This episode of My Lovable Girl, we deal with the fallout of a momentary lapse in Hyun Wook’s wall. Will the wall come back up or will there be dancing in flower meadows? Join June, Finlambe, and I as we discuss the slow plot creep.

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Firnlambe: There was actually less immediate “I instantly regret this decision” than I was expecting there to be.

June: Ahh the after the big kiss scene. I feel like there is so much going on and this kiss was something I should have expected to come sooner or later. I just know this is going to complicate things.

Deeno: It’s hard to undo a kiss. What was he thinking?

If only she could stay passed out.

Firnlambe: Ok listen up Sung Jin, you have no right to try and force these two together. Hyun Wook has made it extremely obvious that he has never had any romantic feelings towards Hae Yoon, so stop pushing. And Hae Yoon?! I’m not even going to talk about her character . . . ok that’s a lie . . . She needs to just move on already. I’m convinced that even if Se Na had never shown up, Hyun Wook still would not have come to her.

Deeno: I don’t want to talk about her either.

June: Can we all just agree that we don’t want to talk about her. She has been getting on my last nerve ever since she even showed up in this drama. UGH.

Everything in the world is better when Shi Woo smiles

Deeno: His hair is dark now! *fangirling death from cuteness*

Firnlambe: Awww I liked the blonde hair, not that he looks bad with it brown. Ok so if Shi Woo didn’t give Se Na that gift in her locker, who did?

Deeno: Well can’t we just blame it on Dal Bong?

June: His hair looks amazing like this! I think it suits him wayyy better than the blonde! Also, he needs to smile throughout the whole drama please.

And the award for worst husband of the year goes to…

Firnlambe: Ok, I’m not entirely sure dad had an affair. Usually I would be inclined to say he did, but that statement the “other woman” made about trying to throw his wife off the trail made me pause.

Deeno: I was confused by this scene and mostly just ready to get rid of Hyun Wook’s father.

June: Same. I think there’s more that they are definitely not telling us, as usual.

Ooooh, the tension!

Deeno: I loved this scene where even the smallest touch obviously sent sparks flying. Then it was followed by Se Na demanding answers. She knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to ask the right questions. If only Hyun Wook were as upfront they could move on and deal with things in an adult way. It’s odd how I didn’t like the couple because of the age difference, but Se Na is way more responsible, honest, and mature than Hyun Wook.

Firnlambe: Actually this whole awkward phase they’re in is starting to get annoying to me. I suppose I would feel better if Hyun Wook would just man up and tell her already. Knowing that this “happy” moment of new dawning romantic feelings is going to come /crashing/ down at any minute has got me on pins and needles just waiting for that moment when the scales tip.

June: I agree with both of you all. I’m honestly just waiting for this to come crashing down. It’s literally just like a timer waiting to go off and I know it’s going to happen soon. But still, it’s frustrating to see Hyun Wook not manning up and telling Se Na. so we can all just move on. Let’s get this show on the road please.

Lollipops solve every problem.

June: Sighs. I really, really, really wanted him to do well and kick that Infinite Power out of the water! I’m just so tired of that stupid jerk of a songwriter gloat and be cocky all the time. I can’t wait for his downfall and I hope it happens fast.

Deeno: I wanted him to dominate this battle. Can I get a redo? His failure felt a bit too constructed as a way to get him injured and to get the paparazzi to snap a compromising photo.

So close!!!

Firnlambe: Gah!!! people!! Shi Woo is a high class paparazzi target. Why on earth would you keep his hospital blinds open?!?! That’s just a recipe for disaster.

Deeno: I know, but I loved this scene. He got his point across without forcing a kiss on her. I still love their chemistry together.

June: Their chemistry is definitely amazing. That’s one of the main reasons I love watching them and their scenes! Of course the blinds in his room would be open. It wouldn’t be a classic k-drama scene if there was logic to it.

My life has been ruined and now I’m afraid of people who own dogs

Firnlambe: First and foremost . . . we don’t /know/ for sure that Hae Yoon really told Se Na the truth. I have an inkling that she only discussed the Shi Woo scandal issue. Second, for the love of God people!! Stop discussing super sensitive information in places that can EASILY be overheard. Se Na did it on the roof, and now Hae Yoon is discussing things that could easily ruin Hyun Wook’s reputation in the middle of his office mere moments after he asked for Ra Eum to be sent in . . ummm hellooooo, that’s something you just don’t do.

Deeno: I’m not sure if Hae Yoon spilled everything, but I’m done with her. It’s clear that her meddling is malicious.

June: Oh for sure. I highly doubt she was doing this for Se Na’s good. All her meddling is doing is basically just going to hurt Se Na in the end. Honestly, I feel like she’s just like “if I can’t be with Hyun Wook, then neither can you.”

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