Welcome to episode 13 of My Lovable Girl. We’ve finally passed the eye of the storm and now we’re setting out to make our way through the rest of this relationship super storm. Join Deeno, June, and myself as we discuss some key scenes and what it may mean for our leading couple moving forward.

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Firnlambe: Urrrrg!!! Mope Central . . . it just haaaad to be mope central. //sigh// Hopefully these self-imposed pity parties won’t last long. I don’t think I can handle more than one episode filled with them.

June: Sooooo this is the part where I get super, super annoyed by the main characters and their mopey selves. Ugh they need to get over it asap.

Deeno: Their moping makes me mopey. I have better things to watch than moping.

Just try explaining this any other way . . . . I dare you

Firnlambe: Ok well, not much else he can say here. He obviously has to tell her the truth at this point, the question now becomes how long will Se Na brood over this new information before her inevitable forgiveness.

June: Exactly! A huge part of me just wants Se Na to not forgive him and get over him. At this point, I hope they end up just as friends.

Deeno: I second them just ending up friends. I wish I could buy them as a couple, but the moping of this episode killed any affection I might have.

Thank you captain obvious.

Firnlambe: First of all . . . another round of kudos need to be awarded to Hae Yoon. Coming forward and confessing that she was the one who let the secret spill had to have been a difficult decision to make. Secondly . . . DUH!! Haven’t we been telling you this for the last, oooooh, 12 episodes?!?! All this heartache you’re feeling could have been avoided by coming clean about who you were muuuch sooner.

June: Really now, really. Ugh he's just so frustrating! He should have just told her the truth from the beginning and then he wouldn't be in the hole he's in right now.

Deeno: I was glad Hae Yoon had a chance to slightly redeemer herself. And it seems stupid that he seems so apathetic to the fact the the truth was revealed, when he’d been so stupidly insisting he could get away with not telling the truth.

Thank you captain obvious . . . . is there an echo in here?

Firnlambe: Yes, I joke about her being obvious, but this is something Hyun Wook NEEDED to hear. He was slipping back into his manic depression mode like he’d done in the past, when there was absolutely no need for it. Se Na only found out the truth, yes she’s mad, yes she’s feeling betrayed . . . but you know it's just a matter of time before things smooth over between the two of you.

June: Hyun Wook seriously just needs to get it back together.

Deeno: Hyun Wook seriously just needs to be run over by a bus.

Doctors Orders

Firnlambe: Well, this was a nice change of pace from dad. I get the feeling that his latest hospital visit was more of an eye opener than the others. He actually went out of his way to meet up with Hyun Wook, something he’s never really done before. And lets face it, any time you see your once cold family member bring up past memories . . . it's never a good sign. I just hope dad lasts through these last three episodes.

June: I sense the end for the dad. Just like Firnlambe said, once past memories are brought up, it's basically like a nail to the k-drama character coffin.

Deeno: I seriously hope he gets run over by bus. Sorry, I’m just ready for this drama to be over. Killing off everyone would make for a nice ending.

Who would've guessed that Shi Woo was a master of subtlety

Firnlambe: This was cute, and executed EXTREMELY well. Shi Woo’s becoming a pro at expressing his true feelings under the guise of music. I’m curious how hard he’ll fight for Se Na’s attention going forward.

June: Yessssss my faves! I'm seriously so surprised at how much I grew to like Shi Woo! I just want them to make music forever!

Deeno: They are so cute and he is so smitten by her. I wish they could have been together the whole episode. It’s more fun than all the mopiness

It's time to man up!

Firnlambe: I really like this side character. Sure, at times he was ridiculously annoying . . . but this scene really shows that, even though he give her a hard time, he really does cares about Se Na. Well that and he’s trying to get this foot in the industry anyway he knows how lol. I had to pause the video I was giggling so much when he handed Hyun Wook his portfolio.

June: This character was annoying but hilarious all at the same time. So seeing him show that he somewhat cares about Se Na was very refreshing to see.

Deeno: I loved this moment. He may not have completely pure motives, but he’s really standing up for Se Na.

All bets are off

Firnlambe: Well Shi Woo certainly is stepping up his game when it comes to Se Na. Like I stated before, I’m really curious as to how hard he’s going to fight for her going forward.

June: Go Shi Woo go! Haha I feel like this is the moment I have been waiting for! I seriously want to see how they will fight for Se Na.

Deeno: You show that jerk how to be a man! Go Shi Woo!!!

Well Lovelies . . . were you able to keep your wits about you until the end of the episode? Hopefully you've retained enough patience to last you through to the bitter end, heaven know's we're going to need every last drop of the stuff. The question that's now on everyone's minds is probably the one that will have most of us divided. Have most of you jumped on-board the S.S.SeWoo? or have you decided to stick it out with the S.S.SeWook? Both relationships have their own redeeming qualities, and both have their disadvantages . . . cast your votes on which "ship" Se Na will finally board to ride out the rest of this emotional storm in the comment section below, and we'll catch you in episode 14.

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