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Firnlambe: //ugh// Why did they have to mess with the broadcasting schedule for this week? I’m not liking this only one episode a week deal. I’m not sure how those of you watching High School Love On, or any singular airing show for that matter, are able to handle it.

June: Yeah! I was super surprised with that! They are usually on point with airing dramas unless if it's some kind of even going on. Once a week will definitely not cut it!

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June: I was actually pretty proud of Se Na taking the lead and kissing him for his birthday. Usually a K-drama female lead never actually initiates the kiss first, so go her!

Deeno: It’s nice to see them being cute for a few minutes even though the general waiting for things to fall apart still seems to be in full effect.

Firnlambe: Agreed, they really are adorable when things are in their favor . . . . sadly though, this will just make watching the inevitable that much more heartbreaking

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June: Oh I just freaking knew this was going to happen. I’ve never trusted her and I know the moment things weren’t going to go her way, she would pull this “I’m gonna tell her your secret” card. Though really they need to tell Se Na the truth ASAP.

Deeno: Threats are the best way to get love!

Firnlambe: No, threats are the best way to earn the wrath of our beloved Hallyu Wave’s most fearsome creatures . . . . the Sasaeng Fans . . . Hae Yoon has now officially crossed that line. The woman is only looking out for her own feelings and isn’t even /considering/ Hyun Wook’s. She can only see this as some sort of “act of betrayal”, when infact it’s really just her no longer turning a blind eye to the truth Hyun Wook has constantly placed in front of her and finally seeing what their entire relationship these past 12 years has really been based off of.

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June: Ah this jerk PD. I really hope she doesn’t really go off to the dark side but who knows really. I wouldn’t put it past her.

Deeno: I don’t really care where she goes as long as she stops eating up screen time.

Firnlambe: This woman is totally MENTAL! How can she honestly expect Jae Young, who’s obviously been doing his best to ruin Hyun Wook and ANA, to just forget the one piece of juicy information that could destroy the person he hates most? Particularly after she was the one who insisted on having herself a drunken pity party. Honestly she should have just gone home and dunk herself into a coma while secluding herself in her own room -- wait did I say that out loud? . . my bad . . what I actually meant to say was . . . . Yeah no, you know what? Her slipping into a coma is looking like a superb option right about now.

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June: Their friendship just keeps getting better and better I swear. This was seriously so sweet of him to say and you can just tell he loves being around Se Na and is comfortable with her.

Deeno: They are so cute and it’s fun to watch them together. Definitely the highlight of the episode.

Firnlambe: This would have been sweet, if he hadn’t followed it up with that whole sarcastic “Isn’t your husband’s mother also you mother?” line. Honestly though . . I’m more interested in the relationship with his mother, rather than the solid friendship he’s consistently been developing with Se Na. Their friendship is solid, we’ve seen a bazillion things showcasing this. Sadly what we’ve only been allowed to see has been bits and pieces of Shi Woo honestly interacting with his mom. Their struggle to understand each other is much more interesting than the one sided love between Se Na and Shi Woo.

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June: WAIT woah, woah, woah! Someone definitely has some more explaining to do, like this instant!

Deeno: I’m guessing that he was caught in a compromising situation with Se Na’s sister and Hyun Wook over reacted. This lead to the fight that lead to her death.

Firnlambe: My money is on Jae Young being the one who planted the seeds of doubt in So Eun’s mind that Hyun Wook was cheating on her, which then caused their last fight. Though Deeno’s theory seems highly plausible too.

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June: FINALLY. It’s coming the storm is about to hit land! We all need to take cover tbh.

Deeno: This would be a good time for his say the truth, but I doubt that he will. According to kdrama laws it has to come out in the most inconvenient time.

Firnlambe: Yeah, this drama is going to drive me crazy. How many more episodes am I going to have to endure of these pointless important plot stalling tactics?!?! //sigh// I feel like we’re in the eye of the storm, everything is just going too well right now . . . can’t we just get past this so we can weather the remaining plot flurries? I’m reeeeally hoping that the next episode will indeed be Hyun Wook admitting to knowing So Eun by the end of it.

I did mention somewhere in this post that I disapprove of this whole one episode deal for this show, right? Because I would like to reiterate that right now lol

Well what an episode! We have our main couple being happy but we all know what's about to go down! What did you all think of the jerk PD's actions towards Se Na? Honesly, how do you all think Se Na's reaction will be about finding out the truth about her sister and Hyun Wook? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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