Lovelies, start preparing your hearts for a whole lot of pain and suffering. Things are going to get much worse before we can start seeing the end of this relationship typhoon. Join Deeno, June and myself as we suffer and muscle our way through towards the end.

Firnlambe: Ooooh boy . . . we’ve reached the proverbial peak of this emotional roller coaster, and it's aaalllll downhill from here. Good grief I’m so nervous. Things are really going to end badly, Hyun Wook is going to be a stubborn ass I can just tell.

Deeno: It’s about time and I’m ready for all the secrets to come out since the last couple episodes were just dancing around it without any forward momentum.

June: I need for Hyun Wook to come clean before things get even worse. I think it's time for it to happen. I'm just worried about Se Na and how she'll take it.

Suuuuure you do . . .

Firnlambe: Uh-huh . . I’m /sure/ that’s your reason. More like, you just wanna be extremely cryptic so you peek her interest in the matter. If you had just let her be I’m sure she would have just let things drop, but since you only gave her enough information to whet her tongue It’s obvious she’ll come back to you for more. And we aaalllll know that was your real intention.

Deeno: He’s doing an awesome job luring her in, which actually makes me like him this week. Sure he’s a jerk, but at least he’s having fun. Something Se Na and Hyun Wook stopped doing a while ago.

June: Of course this fool is taking enjoyment with all of this ugh. This is why we need Hyun Wook to come clean first because if this jerk does it's really not going to be pretty.

And the side plot thickens!!

Firnlambe: First of all, the whole spy bit was soooo awkward!! I had a hard time watching it, to be honest. And then just when you think he’s going to make a complete fool of himself, he recognizes the “other woman” . . . . . wait, what?!?! Who is/was this woman? Why is Hyun Wook’s dad taking so many precautions trying to protect her?!? //GAH// Too many holes in this plot!! I need dad to come clean so I can finally know what’s going on lol

Deeno: Gah! Just another scene to frustrate me. Why does this drama have the slowest plot ever. Seriously give these people amnesia or cancer or something to get anything new into this drama’s plot.

June: I'm seriously so over this side plot thing. Can they already get that part over with please!

Cryptic truths are cryptic

Firnlambe: Ok, so Jae Young did indeed have something to do with Hyun Wook and So Eun’s relationship troubles. I wish they would come right out and tell us what went down, instead of stringing us along with all these cryptic glimpses into the past. I'm just really glad Sung Jin earns back some brownie point with this scene. He handled this situation really well, he could have easily just started rambling on and on about Se Na (like Miss Loose Lips did) but he kept his cool and stayed a true friend. Thankfully he even had the foresight to called Hyun Wook and warn him of the impending danger so he would be able to head Se Na off in time.

Deeno: They can’t just tell us they have to milk all the nonexistent plot out of this drama that they can.

June: That is very true! lol It's like we are going to make everyone watching the drama wait even longer.

When you’re right . . . you’re right

Firnlambe: As much as it PAINS me to admit . . . Jae Young is correct. Hyun Wook is the one who will end up hurting Se Na in the end. If only he would just man up and tell her the truth already. The longer this drags out t

he worse her reaction will get when she does indeed learn the truth.

Deeno: I know that Jae Young is just playing with them for his own satisfaction, but at least he’s making leaps and bounds towards getting this secret out in the open and it really needs to be out in the open.

June: I really hate that I have to agree with that stupid jerk but alas he's right. It'll ultimately be Hyun Wook hurting Se Na from hiding the truth from her instead of the truth.

Well now . . . someone’s throwing an unnecessary temper tantrum.

Firnlambe: Whoa there Shi Woo, the world will not come screeching to a halt if Se Na doesn’t work with you on your latest album. Oh, and that hug--while adorable--won't bring you outta the friend zone either. Particularly since she has been very clear about where she stands with you. And if you had any doubts before, the subtle //there there// back pat should have tipped you off.

Deeno: But he’s just so cute. He says he likes her completely outright without any hidden motives or secrets holding him back. I know this relationship will never happen, but it’s more fun watching them be friends than watching Hyun Wook and Se Na date. There isn’t the long drawn out roller coaster of emotion, just a steady growth of fondness.

June: I agree with Deeno. I feel like I like watching Shi Woo and Se Na's friendship more than Hyun Wook and Se Na's dating life. There's too much drama and secrets in their dating life that it just makes it frustrating to watch.

Warning!! Hyun Wook . . Warning!! Your relationship in peril!!

Firnlambe: NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!! TELL HER THE TRUTH!! //ahem// sorry ‘bout that . . . . I couldn’t hold it back. Hyun Wook has the perfect opportunity to come clean to Se Na, he really does. But does he take it? Of course not //mumbles// idiot.

Deeno: I doubt he would ever come clean unless some outside force made him and he’s totally fine with that. He’s fine lying to the girl he likes for as long as he dates her. And he isn’t considering the end game. How could anything move forward with her when he’s lying to her? If he’s not able to really date her than he shouldn’t be playing around with her emotions. He’s a jerk.

June: UGH HE NEEDS TO TELL HER THE TRUTH BEFORE IT IS ALL OVER. I feel like I yell this every time I watch them together. I can already see the impending doom of this couple.

For once in your life Hae Yoon, you’ve done a most excellent thing.

Firnlambe: BOOM!!! //claps excitedly// I have never been so happy to see this woman on screen as I was here. As soon as she figured out that her loose lips were the reason Hyun Wook was running away to America with Se Na, I just knew she was going to rush over and put Jae Young in his place. Seriously Lovelies, you have NO idea how excited I got watching this particular kdrama slap.

Deeno: He deserved it for interfering with a relationship he really shouldn’t be butting into, but someone needed to let out the truth. I’d rather it was Se Na’s friend or Hyun Wook, but the truth had to come out. If only someone with a decent motive let it out.

June: Wow. I'm pretty proud of her for doing this. Maybe she's not as bad as before but I still am not fond of her. Lol

Th-th-th-that’s All Folks!!

Firnlambe: Whelp . . . we can count this relationship sunk. Hyun Wook is going to have to do some seeeeerious damage control over these last three episodes if he wants any sort of hope at fixing things. Honestly I’m not sure how he’s going to be able to do it. He’s backed himself into a pretty tight corner.

Deeno: I’m hoping he isn’t able to fix this relationship. He’s the one who leaped in without a thought towards Se Na besides keeping the truth from her. I’d rather this drama ended with them being friends.

June: The ship has sailed and sunk. I honestly don't know if he'll be able to fix this. I just feel so bad for Se Na since she was in the dark about this the whole time, while almost everyone knew the truth. Tsk, tsk Hyun Wook tsk, tsk.

The cat’s finally out of the bag. Se Na now knows the truth. How will she handle this new onslaught of information. Will she become a listless corpse? Or a vengeful tyrant? We’ve only got three episodes left so we’re just going to have to stick around and suffer before we find out.

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