If there’s one thing I love about My Love From Another Star, it’s how this drama never fails to deliver a wide range of emotions with every single episode and this week is no different! From terror to elation, this week’s episodes are some of the best yet so let’s dig in!

It’s only fitting that we start where last week’s cliffhanger left us, literally hanging, with Song Yi in mid-air, as we all held our collective breath to see if Jae Kyung’s evil henchman finally succeeded in bringing about our heroine’s demise. I’m sure we’re all glad Song Yi wasn’t too badly injured (at least when compared to poor Hee Kyung) though personally, I’m more glad to see that Song Yi’s injury was, in fact, the very catalyst Min Joon needed to let go of all of his reservations and give in to his emotions. *Finally!* I don’t know about you but I’m loving the hot-tempered, no holds barred version of Min Joon so much more than the typically standoffish ice king he generally portrays. *Swoon!*

What I love, even more than an enraged and defiant Min Joon, is the fact that the harder he tries to let go of Song Yi, the more impossible it becomes for him to do just that. Poor Min Joon doesn’t realize he’s suffering from a severe case of lovesickness; lucky for us, we know exactly what ails our hero and we get the pleasure of sitting back and watching him suffer from his sickness...

When Min Joon attempted to come to Song Yi’s rescue via social media, I chuckled...

When he wrote and deleted a zillion texts to Song Yi before accidentally sending the “I miss you” text, I cheered...

But it wasn’t until Min Joon started hallucinating, seeing Song Yi and Hee Kyung living as a married couple in his apartment, that I completely I lost it! Oh my word! At that point I was seriously beginning to wonder how long Min Joon was going to ignore his obviously strong feelings for Song Yi.

Needless to say, I was more than thrilled when Min Joon finally decided he’d had enough pretending and not just with Song Yi. (I promise I'll get to that in a second!)

I can’t tell you how happy I am Min Joon has finally decided to shoot straight with the authorities and tell them everything he knows about Jae Kyung. I’m seriously hoping they devise some sort of plot to trap Jae Kyung in his own tangled web and take him out for good. Beyond happy, I’m relieved Min Joon has finally let Hee Kyung in on the truth about his brother. Hee Kyung needs to know what he’s up against and he needs to know that his brother is so much more evil than Hee Kyung could ever imagine. Again, I hope Hee Kyung will be involved in the plot to bring down his brother and I hope beyond hope that he comes out better than he did this time around. But what I’m most happy about, what’s got me dancing through fields of wildflowers with sunshine and rainbow ponies, is Min Joon finally giving in to his feelings for Song Yi and using all of his powers to plant one very sincere, totally selfish and long overdue kiss on her unsuspecting lips. *Hooray!* I just hope he doesn’t start next week’s episodes lying on his deathbed (again) as a result of that kiss; though I’m pretty sure Min Joon would say it was worth it…

r So what are your thoughts on this week's developments? Do you think Min Joon is going to completely give in to his feeling for Song Yi or is this just a moment of weakness? What do you think is going to happen to Hee Kyung? Do you think Jae Kyung is going to go after Hee Kyung while he's too weak to fight back? Do you think Min Joon and the authorities are going to find a way to arrest Jae Kyung before he can hurt anyone else? How do you think Song Yi is going to react to this kiss? Will she be happy about it or hurt by it? There's so much more I'd love to discuss about this week's episodes but sadly, I'm out of words; which is why I'm asking you to continue where I left off by adding your thoughts to the comments below!

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