They are back and as cute as ever. Too bad separation is hanging in the air and the cute can't last long enough.. Join Firnlambe, June, and myself as we discuss some key scenes and the causes of noble idiocy in My Lovable Girl.

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Deeno: This episode was actually ok. It was a bit heavier on the cuteness and everything is starting to be tied up before the last episode.

Firnlambe: Fluffy episode for the win!! . . . . well, mostly fluff at least.

June: Fluff is good but in doses! lol

Deeno: Ah, she visits her sister to ask for approval or to apologize. Finally things can move forward and she’ll stop being so mopey.

Firnlambe: Hey, at least she wasn’t mopey for more than a few episodes.

June: This is true. I was just ready to see her stop being so mopey!

Deeno: Not the way I’d want to meet the possible father-in-law. He’s actually really cute when he tries to get information out of the two of them. And he was concerned about Hyun Wook after Dal Bong’s death. If only he didn’t have to throw a hissy fit when he found out who Se Na’s sister is.

Firnlambe: I don’t see why everyone’s so up in arms about this relationship. Particularly when it comes to Hyun Wook . . . he’s a full grown adult, he can chose his own love life and shouldn’t have to make others understand why or get their approval for it.

June: It just made me wonder why they were all so against Se Na’s sister in the first place. But yeah it’s just funny seeing all these adults try to run this other adult’s love life.

Deeno: And now it’s back to the noble idiocy. Se Na gets to blame herself for Hyun Wook’s father collapsing and try to run away. At least the whole mystery of the “illegitimate child” is cleared up. I guess Hyun Wook learned how not to communicate properly from his father.

Firnlambe: Why is it always noble idiocy . . . Se Na is obviously not to blame here, I’m not sure why she feels like she is. And I would feel better about Hyun Wook’s father if he hadn’t been such an ass towards Se Na, that was honestly uncalled for. Though him taking in that boy as his own was very sweet of him, but like Deeno says, he doesn’t have great communication skills. His wife would have understood, there was no reason to keep it a secret for this long.

June: Ugh I’m so tired of Se Na blaming herself for things that are clearly not her fault. I’m just glad the whole illegitimate child thing is all wrapped up. Took them long enough to clear it out.

Deeno: It’s a cute little sneak kiss and a nice way for the two of them to part. I just wish they could have something more than friendship.

Firnlambe: I’ll admit . . . this was adorable. And Shi Woo smirk as he left was just great. Hopefully Se Na will keep the photo tucked away and out of Hyun Wook sight. I can just see the massive amounts of misunderstandings that could spawn from that photo alone.

June: Oh my gosh, this was seriously so adorable and more adorable than her relationship with Hyun Wook, to be honest. I wish she would have had something more with Shi Woo. Sighs.

Deeno: That’s definitely a farewell hug and kiss. I just want to knock some sense into her. Running away from your problems isn’t going to solve them and this relationship has plenty of problems. I like that Hyun Wook was finally able to take a step towards songwriting again.

Firnlambe: She does realize, that if she leaves, Hyun Wook will go right back into the songwriting funk he just crawled back out of . . . doesn’t she? I’m with Deeno, Se Na needs a swift quick blow to the head. When your man states he never thought he’d be able to go back to his music, and that YOU were the one who changed his mind . . . you need to stick with that man for life.

June: Seriously, I agree with both of you all. She needs to wake up and stop running away from her problems. Especially since Hyun Wook is /finally/ going to start writing again. Just stick it out girl and stop being so mopey and running away from things.

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