Welcome Lovelies! Were you ready for everything My Lovable Girl had to offer? Yeah . . . neither were we. Join June, Deeno and myself as we try to make heads or tails out of everything that was thrust upon us during this fateful first episode. 

Firnlambe: Oh my gosh . . . Can I just say how EXCELLENT of a first episode this was. No waiting for the inevitable death of the girlfriend/sister, no dragging out totally pointless scenes—this seriously impressed me. I was even more impressed by this first episode than I was by My Love from Another Star's first episode

Deeno: I like dramas that start with death. This was a great way to start off a drama. I just hope this dog drama doesn’t drag out much longer. Otherwise this drama seems predictable and cute and should at least be pleasant to watch each week. I’ll just hope the death toll keeps going higher.

June: Hello everyone! June, here and I’m excited to be a part of this drama club! It should be a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys it with us! The first episode already has drawn me in and I hope it continues to do so.

Short, sweet and to the point

Firnlambe: I’m glad they didn’t drag this out . . . they could have went into so much more backstory. The fact that they didn't and instead chose to keep everything short and sweet in order to get us to the present day timeline felt very fitting to me.

Deeno: Yay! I always get a bit excited when someone dies right off the bat, but that doesn't ensure it will be followed by more death.

June: We’ll they certainly didn’t wait on the dramatics didn’t they. It was like BAM! drama starts and here’s a death.

You are my destiny♫

Firnlambe: That is one awesome phone battery if it lasted 3 years . . . conveniently timed phone death too I see. //sigh// It's always right before a big reveal for some reason.

Deeno: I was wondering why the phone was even charged. It would be a pain to charge that thing all the time for no reason.

June: For a second there I started to wonder if there was a supernatural element to this drama too! But no it was just Se Na calling lol

Firnlambe: Oh no there was a bit of supernatural element here . . . that phone for all intents and purposes should be dead. I don’t see his character keeping a charge in that phone for 3 years, he would be the type to just store it away and look at it occasionally

June: Now that I think about it how did I not catch that it’s been 3 years OMG lol

The past will come back to haunt you

Firnlambe: Suuuucky!!!!! I wonder how long they’re going to use this in the story plot . . . sorry, effectively use this in the story plot lol big difference.

Deeno: I don’t really have much to say about this besides that Rain looks attractive when he’s upset like that. I don’t really see them going anywhere with this.

June: This poor man! I hope he never has to hear that song again because boy did his body react.

Whine all you want . . . but leave the dead out of it.

Firnlambe: This woman bugs me . . . she has since we were first introduced to her and she just up and planted a kiss on Hyun Wook for NO damn reason. Then she goes and pulls this? Leave the touchy subjects alone Missy.

Deeno: At least she’s straight forward about what she wants. Even if she’s obnoxious about it.

June: This was just a no-no. Like really, Hae Yoon is already getting on my nerves! Second female lead coming through.

Petty revenge in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . 

Firnlambe: This whole process just made me laugh . . . not Dal Bongs cancer mind you, because that’s sad, but from having Krystal stumble over English words while she’s Se Ne to Hyun Wook’s last minute change to the food order . . I was giggling the whole entire time.

Deeno: I was kinda annoyed the whole way through, but mostly because it felt way too slow and I’m annoyed that he didn’t tell her the reason he’s being so picky. *cough* His dog is DYING *cough*

June: Dang, who knew being a dog sitter could be so hard! In a way Hyun Wook is taking out his like frustration on Se Na over his dog’s condition. But I do sympathize because Dal Bong does mean a lot to him.

. . . Don't mind my obviously crappy attempt at lying . . . 

Firnlambe: Now that’s a good friend, crappy lies or not . . . keep those potential thugs away.

Deeno: Are we sure that he’s not a thug? He’d make a good thug.

June: I knew this was gonna happen! I was like well he can’t find out her true identity that quickly!

Firnlambe: Agreed! Plus there was no dramatic reveal set up . . . if they had revealed the truth here I was gonna be upset.

Deeno: I’d have to say that it was a lot better set up when he finds out that he’s already helped get her fired.

Your pretty blonde face can't save you now L *cough* I mean, Shi Woo . . . yeah Shi Woo

Firnlambe: Ok, so he got rejected. That does not grant him free reign to take his anger out on innocent bystanders. Seriously, pulling her up on stage after he found her demo—that was a bitch move . . . granted he’s drunk . . but still! Se Na did nothing to deserve that humiliation.

Deeno: I’m in denial. He’s not a jerk. He’s pretty. I’m probably just making matters worse.

June: Well rejection is never easy but damn he doesn’t have to take it out on Se Na. Girl was just doing her job and just so happened to overhear.

♫ R 

Firnlambe: WHOO!!!!! A strong female lead who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself.

Deeno: Don’t slap the pretty!!!!

Firnlambe: ooooh the pretty will survive . . . actually . . . I have a sinking feeling this will create a case of Second Lead Syndrome aka SLS in the near future.

Deeno: I do think that jerky male leads are just more fun. Maybe it’s the knowledge that the actors might slightly enjoy saying all the rude stuff they constantly have to hold back. I know I’d enjoy that about acting.

June: Ooooh girl! I was glad she didn’t take his crap just because he was drunk and a celebrity. That doesn’t excuse him from being a douche.

Yes . . . Do tell . . .

Firnlambe: I was so proud of her . . . not only did she defend herself in front of Shi Woo, she stood up to her manager AND Hyun Wook. All in the span of like what, 10? minutes  . . . that's pretty impressive for a female lead.

Deeno: I agree that we need more characters who stand up for themselves, but in the end they all turn into spineless wimps.

Firnlambe: I don’t see Se Ne falling into the wimpy category.

Deeno: I think I have a bit more hope because Krystal’s character in Heirs was always a bit snooty, which makes for a bit more fun.

June: You go girl! You stand up for yourself and don’t let anyone bring you down. I was so glad that she didn’t just take it, like the girls usually do in dramas. We need more of these characters to stand up for themselves and not take this crap!

Well? What did you think? Were you satisfied with this first episode of the series or do you feel you need a few more episodes to decide? Either way, we here at the Drama Club can't wait to watch episode two and see how things pan out now that Hyun Wook know's "Joo Hong" is really Se Na. So be sure to check out what other Lovelies are saying about episode one. 

Speaking of which, are we happy with Lovelies for our fan name? It was the best I could come up with with the short time I had . . . if you think you've got something better be sure to let us know in the comment section below ^-^

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