Hello and welcome to the My Love From Another Star Drama Club! We’re super excited to chat with you each week as we, your Drama Clubbers, have been anxiously awaiting the premiere of this highly anticipated sci-fi drama, as well as the comebacks of Kim Soo Hyun and Park Hae Jin. With so much to talk about, it’s time we get to it!

Zombie: Oh My Word! I don’t know if there has ever been a drama, in all my years of drama watching, that has ever hooked me so completely after just one episode! Naturally, after two episodes, I’m totally gone...this is officially my new favorite drama!

Gina: Can I just say that I adore our female lead already? Because I totally do. She’s sassy and not afraid of what other people think, but she’s also very vulnerable. She’s already such a 3-dimensional character, and I love it! I can tell that her relationship with her mother is going to make me sob. After just two episodes, I can already say that I’m pretty attached to this show.

Tanya: SCI-FI DRAMA! I’m all for it. I really like the premise we have so far. I just hope that it keep going this strong. I don’t want it to get cheesy and it could go that way very quickly if they’re not careful!

Zombie: I’d like to say that any drama that starts this strong has to end well but we all know how quickly things can go south in DramaLand, so here’s hoping this one finishes as well as it’s begun.

Tanya: So who do we like? Any stand out characters for you right away? I’m particularly fond Do Min Joon, our male lead. I love the mannerism that he has. Stiff, but not actually..

Gina: Cheon Song Yi, our female lead, has already won me over! I’m also really curious about her Joseon era doppelganger!

Zombie: I’m loving Do Min Joon! He’s like this perfect mix of Superman and Stefan Salvatore… stoic, stand-off-ish, mysterious and super-powered.

Tanya: I already feel bad for Yoo Se Mi. She’s always going to be the backburner to Song Yi, but could potentially become an enemy. Also, I’m terrified of Lee Jae Kyung.

Zombie: Lee Jae Kyung scares the crap out of me! His whole nice guy on the outside/demon on the inside is absolutely terrifying!

Gina: Oh my gosh, I’m so scared of Lee Jae Kyung! At first we are supposed to think he’s this sweet do-gooder, but then he pulls a complete 180 and may actually be a serial killer.

Zombie: I do worry about the relationship between Yoo Se Mi and Cheon Song Yi… I can see them becoming mortal enemies as the show progresses, and we all know how ugly things can get once the green-eyed monster of jealousy rears its ugly head.

Gina: Also, I’m super happy that Do Min Joon figured out that Cheon Song Yi is the girl that he saved 12 years ago. I’m glad they didn’t drag that out!

Tanya: Me too actually! I’m happy with that pace the series has set.

Zombie: So far, I haven’t found anything disappointing about this drama. The pacing is great, the characters are awesome, the special effects are amazing and the fact this whole story is based on a tiny bit of history...it’s just fantastic (baby)!

Tanya: Are there any events you foresee? Any predictions?

Gina: In the preview for next week’s episode, we saw Do Min Joon talking about the types of people he dislikes. I’m excited to see him fall for our female lead who fits the description of all of his pet peeves! Oh! And I’m also really interested in Cheon Yoon Jae (Song Yi’s brother) and his story!

Zombie: Well, you know Min Joon and Song Yi are going to fall head-over-heels for each other, it’s only a matter of time. After all, he’s been waiting 400 years to find the reincarnation of his gal pal again and she’s been dying to know who her mysterious savior was from twelve years ago. I’m pretty sure Se Mi’s jealousy combined with her desire to be with Hee Kyung is going to turn her into a raging She-Hulk at some point. She’ll probably revert back to her sweet self by the end and most likely end up with Hee Kyung after all. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jae Kyung turns out to be onto Min Joon’s secret and is out to reveal the truth about aliens... or he’ll be out to bring Song Yi to ruin. Naturally, Min Joon will have to decide whether or not he stays on Earth with his love...I wonder if Song Yi would be willing and/or able to travel to another planet with him?

We want to know what you think of the series so far! Let us know your opinions in the comments below to continue the conversation!

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