Zombie: Holy cats!!! Was anyone else taken completely by surprise when Min Joon decided to spill the beans about who he really is, or was it just me? I so did NOT see that coming!

Gina: I was pretty surprised too! And the way that he did it was so direct and actually quite terrifying! Although it seems like he is surely trying to scare Song Yi away from him.

Zombie: Think it’ll work?

Tanya: She’s been pretty resilient thus far and stuck by his side. I don’t think it’ll work.

Gina: Hmm I don’t know! Even if it does work, I feel like she will soon be okay with everything because she totally loves him!

Zombie: And there’s no doubt he totally loves her! Oh my word! When he was asking Young Mok if he really had to stay away from Song Yi… I felt like my heart was tearing in two!

Gina: Same here! Oh my gosh. At the end when Min Joon cried, I lost it. I just want Song Yi and Min Joon to ride off into the sunset together and live happily forever!

Zombie: I’d be happy if Min Joon’s dream could come true. It was so sweet and painful at the same time, mostly because as things are now, there’s no way for such a sweet dream to become a reality. *sobs*

Tanya: It would be nice if they could stay together. I’m not so optimistic about that one though… I’m the downer once again!

Gina: That whole dream sequence just broke my heart. It just showed us how much Min Joon wishes he could stay with Song Yi and live a normal life.

Zombie: I think more than that, it shows us just how much he loves Song Yi. This poor boy isn’t just smitten, he’s hopelessly and completely in love with her. To quote Jin Kyung, Song Yi is one “lucky girl!” Speaking of Jin Kyung, I think she’s just great. I love that there’s one person in Song Yi’s life that can give her an honest perspective on everything going on in Song Yi’s life.

Gina: Yes! She’s so funny too! I love how she falls for all the flower boys on the show, and how she doesn’t take any crap from those two guys that frequent her bookstore.

Tanya: She’s that one friend that everyone needs to stay grounded. You can tell they have been around each other long enough that nothing is really offensive, no matter how insulting. That’s a good thing to have especially when you are in an industry where no one is real to your face.

Zombie: Speaking of faces… Jae Kyung’s given us a plethora of terrifying faces again this week and now we know exactly how he whacked Yoo Ra on the cruise ship. Geeze! You think this guy has reached the epitome of evil and wouldn’t you know it, the next week he’s kicked his evil up another notch. Obviously this guy’s got a thing for poisons… poisoned drinks, poisoned darts…

Gina: And that deal that Min Joon tried to make with Jae Kyung is sure to go wrong. Even if Jae Kyung did agree, there’s no way to know for sure if he will keep his word. Considering he’s a psychopath!

Tanya: He’s definitely a creeper, but is he going to be the winner of this battle? Probably not.

Zombie: I know we’re all cheering for Min Joon to take Jae Kyung out but really, Jae Kyung’s the one with the upper hand at the moment. Min Joon’s powers are failing (which I blame on that frozen-in-time kiss he secretly planted on Song Yi after telling her to get lost) and he’s been close to death twice now, because of Jae Kyung. If Min Joon’s not careful, Jae Kyung could very well win this battle. (Not that we really think he will, I’m just saying, it’s more possible than we originally believed it to be.)

What say you, drama club readers? What do you think Song Yi’s answer will be to Min Joon’s confession? Will she accept who he is? Or run away from him? Will he choose to stay or go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or tweet at us! (We love Twitter!)

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