Zombie: As sad as I am to only have one episode of My Love From Another Star to watch this week, there was enough going on in said episode to keep me happy. Though now that I think about it, I really spent a lot of time yelling at my computer, so maybe “happy” isn’t really the right word…

Gina: This was a pretty frustrating episode. I’m just glad we had more of Song Yi’s hilarity to lighten the mood! She’s just so awesome! Although I’m very worried about that ending! I’m sure Song Yi is going to be okay, but I’m still scared for her!

Zombie: I have a feeling Song Yi is going to get hurt from that jump but it’s going to be that injury that makes Min Joon realize just how much Song Yi means to him. It’s the spark that ignites the flame.

Tanya: I think the separation the Min Joon is trying to force is just going to concrete his feelings even more. Maybe it’ll drive us crazy enough we start talking to dead people like Jae Kyung.

Zombie: At least now we can say with absolute certainty, Jae Kyung is certifiably crazy! I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be the one in that mental institution and he just shoved his ex-wife in there in his stead.

Gina: Oh definitely. Although for a split second I did think that Yoo Ra was alive, but nope! He’s just insane.

Zombie: I’m really glad Yoo Ra isn’t alive because had that been the case, I would’ve had serious issues with this show. Far too many people in DramaLand die only to miraculously come back to life. Call me crazy but I prefer to have the dead stay dead… unless, of course, we’re talking about vampires and then, only if they don’t sparkle.

Gina: Well according to Song Yi, she IS a vampire! That part made me laugh so hard. Song Yi is just too funny!

Zombie: I loved her entire reaction to Min Joon’s confession about what he really is. She didn’t freak out, she didn’t run, she simply reached out for Min Joon’s hand and asked him to stay put so she could steady herself and process everything for a moment. Finding out the man you like is actually an alien has to be a bit of a shocker but I’d say she handled the news pretty well.

Tanya: We already know that Song Yi is actually a very accepting person because of how she grew up. She was like, “Well, this is new.” and moved on. Even in her little rant after Min Joon walks away from her, she calls herself more of a monster than he is.

Gina: And she cared more about the fact that Min Joon said that he never once liked her than she did about him being an alien. She was so hurt by that, that him being an alien barely even registered on her radar.

Zombie: As amazing as Song Yi is, the mothers in this drama are some of the worst people in this entire show.

Tanya: When Song Yi and Se Mi meet on the set, you could feel the venom. I’m happy Song Yi was the bigger person and just decided to work harder so she can steal the show.

Gina: And it’s Song Yi, so she will definitely be able to do so! (If she doesn’t get too hurt from that jump!) But while we are on the subject of Song Yi’s family, I think we can all agree that Song Yi’s relationship with her brother is absolutely adorable! I love how Yoon Jae teases Song Yi, and all of their interactions.

Zombie: They are a super cute duo but I think Min Joon was cuter when he refused to sell his house to Hee Kyung! And he says he doesn’t care about Song Yi… (LIAR!)

So what are your thoughts on this week’s episode? Do you think Song Yi will really be able to stay away from Min Joon? How long do you think it’ll take for Min Joon to give into his true feelings for Song Yi? Do you think Song Yi is going to survive her stunt jump? What do you think is going to happen next? We’d love to hear your thoughts and theories so be sure to share them in the comments below!

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