These were another two great episodes for My Love From Another Star! Whether you were laughing or crying (or both), you are sure to have felt many emotions this week! This show is definitely one that is going to be remembered for it's compelling story lines and wonderfully 3-dimensional characters. So, let's get into talking about episodes 11 and 12!

Let’s start with the funny. Song Yi is just as comical as ever in these two episodes. From her drunken acts of love to her adorable antics with her brother, Song Yi’s personality is just wonderful. She’s the perfect combination of humor and strength. Whether she was screaming Do Min Joon’s name or trying to give him her shoes, I loved it all.

It’s clear that both Min Joon and Song Yi want to be with each other. But there always seems to be obstacles in their way. These two episodes showed us the vulnerable sides of our two main leads. From Song Yi talking into Min Joon’s intercom to Min Joon crying about not wanting to leave, there were just so many feelings. If only our two leads could get a beautiful happy ever after.

Not that it’s a surprise, but we finally know exactly what happened to Han Yoo Ra. And it was in fact Jae Kyung. After finding out about Yoo Ra’s intention to reveal her pregnancy, Jae Kyung drugged her and his henchman had her killed. What's even worse is that he had planned a wonderful surprise for her which had gotten her excited and happy. Then that was when he decided to drop the bomb that he was actually going to kill her, making it look like a suicide.

The scene where Yoo Ra died also had me curious because they kept showing her shoes. They are the same ones that Song Yi owns and the same ones that Min Joon saw in his vision. Could Min Joon have been meant to save Yoo Ra?And the police are on to Jae Kyung. They know that he was dating Yoo Ra but now they will have to prove it. They will not only have to prove that the two were dating, but also that Jae Kyung was involved in her death. I just hope that they watch their backs because Jae Kyung is sure going to try and stop them somehow. I also like that Hee Kyung is catching onto his brother’s evil plans after Min Joon’s warning. I just hope he doesn’t get caught in the middle and end up getting hurt too.

What are your thoughts about episodes 11 and 12? In the comments below, let us know what you think is going to happen! Stay tuned for part 2 of the My Love From Another Star Drama Club.

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