This episode of My Lovable Girl took things and shook them around. Now it’s becoming more and more of an underdog story and we have our little musical group that just needs to join forces to fight evil, I mean, Jae Young. Join June, Firnlambe and myself as we discuss this change in pace.

And this is what happens when red balloons turn into skinship

Deeno: I’m already sick of Hyun Wook not spilling the beans about dating Se Na’s sister. He’s just leading her on.

June: I agree. I hope we don’t have to wait like 10 more episodes until she really finds out the truth.

Firnlambe: I had really hoped that when he said “It’s been a long time” he was actually about to spill the beans. Alas . . . . ‘twas not meant to be. What I’m sick of, more than Hyun Wook’s lack of truth telling, is his inability to see that his consistent worrying over Se Na is actually causing her more strife. How he didn’t see that coming is beyond me.

Mmm. Bromance!

Deeno: Let’s off this side of the love pentagon already.

June: I was so irritated by Mr. Big Shot Producer. Just get over yourself already.

Firnlambe: I get the feeling that the forces of evil . . . wait, I mean Jae Young--yeah, Jae Young //ahem// that he was the one to plant the seed of doubt towards Hyun Wook’s devotion in So Eun’s mind. There was no other reason for him to make these provoking comments otherwise.

Needs no words

Deeno: How about “Yay?”

June: And here audience, we have the obligatory shower scene.

Firnlambe: I honest to God, rolled my eyes at this scene . . . not that I didn’t appreciate it, because I did. I was just hoping for more depth other than a shower scene. That being said, I love the continuous supernatural factor they have going on with the phone calls Se Na keeps making to So Eun. I really do.

And this plot keep just keep going round and round

Deeno: They keep running into each other over and over. They bicker, have fun, and the next time Se Na’s annoyed because he keeps interfering with her life.

June: Basically. Can we get a little more variety because it’s time for some new stuff.

Firnlambe: Again I’m the odd one out lol. Personally I'm fine with the way things are going . . . for the moment . . . And only because Hyun Wook honestly believes he’s only going to such length because he’s looking after So Eun’s sister. When that notion finally changes, which it will, AND when Se Na finally learns the truth about his original reasons for approaching her, I expect their interactions to change drastically.

I like to pretend that the last one was her keeling over for good.

Deeno: I feel like I shouldn’t even mention her because everyone dislikes her, but I find her transparency just the slightest bit charming.

June: It’s funny to watch her like this because it reminds me of a teenager.

Firnlambe: Honestly Deeno, if she had not insulted So Eun--or rather the memory of So Eun--I would be more ok with her character. Unfortunately that wasn’t meant to be, so comparing her to a teenager is right on the mark. What she needs to do, is woman up and just confront Hyun Wook. No more tip-toeing around the issue here Hae Yoon. Go in fighting, so I can see your efforts burst like a fiery death bubble when Hyun Wook continues to deny you again and again . . . . wait, did I say that out loud?

Deeno: Victory!

How could we go a whole post without Shi Woo?

Deeno: I love his interactions with Se Na! They are cute together and she knows exactly how to manipulate him.

June: Yes! This was one of my favorite scenes! I think I even like the interactions with Se Na and Shi Woo more than Se Na and Hyun Wook.

Firnlambe: I really appreciate the fact that, when Shi Woo read Se Na’s lyrics, he was honest to God impressed by them AND her. Then the way he just nabbed her phone to get her number was classic. I can’t wait for him to face off against Hyun Wook once they both realise their true feelings towards her.


Deeno: If it weren’t for Rain’s facial expressions I could care less about this idiot dad who only thinks of himself.

June: This dad, I cannot. I felt so bad for Hyun Wook and I really wonder if they’ll ever mend their relationship.

Firnlambe: I’m reserving judgement on dad until I hear ALL the facts, not just Hyun Wook’s perception of things. Though I do have to admit. This scene actually made me, surprisingly, hate the step-mom less. The way she looks at Hyun Wook from the shadows just got to me. It was as if she actually empathizes with him . . . which is something I would not have expected, given her track record.

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