Long time no see  Lovelies, hows everyone been? These last few weeks have been pretty slow in terms of getting any real progress with our lead couple, but have no fear! Things are starting to heat up this week. Join Deeno, June, and myself as we discuss what went down for our favorite love square and what it might mean going forward.

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Firnlambe: I love this show . . . but I've gotten to that point that I’m on pins and needles waiting for Se Na to either figure out Hyun Wook’s relationship to So Eun OR for her to be told in the worst possible way.

Deeno: I find that not much happens plot wise, but at least it’s a pretty show with nice people to look at. So it was pretty much what I expected. I was surprised by how much I ended up liking Se Na though.

June: I feel so bad for just wanting to see what Se Na’s reaction will be to finding out the truth. Knowing how K-Drama usually are, I’m expecting it to be told in the worst way possible sadly.

I smell a rat . . .

Firnlambe: Yes, how do you know that tid-bit of information. My money is on that he’s the one who turned Investor Jang against ANA. His personality is definitely the kind that won’t let others win . . . even if he has to get his hands dirty in order to do it.

Deeno: I’d love to see him getting a cat fight with Hyun Wook’s father. I could see them clobbering each other with briefcases on the golf course.

June: Of course, he knew. Of freaking course. This was probably a part in his masterplan to get revenge and it’s just really petty. Actually this whole character’s existence is pretty petty. Needless to say, I wish he could just go away.

Confidence is Key

Firnlambe: Well at least Shi Woo is honest, if nothing else. Though I feel like doing this will just cause him to fail in the end. Hyun Wook’s right, the public will just end up comparing him to Infinite Power . . . they won’t look at his overall talent.

Deeno: I’m ready for him to grow up a bit more, but I think Hyun Wook is a good mentor.

June: I agree with both of you all. He really does need to grow up more and doing the same kind of concept is going to just bring on the comparisons. I really can’t see this ended up well.

Unexpected comforts

Firnlambe: I liked how strong Se Na tried to be, she had such a brave face on after Hyun Wook broke the news to her about her song. She almost made it away from him too, but I admit, it was nice to see her showing her emotions so freely in front of Hyun Wook. Though I was not expecting him to allow himself to touch her in such a way. I was expecting something along the lines of a shoulder pat, instead I get a face caress and a hug.

Deeno: I think it felt real that she got that upset. I’d be scared of her if she’d completely blown it off like it was nothing. It’s hard getting your expectations up and then getting them dashed.

June: I felt so bad for her. Like it must suck to hear one day your dreams will be coming true, only to have it yanked away later on.

The entertainment world’s a harsh wasteland

Firnlambe: Man . . . ANA’s trainees are vicious little brats!! I’m glad Shi Woo stepped in this time and got them off Se Na’s back. If only he had done that earlier, with the sasaeng fans, Se Na might not have be friend-zoned him.

Deeno: I like how Shi Woo points out that she’s ruder to him than the trainees. It makes me smile.

June: Those ANA trainee brats need to step off and focus on their own damn training if they even ever want to debut. Like damn, just cool it down and focus on your own lives.

Behold . . . the Green Eyed Monster!!

Firnlambe: If this woman starts abusing her power for the sake of tormenting Se Na simply because she’s jealous of her, I’ll be upset.

Deeno: She’s done pretty well so far. I’m enjoying her character more than the typical second female lead.

June: I’m quite the opposite. I’m always super annoyed when I see her on my screen. Like you’re supposed to be the mature one and if she does abuse her power to start tormenting Se Na, I’ll pretty much be done with this character.

The Secret’s almost out

Firnlambe: Ugggh . . . Hyun Wook really needs to pick up the pace and tell Se Na the truth about why he approached her, before Hae Yoon does it for him. That woman is officially Se Na’s worst enemy. She’ll stop at nothing to drive her away from Hyun Wook now that she know’s Se Na is So Eun’s little sister.

Deeno: I don’t know, but I could have spaced out at these scenes since they didn’t have any cute coupley chemistry. Sometimes watching Hae Yoon is like watching that boring business meeting where you only pay attention if there is screaming or oddly cute.

June: I seriously cannot believe he told her this. Like of all of the damn people in Seoul, he just had to tell her. This is just not gonna be good for anyone, especially Hyun Wook and Se Na.

Adorable delusions

Firnlambe: I absolutely loved Hyun Wook’s mini daydream of Se Na calling him “Oppa”. His violent head shake to try and rid his mind of that image was priceless . . . but now it's gonna be even more imperative that he tells her the truth. They are drifting together in such a natural manner, that if Hae Yoon spills the beans before Hyun Wook can their relationship is going to take a near fatal hit.

Deeno: I thought that dream was cute. I wish he’d acted on it. I would have love to see Se Na’s reaction. I don’t think she could do a cutesy oppa.

June: I don’t think she could do a cutesy oppa either, but now that we see Hyuk Wook day dreaming about it, it would be cute to see. Ugh but in the back of my head, I can’t be too happy because I fear and impending doom coming for them.

Thems fightin words . . .

Firnlambe: Uh oh . . . the Lord of Precipitation has some competition. Shi Woo has obviously made up his mind about where he stands on Se Na. I’m totally able to see him go head to head with Hyun Wook over her.

Deeno: Let the fun begin!

June: YESSSSSSS! This is where everything starts to be fun between the two male leads. Hehe I seriously can’t wait for it, especially since I like them both!

So let it be written . . . so let it be done.

Firnlambe: Even if his conscious mind is unaware of his attraction to her. It’s obvious that his subconscious mind has already started to lay down some claims. I’m really curious as to when he’ll finally admit that to himself.

Deeno: I’m still rooting for Shi Woo!

June: Dangggg, ok Hyun Wook. lol I like both Hyun Wook and Shi Woo, so I’m honestly just waiting to see who will confess first tbh.

Shi Woo is starting to make some somewhat serious moves on Se Na, and Hae Yoon is finally in the know. Will Hyun Wook finally spill the bean and tell Se Na the truth or does someone else do it for him? Let us know in the comment section below how you think everything will go down in the end, and we'll see you in episode eight.

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