HelloMy Love From Another Star drama club readers! I am still loving this show. Even as the conflict became more serious this week, we were given a very healthy dose of comedic situations, so let's jump into it.

The bromance between Min Joon and his long-time friend Chang Wan always has this air about it. Chang Wan was the voice of reason once again when he was questioning Min Joon's methods to scare Song Yi away. I think he's right. Min Joon did go a little overboard with exploding the glass case inside the museum to make his point.

Hee Kyung tries to buy Min Joon's apartment when it gets put on the market so he can be closer to Song Yi. As soon as Min Joon finds out he is the buyer, he refuses to sell and even pay a penalty to keep Hee Kyung away. Talk about a jealous kind-of-boyfriend moment. Little situations like this make it abundantly clear the he has feelings for Song Yi no matter how hard he tries not to!

The school finds a photo of its founders, among them is Min Joon of course. Once Song Yi discovers this fact, she spends the rest of the day in the museum covering the case any time someone tries to look at it. Jealousy is at its high point there! Not just jealous over people gawking at him, as a few girls comment on how handsome Min Joon is in the picture, but Song Yi is also being extremely protective. She even asks the curator if she can buy the picture to prevent Min Joon from being exposed to the public.

The sudden appearance of this picture has Song Yi perplexed. Even after all she did in the afternoon to try and cover it, she spends time in the hall outside of Min Joon's apartment trying to decide if she's going to tell him it's there. She eventually leaves and note and dashes back into her apartment when Min Joon opens the door.

Which, of course, prompts Min Joon to go steal it seconds later...

What did you think of this week's episode? Was Song Yi being too jealous/protective of Min Joon? Is Min Joon going to decide to stay with Song Yi? Will Hee Kyung manage to get his hands on Mon Joon's apartment and be next to Song Yi forever? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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