Gina: Hi everyone! My name is Gina, and this is actually my first Drama Club. I’m so excited for the rest of this drama, and I look forward to chatting with you all about it along the way!

Zombie: Hey everyone! Zombie Mamma here and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be back and writing for this Drama Club!

Tanya: And rounding out your My Love From Another Star Drama Club is me! I’m Tanya, one half of HallyuKnow. I am honored to be joining you again! I volunteered as tribute this week, so let’s talk about the show!

There are several reasons I have been excited for this series. I love sci-fi, so mixed with my love for k-dramas makes it a thousand times better! There aren’t really a lot of series that stray into sci-fi unless it has to do with a gumiho, the exception being Vampire Prosecutor. This series also marks the comeback of several k-drama favorites, including Kim Soo Hyun (Dream High), Park Hae Jin (East of Eden), and Yoo In Na (Secret Garden). They all play leading characters so we will be seeing a lot of them!

I am also excited to see several of the best supporting actors in the industry! Lee Il Hwa (Answer Me 1994 & 1997), Uhm Hyo Sup (Gu Family Book), and Kim Chang Wan (Who Are You?, Good Doctor, as well as 35 other dramas).

Where does this leave our actual characters? The alien is Do Min Joon, who has a slightly stiff personality, but it’s more to protect himself from relationships with humans than actual lack of personality. He has super senses, being able to hear and see things 7x better than humans, doesn’t age, is extremely fast and can stop time. I like that the second episode showed his weaker side as he tried to figure out exactly who the girl he saved 12 years ago is.

Cheon Song Yi is a superstar Hallyu actress who tries to act tough, but definitely is not. She shows us the tolls that the industry and rumors can take on an actress. She’s also quirky and outrageous, which I love, as well as a bit of an airhead.

Lee Hee Kyung and Yoo Se Mi are childhood friends on Song Yi. There is a lot of tension in the triangle they create because Hee Kyung is in love with Song Yi, which makes Se Mi insanely jealous. She’s constantly working in supporting roles because of Song Yi. Se Mi is in love with Hee Kyung. It doesn’t help that both Hee Kyung and Song Yi are completely oblivious to Se Mi’s feelings, like when Hee Kyung decided to propose to Song Yi in front of her.

We were also introduced to several side characters that will definitely play huge parts in this series. Lee Jae Kyung, Hee Kyung’s older brother, seemed like a complete sweetheart, then became a psychopath a few seconds later when he receives a phone call and talks about the people he has killed.

We also saw Song Yi’s mother who seems like the ultimate moocher. I know their relationship is going to break my heart over the course of the series. There was also a glimpse of Song Yi’s brother, Yoon Jae, played by model Ahn Jae Hyun, who threatens some friends because they are photoshopping pictures of his sister. I don’t think they know Song Yi is his sister, but it makes me wonder what type of character he is.

With 20 episodes, the writers have already set a fast pace to the series to cover the 3 months Min Joon has until the comet arrives to take him home. I can’t wait for next week! What do you think of the characters so far? Are they as interesting as I think they will be? Leave a comment below, or you can tweet @Hallyu_Tanya to start a conversation!

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