Rain does not approve of this  My Lovable Girl Recap because of all the silly bickering, but hopefully you will enjoy as we explore how this episode sets the stage for the rest of the drama to become a battle of songs to woo the hearts of millions. Join June, Firnlambe and myself as we talk and discuss the clash of egos.

Deeno: This episode did a really good job setting up the entertainment company and introducing a bunch of the characters that will be fighting for survival for the rest of the drama. It’s starting to feel oh so predictable now.

Firnlambe: Really? I don’t feel this is becoming predictable at all. The writers are doing a pretty good job of giving us just enough information to keep us intrigued, and yet still effectively keep us in the dark.

Deeno: I feel like I’m watching Dream High again and that it’s going to become the musical competition of the week not that I mind that, but it is a bit predictable.

June: I agree with Deeno. It does feel pretty predictable now. It’s like the typical she’s special, the producer guy is mean and will try to ruin everything but we have the hero who will save it all.

There just can’t be two men in the same company without a clash of egos

Deeno: Rain starts his presidency off with a bang as he clashes with Seo Jae Young and adds Se Na to the songwriting group. I think he’s trying to step on everyone’s toes even though he claims he wants nothing to do with the company beyond the two months he’ll be president.

Firnlambe: No, I think he’s focused on setting up the best possible scenario for Se Na as possible. He just happens to be unforgiving to those who get in the way of his master plan.

June: Can I just start off with that Jae Young is a complete jerk and he irritates me everytime he is on the screen. Like please just go away.

Memories are just sweeter with a soft light.

Deeno: I liked this scene a lot as we see how music bonded Hyun Wook to So Eun just like it bonded her to Se Na.

Firnlambe: It was also nice to see how Hyun Wook is slowly starting to have his heart healed via Se Na’s music. The fact that he was basically moved to tears, and that he envisions So Eun being the one playing the piano instead of Se Na, was much more impactful to me.

June: Not going to lie, this scene was so sweet yet made me feel sad. You could tell how much So Eun and music meant to him.

I’m angry with your face!

Deeno: Well, she started off with some gumption as she tried to fight of Shi Woo’s oppressive good looks.

Firnlambe: I thought she did a good job holding her own against him in this scene . . . it was nice to see that her attitude towards him still hasn’t really changed.

Deeno: I thought she did a good job with him, but lets the songwriters step all over her.

June: Exactly, I know they have that hierarchy stuff in Korea but I so wanted her to just stand up for herself with the songwriters. Show them what you got girl.

Wither in the face of my angsty gaze!

Deeno: Poor Shi Woo and his sour relationship with the whole company. He’s out there to fight the world with only his good looks to help him out. Good thing he has plenty of looks to go around. Mmmm.

Firnlambe: L is very pretty as a blonde, isn’t he? I just hope he’s able to find some real solid ground to stand on within the company,

June: I actually don’t like his blonde hair! Lol As for Shi Woo, dang I really hope he can get past all this nonsense. Sucks seeing how him and his members are basically frienemies.

I’m a bully, but at least one of us is smiling.

Deeno: What is with this company culture? Do idols and trainees have nothing better to do that pick on those lower them? Perhaps they could you know actually learn how to sing...or write as in Se Na’s case.

Firnlambe: But that would be productive . . . and we can’t have that, now can we?

June: Ugh I probably would not even last a day there before I would explode on someone. Lol

Oh, Hyun Wook you are a million times more delicious than this corn dog. Marry me!

Deeno: Can I be proud of Hae Yoon for eating a corn dog without any qualms in front of the man she’s crushing on? I just wish she wouldn’t act like some silly stupid girl with no personality in order to get a guy, when she clearly has some brains and confidence.

Firnlambe: I know some of you will disagree with me here . . . but this scene just--well it annoyed me. I could care less if she’s just being herself with the man she likes, her whole face and attitude just rubbed me wrong.

June: It’s because she as a character is just annoying. As Deeno mentioned, the way she acts around Hyun Wook is so irritable. I hope she grows out of that as the drama goes on, but I won’t have my hopes up too high.

Based on the composition of this shot, an angsty love triangle has just formed.

Deeno: Hae Yoon can’t keep herself from interfering in Hyun Wook’s life just like he can’t stop butting in Se Na’s life. At least there is lots of shots of Rain’s handsome face.

Firnlambe: He was quite dashing while he was being all stalker-ish, wasn’t he? Honestly though, it feels like this triangle between Se Na, Hyun Wook and Hae Yoon is more like a pentagon. Particularly when you factor Jae Young and Shi Woo into the picture.

Deeno: I think this pentagon need to lose two sides. Seeing L and Rain battle it out would be way more epic.

June: Ah and here we have the beginning of the typical love triangle that happens in almost every K-Drama in existence. Having L and Rain duke it out would probably be a thousand times more entertaining. Let’s all sign up for that.

This audition is worse than the first week of American Idol.

Deeno: It’s audition time. AKA, time for everyone to turn into a backstabber, jerk or in most cases both.

Firnlambe: I’m really hoping the time he spends with Se Na will finally cure this mental block he’s established for himself. Music is such an important factor in his life, that I can’t see it ever really disappearing for him.

June: Dang. This was a pretty rough monthly review. It was so annoying seeing the staff play favorites with the trainees. But can we talk about Hyun Wook and his headaches/mental breakdowns. Poor dude, it seems really painful.

Look at me! I have a red balloon, which makes me so awesome!

Deeno: Seriously just ignore the stalker, Se Na! Or he’ll pop your innocent little loan shark riddled bubble.

Firnlambe: I wouldn’t classify this meetup as stalker-ish . . . this one seemed purely coincidental to me.

Deeno: He just happened to run into her when she just happened to be collecting a stray balloon from a bush. I probably would have been fine with the scene if she weren’t holding a balloon for no reason. I keep thinking there must a be deeper meaning to the balloon...like it’s the spirit of her sister keeping them apart and should they ever hug and pop the balloon the ghost world will be thrown into mayhem and puppies will die.

June: It always baffles me how in K-Dramas it seems like the leads are always near each other. Like hello Seoul is huge and you all seem to always run in to each other! I feel like the balloon does have some type of meaning to it but who knows. 

Well, things are getting set up and the rest of the drama seems fairly predictable from here on out, but that's not a bad thing necessarily. Hopefully we'll see a whole bunch more Shi Woo in the upcoming episodes. 

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