The end is here and we get to see all those loose ends tied up. Even the ones we don't care about. Was the ending everything we hoped or a tad bit less? Join Firnlambe, June, and myself as we discuss the conclusion of My Lovable Girl.

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Deeno: It’s over! It’s finally over. I’m so glad to be done with this drama. The end was decent enough that I wasn’t throwing things, but pretty much on par with the rest of the drama. It was good, but nothing something that’s going to stick in my memory for very long.

Firnlambe: Honestly me too, this drama kinda let me down. They really could have done so much more with it, if they’d just had Hyun Wook explain his reason for doing things like three or four episodes earlier.

June: I agree with both of you all. I was pretty excited in the beginning to watch this drama, but as it went on I couldn’t help but just be meh about it. It’s definitely not a drama I’d want to rewatch again to be completely honest.

Deeno: Se Na runs away and I’m still wondering why she left. Clearly this was just a move to make the drama an episode longer when it really didn’t need to be an episode longer.

Firnlambe: I’m not sure what the reason was for having Se Na leave either, but I don’t think it was to make the drama an episode longer. Teeeechnically the drama length stayed the same, even though it felt like that added another episode during the last week.

June: What in the world! Like why did she even leave! It doesn’t make sense to me honestly.

Deeno: Oh, a time leap. How nice. I actually like that they made Hae Yoon the CEO and Hyun Wook finally became a songwriter again. Hyun Wook and Shi Woo are so cute together.

Firnlambe: I loved that they made Hae Yoon the CEO, it's such an appropriate role for her. And then to top it off, Gong Chul became Shi Woo’s manager . . . and Hyun Wook and Shi Woo still resort to an adorable pout sessions when they are forced to be in the same room. And correct me if I’m wrong, but Se Na basically cut off all ties with Hyun Wook during the past year, correct? Well at least it wasn’t anything like 5 years. Though apparently I’m going to have to eat my own words. Hyun Wook is doing just fine as a songwriter since Se Na left.

June: Ah the time leap. Good job of Hae Yoon being the CEO. Like you go girl! I’m glad Hyun Wook got back into songwriting. It seems like a huge feat for him. Now I’m just waiting for Se Na to make her return.

Deeno: Reallly? You haven’t seen the girl you’re in love with for a year and you yell at her? I thought you might mature over the year that she was gone, but nope. Same old Hyun Wook.

Firnlambe: Well what would your first reaction be then . . . to welcome them with open arms? I’m sure you’d be pissed at being abandoned for a year with no real explanation as to why. I know I would be.

Deeno: Well, I’d express my dismay, but I wouldn’t let her leave thinking that I hated her. I’d let her know that I was relieved that she had returned and safe.

June: Dang. I know he’s mad at her but maybe he should have waited a bit before yelling at her. Maybe she did have a reason for leaving?

Deeno: Oh, nothing like unfilled love to make you jaded and bitter. And what is with Hyun Wook’s step-mom becoming a singer. This was just awkward.

Firnlambe: Honestly I just blocked these side stories out. They served no real purpose to the story’s plot, and were poor excuses for episode filler.

June: Exactly, I lost all interest in these side stories. Like girl bye!

Deeno: Well fate is at work so I guess this couple just belongs together. Not because they have good communication or are willing to stay together at all costs. It all comes down to fate. Yeah, not what I’d base a relationship on.

Firnlambe: I’m glad they “got together” in the end, but it honestly didn’t feel like there was any closure of any kind. I kept waiting for at least something to happen that would make it feel like they really did work things out . . . to me this ending was a HUGE disappointment.

June: Eh. Congrats to them but I just found them to be so boring towards the end. I really didn’t buy their relationship and I agree I feel like the ending didn’t really give us any closure.

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