Everything is being prepared for our main couple to get back together in  My Lovable Girl, but it's taking its sweet time, so we get an abundance of cute with Shi Woo and Se Na. Join Firnlambe, June, and myself as we discuss some key scenes and what it may mean for our leading couple moving forward.

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Deeno: Well it’s finally time for the couple to be brought back together, but I’m already sick of them. At least this episode was full of Shi Woo and Se Na being cute together.

Firnlambe: I’m ready for the couple to be back together too, mainly because I’m NOT sick of them lol. I guess it’s because I’ve just never been able to see her being anything more than friends with Shi Woo.

June: I would be lying if I said I wanted the couple to be back together. I think they just got to me and I would have rather them end up just as friends. Maybe I just can’t get past the fact that he was in love with her sister.

Deeno: Hyun Woo, are you seriously going to let a man child take the girl you like? She doesn’t need your permission. She should date someone who can help her write songs and be a good friend. Someone who never tried to hide anything from her.

Firnlambe: That’s not entirely fair, everybody keeps secrets . . . I’m sure Shi Woo is no exception to this rule, and Hyun Wook is more than capable of helping her write songs and be a good friend. In fact he’s proven this point time and time again over the last 12 episodes.

June: Everyone keeps secrets but I think the biggest one he kept definitely should have been told to Se Na. lol I liked that Shi Woo didn’t keep anything from her and was honest with her from pretty much the beginning.

Deeno: I love Shi Woo’s honesty, but doing it publicly puts Se Na in an awkward predicament. At least I feel like he’s not trying to manipulate her and he admitted his feelings even though he realizes he’ll probably be rejected, which he’s already felt the sting of.

Firnlambe: I agree. Though, to be honest, I was so disappointed in him for admitting his feelings like that in such a public manner. You’d think he’d know by now, that anything he says is alway scrutinized by others. If I were Se Na, I’d have thrown a MUCH bigger hissy fit regarding the whole subject.

June: Oh Shi Woo. If anything he should have just done this in private! I agree with Firnlambe! If that was me, I definitely would not have been happy and it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Deeno: I like him protecting her. He does a better job as a mentor than as a boyfriend.

Firnlambe: See, I find he does a pretty damn good job of being a boyfriend. He treats her kindly and with respect, all while doing best to protect her. . . he just made poor choices regarding how to expose his intentions.

June: Poor choices that have left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.

Deeno: Se Na is so straight up about the fact that she only sees Shi Woo as a friend. It’s refreshing to have an honest conversation about feelings. I don’t know how I feel about this fake dating thing since it’s only going to back fire. I wish this were in a different drama where we could just enjoy the cute without knowing that their cuteness is doomed.

Firnlambe: This fake dating thing is going to backfire in the most spectacular fashion possible . . . and unfortunately directly in Shi Woo’s face. All it’s going to do is get the poor boy’s hopes up, and then bring them crashing back down to earth when she, yet again, turns him down. Also, a drama pairing Krystal and Myung Soo as the lead couple would toootally be worth watching.

June: Oh Shi Woo. This is totally just not going to work out for you. I feel bad for him because she just doesn’t see him more than a friend sadly.

Deeno: Awfully convenient timing for the dog to die. I wish the show could just get rid of the idea that these two are fated to be together. The show is taking a shortcut to try to reinforce the idea that these two belong together, when really they just don’t work for most of the audience.

Firnlambe: Are you kidding?!? I was bawling my eyes out when Dal Bong died, the writers did it in such a natural yet still impactful way so I could really feel the emotions of the scene. Since we’ve all known this was going to happen as soon as the term “cancer” was thrown on the table, the timing wasn’t nearly as “convenient” as it could have been. Now if The dog had died a sudden unexpected death? Then yes, I would be inclined to agree with you, besides . . weren’t you the one who was hoping for a dog death towards the beginning of the series lol.

And regarding the audience, I think we can say the votes tend to be split down the middle, I know there are just as many people who support Se Na ending up with Hyun Wook, as there are her ending up with Shi Woo.

June: I was so sad seeing Dal Bong die! I honestly thought he was magically going to make it through the end. Though I still don’t sense that feeling that Se Na and Hyun Wook are supposed to be fated together. 

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