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June: The pace is good but I seriously can't wait until Se Na finds out the truth about her sister and Hyun Wook.

Firnlambe: I'm loving how things are really starting to pick up. I just wish Hyun Wook would man up and confess already.

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There's a first for everything

Deeno: Awe! He’s cute and trying to live his dream and protect his mom. I refuse to believe that he’s a second lead.

Firnlambe: Oh I know he's a second lead . . . I foresee them being REALLY good friends after this is all over and done though.

June: I'm really having second male lead syndrome. But I agree, I can totally see them just being really good friends. Sighs.

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That jerk!

Deeno: Ah! Finally some answers. We were wondering about this, but then it’s followed by this another case of bad advice from Hyun Wook’s friend. The guy doesn’t know what’s best for his friend, but may this could give a step up for Shi Woo! Ok, go ahead and give your horrid advice.

Firnlambe: As much as this made happy, what with some newfound answers, it made me extremely annoyed at the same time because it didn't give us ENOUGH answers . . . And we're still left hanging at the end of the day.

June: Same. I still feel like there is a lot of things that are being left out in the dark. Just tell us already! I'm tired of this waiting game.

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But will he actually kiss her?

Deeno: Oh just kiss already!

Firnlambe: If they do end up kissing, which I hope doesn't happen, I hope that it's not a forced kiss from Shi Woo . . . That would be most unfortunate.

June: If they do kiss, I really hope both of them actually want to do it. It would be most unfortunate if it was forced.

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Got ya there board of people!

Deeno: Down with the brownnosers. I like that Hyun Wook tricked them, but from his view I’d be a bit worried about the future of the company.

Firnlambe: Agreed. Hyun Wook needs to take into consideration that more is riding on Shi Woo's title track than one lonely girl.

June: I love that he's really helping out Se Na but I agree there is a clot at stake with this solo debut.

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Don't be selfish!

Deeno: I think I root a bit more for Shi Woo because he’s also the underdog. Hyun Wook has problems, but he’s the president of a company and doesn’t have to worry about making a living. He gained all the fame he’d ever need in this life and now he’s just toying around with Se Na’s life under the guise of helping her.

Firnlambe: Aside from the Shi Woo comments, I would be inclined to agree with you . . . Except Hyun Wook honestly is thinking this is the best course of action. So that makes it easier for me to doc him points. He's still honestly believing that what he's doing is helpful.

Which is in and of itself aggravating to me . . . . How he STILL can't see that his devotion to her is causing some major issues is beyond me.

June: It's just K-dramas at this finest. It's like he kind of needs some type of wake up call. Honestly, I just hope this solo doesn't fail. 

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Now, now ladies play nice

Deeno: I don’t know if Hyun Wook is smart or an idiot. Is he acting this way to push Se Na away. If so, he’s doing a great job. Though if he really wanted to push her away he could just you know, tell her the truth!!!

Firnlambe: I have a feeling that he's staying to realize his growing affections towards her, and so he is trying to push her away . . . But I agree that simply telling Se Na that truth would be the best form of action at this point in time.

June: But telling the truth would be too easy in k-drama land. You know they got to stretch it out as long as possible.

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Curiosity at it's finest

Deeno: Se Na, let the old awkward interferers date in peace. You have a nice young man waiting to sing your songs.

Firnlambe: Let the 2014 Awkward Awards begin!!!

June: This part was so awkward. Like they can't even define their friendship. lol

Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 12.29.57 AM.png

Deeno: Ah, the requisite makeover scene. I’ll just pretend that that’s Shi Woo in the picture.

Firnlambe: Well Hae Yoon just became public enemy number one in Se Na’s book . . . This is sooooo going to come back to bite them in the butt. 

June: I see you, Etude House product placement! Now this is where Hae Yoon is probably going to start her master plans to destroy Se Na. I'm calling it now.

Let the romance games begin! Now that Shi Woo's solo is in the works, do you all think it'll be a win or do you think he's going to fail with it? Also it seems like out two leads are somewhat getting closer but Hyun Wook is starting to push her away. Do you all think he'll come to his senses and tell Se Na the truth? Comment below and tell us your thoughts!

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