Welcome back to the My Lovable Girl Drama Club! There's definitely some drama stirring up at ANA. We've got bands leaving, Se Na just trying to get her song right and so much more. Join us as we discuss episode 5 of My Lovable Girl. Let's get started, shall we?

Firnlambe: I enjoyed this episode a lot. Mainly because of how jealous Hyun Wook became without him even realizing it.

Deeno: I’m definitely enjoying Shi Woo and Se Na’s relationship. They are so cute together. I’m seriously ready to get rid of Hyun Wook.

June: Yesssss! The relationship between Se Na and Shi Woo is soooo cute! I love it so much. Now, if Se Na can just stop thinking about Hyun Wook that would be great.

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Firnlambe: Ok, listen up brat . . . just because the company took away one of your members and replaced him with Shi Woo, does not mean that the blame and hate should fall on Shi Woo. He had no more to do with it than you guys did.

Deeno: But it wouldn’t be a kdrama with pointless angst.

June: Ugh, so, so, so annoyed by this scene. The other members are so shady and petty for doing all of this.

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Firnlambe: WHOO HOO!! Go Se Na Go! I really do like her character, she’s not afraid to stick up for herself.

Deeno: About time she had some say in music life and I appreciate that she uses logic to convince the trainees that they are biased complainers with no idea what is really going on.

June: Thank god she finally said something. I hope she doesn't keep quiet against them any longer. Drag them jealous trainees girl!

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Deeno: Does Hae Yoon have a life outside of meddling with other people’s lives. The girl needs some life goals that don’t hinge on a man.

June: Nope. It pretty much seems like her whole life revolves around this. She seriously needs to reevaluate some things.

Firnlambe: Ok, so I can kiiinda see where those of you who like Hae Yoo are coming from . . . . kinda. Unfortunately she's an idiot and goes about trying to change Hyun Wook's situation all wrong, so I tend to get more aggravated than anything else. Hyun Wook is such a strong willed character im surprised Hae Yoo is trying to back him into a proverbial corner. Can't she see that he's the type to push back first, think about how it makes the other party feel second?

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Firnlambe: Poor Shi Woo . . . all he wanted was someone to talk to.

Deeno: And obviously he can’t get her out of his mind since she’s the only person who bickers with him. I think it’s good for him.

June: I agree. This is the start of a beautiful friendship/relationship. I can't wait to see more of it. 

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Deeno: I like Hyun Wook’s little wake up lecture. It’s what Shi Woo needed to hear and I just love that Shi Woo had no scruples about admitting that he’s scared. That’s the courage he needs to become a bigger super star.

Firnlambe: I totally agree!! That says a LOT about Shi Woo's true character. He's not always arrogant because he wants to be . . . I think it's more of a defence mechanism than anything else.

June: Yesssss. I am ready for Shi Woo domination. I can't wait for this whole part to come up. I want him to blow the other members who left into the water!

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Deeno: Don’t listen to your friend’s advice and go after her because you pity her!

June: Exactly! That's such a cop out. Like if you like her then go after her but if you just pity her, just save us from all the unnecessary drama.

Firnlambe: Honestly, I think whatever feels he may be feeling are more along the lines of sympathy rather than romantic.

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Deeno: Eeee!!! And in front of Hyun Wook! I love his sincerity and I’m already suffering from second lead syndrome. Sorry, Rain, but you’re too old for this drama. Let the youngin’s have their moment to shine and make each other swoon!

June: Let's get this love triangle moving along now! 

Firnlambe: Oh I'm all for the Rain line. While I do like the interactions between the youngin's, I like watching Se Na's interactions with Hyun Wook more . . . BUT! I have to say, I was extremely worried things were going to be the other way around up on the roof. I thought Shi Woo would be walking in on Se Na and Hyun Wook joined by the headphones. Somehow I feel like that would have been much more of a cataclysmic outcome. I can definitely see Shi Woo blowing things uselessly out of proportion, if that had indeed been the case.

Oh my word, now that was a great way to end the episode! What did you all think of Shi Woo and Se Na's growing friendship? Do you all like her better with Shi Woo or Hyun Wook? Also, what do you all think about Hyun Wook's dad and his wife's impending divorce? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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