My Lovable Girl descends into moping and angsty gazes. Join Firnlambe, June, and I as we give a few suggestions to help spice things up. Or at least make us less annoyed.

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Deeno: I honestly was annoyed with the whole episode. Se Na went from awesome to being mopey and limp. Hyun Wook seemed to be trying for jerk of the year award. Even Dal Bong was particularly bland this episode.

Firnlambe: Weeelll you can’t hold that against her toomuch. Hyun Wook was her first real relationship investment. She thought everything was going great, only to have it yanked away from her. It’s understandable, to a point, why she’s acting that way . . . that being said--I found it annoying too lol

June: I feel like it was only a matter of time before I started to get annoyed by these characters. I agree with both of you all. I just wish she would just be like fine then I don't need you!

Pictures? Of ponies?

Deeno: Grrr. Just grrrr. I know you are trying to stop playing the the girl, but you’re not going to get out of her mind unless you give her a good reason. Just tell the truth, Hyun Wook and don’t be an idiot even if you think it’s noble of you.

Firnlambe: I’m betting we have at least two more episodes before the truth comes out at this rate.

June: They seriously need to tell her the truth asap. It's way past due to be honest.

I’m bored so I’m going to flirt with Se Na

Deeno: Oh, he’s so cute. He made up for most of my frustration with Hyun Wook by being so straightforward. I totally cheered when he told Hyun Wook that he likes Se Na.

Firnlambe: It was a nice breath of fresh air that he’s the only one to be upfront about his feelings. Even if I don’t want him to end up with Se Na I can appreciate that about him.

June: Ugh I love him way too much. Lol I appreciate that he isn't vague about his feelings for Se Na. I love how upfront he is about it.

Plotting the destruction of the world...cough...Hyun Wook’s dad

Deeno: So I think they are using the company to get some money from Hyun Wook’s dad before the divorce and I’m so annoyed by everyone else that I didn’t mind their awkward flirting.

Firnlambe: I despise this whole sub-plot. I really do . . . it’s just waaaaaaay too awkward. whispers FYI . . . I don’t do well with second hand embarrassment

Deeno: It’s awkward, but not obnoxious. I’d rather have one of their scenes than a Hae Yoon scene.

Firnlambe: TRUTH!!! She could never appear on screen again and I’d be perfectly content.

June: Ehhh I really don't care about them either. But yes the less we see of Hae Yoon, the freaking better.

Following in the drunken footsteps of Hae Yoon is never a good thing

Deeno: I get that she’s upset about Hyun Wook breaking her heart, but I wish she’d maintained some of her spunk with it. Gone and punched someone or rocked some karaoke.

Firnlambe: Noooo . . Se Na!! Don’t follow the green eyed monster! Her ways will only lead to misfortune.

June: Girl you are better than this! You have to show that you don't need that man!

I’m causing trouble so I might as well be happy about it.

Deeno: This is definitely a step in the right direction. Don’t let Hyun Wook be comfortable when you’re miserable. Make your mark and show him that he was an idiot! Oh and Shi Woo’s smiling again! EEEEE!!!!

Firnlambe: While it’s been made clear I’m not “shipping” these two, I am glad she has him to fall back on from a friend standpoint at least. She needs someone other than her roommates to talk to. Shi Woo provides her just that.

June: I probably say this like a million times but their friendship is so damn adorable and I loveeee their chemistry way too much. I'm glad Se Na has Shi Woo.

Don’t undermine the god of precipitation

Deeno: Ha! That’s what you get for being an idiot. She’ll get another guy to help her out and one who is sweet and actually emotionally available.

Firnlambe: Looks like our poor God of Precipitation will end up evaporating due to grief at this rate. Though I did like that Se Na is sticking up for herself, or at least that she’s making a really good effort at looking like she’s emotionally strong when she really isn’t.

June: You go girl and get your own work. Don't let this whole "break up" or whatever stop you!!

I’ve had it with everyone interfering in MY life.

Deeno: I’m glad that Hyun Wook is finally taking charge of his own life, but I think it should have started with him telling Se Na the truth rather than confessing his love for her. I’m also annoyed that Hae Yoon spilled the guts to Jae Young, which is only to cause problems.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . . but that would have been convenient, and we can’t have <em> that </em> now can we? And don’t even get me STARTED on Hae Yoon, that woman can just jump off a cliff at this point. I mean, how does she <em> still </em> not realize Jae Young is not to be trusted.

Deeno: I’d say people are stupid when they are drunk, but Hae Yoon’s even smart when she’s sober.

June: It's about damn time he said something about people butting in on his love life. But of course, Hae Yoon had to just spill everything to that jerk. To be honest, I can predict that I will be super annoyed with the upcoming episodes because of Hae Yoon and Jae Young. UGH.

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