Love is in the air and mysteries are being solved! Join Wendilynn and myself as we discuss episode 9 of Mr. Baek.

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Amy: Wow! What an episode! Dae Han knows something is suspicious about Old Man but he can’t bring himself to actually believe it. Dae Han’s drunk self knows what is going on, though!

mb9_2.pngWendilynn: Its a hard pill to swallow (pun intended) to believe your 70 year old Dad is now 35. I wouldn’t believe it either even if all the clues point in that direction. I loved the imagination sequence that the Old Man was thinking up if they found him out. Who thinks up those tools when doing experiments? LOL!

Amy: I’m pretty sure he just imagined every tool that he knows and threw it in there. You never know what you’ll need while dissecting a person!

Wendilynn: LOL… it was the wrench that really cracked me up. And of course, you have to have a chainsaw.

Amy: I mean, a dissection without a chainsaw is pointless. Where would the fun be if there was no chainsaw? I guess the wrench was for...adjustments? Tighten up some joints? Who knows…


Wendilynn: *chuckles* That led us into a funny drinking scene. Seriously, do these people not know about alcohol poisoning? Soju isn’t exactly watered down.

Amy: There is no alcohol poisoning in drama land! Soju sneaks up on you. You think you’re fine and then all of a sudden you’re a loud, obnoxious mess... or maybe that is just me. It was cute when the boys were hugging it out though. I really want more scenes of them getting closer.


Wendilynn: They do seem to be adjusting to each other. I cracked up laughing when Dae Han saw him coming out of the shower and practically attacked him to see if he had the body of his Dad. lol

Amy: I did too! I would be going crazy if I were Dae Han. Exactly how is this guy so much like my dad and how does he know so much? It would drive me nuts. I’d be psycho stalking him everywhere!


Wendilynn: It seems Manager Hong is finally catching on as well. Of course, he took quick steps to make sure to head that off.

Amy: Yep. I thought it was pretty impressive how he handled that situation. It seems like he is so distracted by Ha Soo that he wouldn’t catch on but he did. What can they say after reading that note?

Wendilynn: And when it’s in the right handwriting. lol

Amy: Yep. There is no arguing against it. They’ll just have to dig somewhere else I guess. I just don’t know where. It seems Old Man’s brother and sister in law have a new plan to make some money too. An outlet mall?

Wendilynn: Is it just me or was that old hotel they mentioned the ‘first” hotel Old Man owned? And if lawyer dude is all for tearing it down, how will Dae Han get any funding for keeping it up?

Amy: I’m pretty sure it was the first hotel he owned and that is why it is special to him. Why else keep it around when it isn’t making a profit? I have no clue how Dae Han will get funding to keep it up with lawyer dude wanting to tear it down. A board meeting?

Wendilynn: It will be interesting to see what they choose to do since nobody seems to be chasing the Cruise Hotel anymore.

Amy: The business side of dramas just confuses me. I really don’t have the brain for it. I’m surprised nobody is after Cruise Hotel anymore. Hmm…

Wendilynn: What did you think of the information we got about why the Old Man only has 48 days? I looked up what the 4 Noble truths are, and its a buddhist philosophy for life.

Amy: It is very interesting! It totally makes sense too. I think that everyone can relate to the truths and suffering but it is especially true in Old Man’s case. He needs to go through all of it to see how he should really live.


Wendilynn: Agreed. If anyone needs to learn that avarice and greed are not the star you should be guiding your life by, it’s him. However…. as he was describing the different sufferings, one of them is being denied what you want. Did you notice the look on his face once he realized how much his son likes Ha Soo? I’m thinking he’ll deny himself so his son can be happy, ESPECIALLY after all the suffering he put his son through.

Amy: Yes. He has been letting greed be his guide way too long and it is very unattractive. If he could stop doing that he would be a completely awesome guy. I did see that look on his face when he realized how much Dae Han likes Ha Soo! I do hope that it means he’ll back off but I can’t see that happening for some reason. Maybe for a little bit until Ha Soo gets angry and chases him more.

Wendilynn: Ha Soo already knows where her heart is. That’s why she kissed him after they were done decorating the tree. But, the Old Man only has 22 more days, how right is it for him to let someone fall in love with him? Not that he can control her feelings, but he shouldn’t pursue them either.

Amy: Oh I completely agree with you. I am so Dae Han biased that I got angry when Ha Soo and Old Man kissed BUT I’m thinking noble sacrifice will come into play here. Dae Han will figure out what is really going on and give up on Ha Soo so that his dad can have a little happiness while he’s still around. Sigh. I hope I’m wrong.

Wendilynn: oooh, yeah, I see your point. It could go either way depending on where they take this story.


Amy: I will say, though, that Old Man and Ha Soo’s flirtations are adorable. I just think Ha Soo and Dae Han’s flirtations are even more adorabler. Heh. Grammar.

Wendilynn: lol. I was surprised to see the meteor piece sitting in his heart. And that necessitating surgery. I’m not sure removing that will be a good thing.

Amy: I don’t think it will be a good thing or maybe it will. I don’t know. He could make it a necklace like Dae Han and then maybe it won’t be causing his heart pain? I don’t know. I’m not sure where they’re going with that.


Wendilynn: Well, where ever they are going, we now have a bunch of anxious people sitting outside a surgery room.

Amy: Yep. Waiting. Just like we have to wait for new episodes. Sigh. They may be a little more anxious than we are though.

What do you think drama clubbers? What will happen after the meteor is removed? Will Dae Han have a chance with Ha Soo? What will happen to the hotel? Sound off in the comments below!

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