I mean, who wouldn’t be? I’m thinking it was a combination of his way of talking, walking, and body gestures. Like, Old Man has a unique way of doing everything that would be odd for someone to be able to mimic perfectly son or not. That plus the DNA results.

Wendilynn: Him singing that song and Dae Han seeing his dad sitting there was one of those moments. I wonder what the Old Man and Dae Han will have to do now that they know the truth? They need to team up or they will lose the company. They don’t have time to quibble, but Dae Han will have A LOT of hurt feelings to resolve.

Amy: How could he not? What kind of lie could Old Man weave to cover this up? I can’t think of anything so he’ll probably just have to go with it and Dae Han will not be happy. I can see them having a good relationship once he gets past all of the hurt though.

Wendilynn: Yes, I think there is healing in store for them, but oh boy, we’re only halfway through and the secrets are coming out. What else are they going to throw at us?

Dae Han has figured it out, but will the Old Man confirm his suspicions? Where will that leave Ha Soo or will she just think he’s a liar again. With her heart on the line can she be understanding? Will our dirty lawyer go for revenge if Manager Hong refuses his suit? Tell us what you think is going on and what you expect to see next week in the comments below. 

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