Episode one of My Lovable Girl left us wondering just how exactly Hyun Wook would salvage his seemingly doomed relationship with Se Na, so episode two is sure to be full of interesting challenges for him. Join June, Deeno and myself as we talk and discuss Hyun Wook's plan of attack.

Firnlambe: I’m really liking the direction they’re taking this series thus far. Our character relationships are steadily being developed and the plot is moving along at a pretty decent clip.

Deeno: I like the friendship between Hyun Wook and Se Na and the way it’s developing. It actually makes sense.

June: So far, I am very pleased with this drama! It gives me hope that it’ll end up being a decent drama!

What were you expecting Hyun Wook . . . a gold star?

Firnlambe: Well I hope Hyun Wook wasn’t expecting to hear good things said about him. Se Na is understandably miffed at him. I’m glad he looks honestly sorry for what he did. Though I was really hoping he had stuck around until they’d started to talk about what happened with Infinite Power, but alas . . . It wasn’t meant to be.

Deeno: I like that she also has the guts to say it to his face and he’s willing to admit that he did basically get her fired.

June: I agree with both of you all! I LOVED that she told it to his face. Like it’s so refreshing seeing the female lead telling it straight to the male lead.

What a crazy random happenstance . . .

Firnlambe: Okay, so he “happens” to buy lunch from where she works, “happens” to buy an extra ice cream cone and runs into her after he “happens” to be done with work . . . the notion is cute Hyun Wook--but lets be honest, this is starting to become borderline stalker-ish.

Deeno: Yeah, he’s definitely a stalker, but in a kind way instead of a creepy way.

June: Tsk, tsk. Stalking is always a no-no.

. . . Careful what you wish for . . .

Firnlambe: Ask and ye shall receive!! Man, Se Na's look towards Hyun Wook was priceless. Though after this, I've really started to like their interactions.

Deeno: Rain controls the weather.

Firnlambe: Lovelies . . . we give you Bi . . . Lord of Precipitation!!

June: And then they said let there be rain!!!!

Puppy woes

Firnlambe: This was a cute scene. Having Dal Bong run off and retrieve Se Na’s flyer all because he was bored and missed her was great. I’m seriously hoping this dog at least makes it through to the end . . . If I have to deal with a dog death in this series I’ll be upset. I just wish Jae Yoon hadn’t totally ruined the mood by tossing out challenge after challenge towards Hyun Wook during dinner because he’s jealous Hae Yoo likes him.

Deeno: It would probably be bad to say that I hope the dog dies quickly and then they go pick out a new dog and that dog gets run over by a truck trying to save Hyun Wook’s dad who two minutes later dies of whatever is ailing him. So I didn’t say that. At all. :P

June: Aww Dal Bong. He’s so great I’m so sad that he’s sick and all. I really hope he makes it until the end as well.

With a little help from the beyond . . . anything is possible.

Firnlambe: If you still had doubts about the supernatural helping Hyun Wook and Se Na meet, I think it's safe to say those worries were squashed in this scene. There was no way Hyun Wook would have run into Se Na with out his frantic search for So Eun. No only that, but when the wayward truck turned on it's breaks at the last min . . . it was obvious that So Eun was protecting her two most important people.

Deeno: Why can’t she be out there for revenge and get Hae Yoon killed or something.

Firnlambe: You certainly like your deaths don’t you.

Deeno: I’m just a tad bit known for being bloodthirsty, especially when it comes to obnoxious second leads.

June: I always like a little ~supernatural~ element to a story! Makes things a bit more interesting!

Oppa!? . . . Why don’t you love me?

Firnlambe: Sweetheart . . you’ve been friends with this man for 12 years, learn to take a hint already. It’s painfully obvious, to everyone but you, that he doesn’t look at you like a potential partner. Uggggh . . . if I hadn’t already been annoyed with Hae Yoo, this would have done the trick.

Deeno: I go back and forth. I think she’s ridiculous for clinging to a man who cares nothing for her, but she’s got confidence and she hasn’t done anything particularly stupid or mean that we know of. Who knows, maybe she’ll start tampering with car brakes or rip up Se Na’s stage outfit. It really may just be a matter of time.

June: Ugh I can’t with this woman. Can’t she take a hint or something! I’m still hoping she’ll turn around somehow but I won’t keep those hopes too high.

Is love in the air for Shi Woo?

Firnlambe: Well . . . if that face doesn’t scream SLS catalyst I don’t know what will. It’s obvious he was pleased by what he heard and that it helped in cheering him up after the mini spat he had with the other members of Infinite Power mere minutes before. Hopefully Shi Woo is able to clean up his attitude a bit from here on out //sigh// but I doubt it.

Deeno: I hope he doesn’t die.

June: His attitude is just not a good look. He needs to change it ASAP.

. . . who asked you for your opinion?

Firnlambe: As much as Hae Yoo claims she’s not doing this because of any personal feelings she may have. You know that on some level, she’s secretly hoping he accepts the President position because she’s the one asking him to.

Deeno: I think I may be counting my corpses before they die with this drama.

June: This lady. I can’t count the times I get annoyed just by her presence.

Quick!! . . . After her

Firnlambe: Okay, question . . . Why did it take Hyun Wook so long to come looking for Se Na? I thought when she left ANA it was very sunny out. Also--as the audience we can see his attraction, even though its still very subtle, so I'm curious as to when he'll notice that his feelings towards her have turned romantic.

Deeno: Well isn’t this scene just more dramatic at night? And if there is one thing I have learned about Korea from dramas, it’s that there is no such thing as golden sunsets in Korea.

June: That is very true. For some reason they just don’t exist! Lol

Birds of a feather . . . flock together

Firnlambe: //scoff// “Thinking of” . . . who are you kidding sir . . . the ONLY reason you are going to work at ANA is to protect Se Na. When your father asked you didn't even consider it, but the moment you were given the chance to defend Se Na in front of Jae Yoon, Hae Yoo and Shi Woo you practically jumped at the idea. Goodness you’ve invested so much into protecting her now, that it's no wonder she’s asking if you like her.

Deeno: He’s completely transparent when it comes to bending over backwards to help her. I still am confused by his reason to do so. If he’s such a nice person then why has he never met Se Na before or cared about what happened to his girlfriend’s family. Sure the call was a trigger, but did he not even show up at her funeral?

Firnlambe: That . . . is an excellent question. Maybe he felt too guilty to show his face?

June: That is so true. It makes me wonder why he hadn't before. Hmmmmm . . . . . .

Well Lovelies, things are certainly starting to get very interesting for our leading couple. Does Hyun Wook fess up and explain why he's acting the way he is? Will Se Na be able to handle the ups and downs of professional songwriting now that her song has been purchased by ANA, or will Hae Yoo make her life a living hell? All we can do is wait patiently for episode three.

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