Well now, after the fun times in seven, is everyone prepared for episode eight of  My Lovable Girl? Things really get rolling on the plot roller coaster this episode, and in quite a few major ways too. Join Deeno, June and myself as we discuss some of the major reveals and what they may mean for the rest of the series.

Firnlambe: Oh thank goodness things are starting to really pick up. I was starting to get worried things were getting stale.

June: I agree. I started to think about this drama and was finding myself thinking that it needed to get stirred up a bit. We can’t have the same thing over and over!

Deeno: I guess we are at the halfway point so it’s more exciting compared to the rest of the drama, but as far as dramas go it seems to be following the standard formula. We’ll have an episode until noble idiocy or the truth comes into play. Gah! I feel like one of those jaded kdrama watchers that’s just seen too many dramas.

Painful memories

Firnlambe: Well this explains why Dal Bong dislikes Hae Yoon. She slapped his owner back in the day. Now . . . if only we were given some words to go along with this flashback scene. Just why did Hae Yoon feel the need to go to such lengths? If it turns out to only be because Hyun Wook choose So Eun over her I’ll be pissed.

June: Ugh I was so frustrated over not being able to fully know what happened back then! Hae Yoon’s actions, in my opinion, were probably over something really petty and I can’t believe she slapped So Eun. Unbelievable. They more I watch this drama, the more I dislike Hae Yoon.

Great . . . Love advice from the woman with a terrible track record.

Firnlambe: Woman, if I had the ability to travel into a fictional reality in order to slap the living daylights out of you. You better believe that I’d do so faster than a heartbeat. This is something you should NEVER reveal as a secondary party. Hyun Wook’s past love life is something he should be the one to reveal.

June: EXACTLY! Ugh this character just gets on my nerves so much. She reveals stuff that isn’t even hers to reveal.

Deeno: I agree. I wish Dal Bong had made and entrance and bit off her hair or something.

Firnlambe: Now THAT would have been an awesome moment.

See . . . he still cares

Firnlambe: This was smart on his part. He’s able to promote her song, yet he did it in such a way that if things went sour Se Na wouldn’t feel like an idiot for getting all pumped up again. Personally I loved how smug Hyun Wook looked when she found out he was the one to set things in motion.

June: This was a great way to get her song out even if it wasn’t Shi Woo’s debut song. All in all, it went pretty well given what had happened before with the whole picking Shi Woo’s debut song mess.

Deeno: This was so cute. Hyun Wook gets some points for this one. I like how obvious he is when he’s try to do something cute and kind.

Putting on the moves

Firnlambe: Go Se Na go!! I’m totally for this version of her, where she isn’t afraid to express her genuine feelings. Plus Hyun Wook’s facial expressions are absolutely priceless! And not just here, his expressions throughout this entire series have gotten more and more intense the more he falls for Se Na. But oh my goodness, how awkward this scene must have been for Krystal and Rain. I’m curious as to how many times they went into fits of giggles

June: Power to Se Na for taking the initiative and revealing how she really feels. I feel like we hardly ever see the female lead actually take the lead. It’s very refreshing.

Deeno: This scene was awesome! I love how she cornered him and wouldn't take his vague answers and kind intentions without knowing what is going on. She’s not going to sit around with her unrequited love.

Failed family negotiations

Firnlambe: Is anyone else getting annoyed by all these “family problems” that keep popping up? I mean seriously, dear ol’ dad really needs to start acting like an honest father. If you want to rebuild your relationship with your son then DO it. No more of this wishy-washy “Oh I can act like your father . . . no wait, never mind--my company comes first” crap.

June: I feel like every K-Drama in existence has this side plot-line and it always ends up the same way. lol Anyways this dad needs to keep his priorities in check or something.

Deeno: I want Hyun Wook to team up with his dad’s wife and snap his dad back into reality.

Time to face the music

Firnlambe: No Hyun Wook that’s not what Hae Yoon wants to hear . . . but it is what I want to hear. It’s about time you start questioning the reasons behind your apparent need to keep her close to you.

June: You tell her Hyun Wook but then it worries me because I know Hae Yoon is probably going to go all evil second lead on us very soon.

Deeno: I think he should have said this the Se Na first especially since he has no intention to act on his feelings. He’s just stirring up trouble for Se Na, but turning Hae Yoon on her.

Well now . . this may complicate things . . .

Firnlambe: //fangirl banshee scream of despair// Noooo!!! I . . . I have conflicting feelings. On one hand //fist pump to the sky// because I’m super excited they've, in some form, openly admitted they have feelings for each other. Then on the other hand, it should not have gone down like this. In the worst, the WORST possible way. What Hyun Wook should have done was tell Se Na about the relationship he had with her sister. Long before any feelings were acted upon.

June: I agree. The fact that Se Na still doesn’t know about Hyun Wook and her sister is not ok. This is just making things a million times more complicated and I foresee that things are not going to be pretty in the coming episodes.

Deeno: I definitely am not looking forward to the coming episodes. Well the next episode might be cute, but then it’s on to a dreary wasteland of noble idiocy and pining stares.

Oh my lovelies . . . deep breaths . . . it’s gonna be ok. Just because Hyun Wook kissed Se Na during a heightened emotional moment doesn’t mean everything is going to come crashing down around our lead couple just yet. Remember, we still haven’t seen Shi Woo plans for progressing with Se Na. That being said, episode nine is sure to be an exciting trip. So let us know in the comment section below any predictions you’ve got floating around.

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