This week gave us another two fantastic episodes! There were so many emotional moments that it wouldn't be surprising if every few minutes all of you guys were either openly laughing or silently weeping, or both at the same time. From Min Joon continuing to be protective of Song Yi, to Song Yi's adorable jealousy, this week's episodes were just great! So let's start talking about this week's My Love From Another Star!

First of all, Song Yi just might be my favorite K-Drama female lead ever. She can make you die laughing, but at the same time she can also make you feel total compassion for her. One of the funniest moments this week was her brutal honesty during the interview with Se Mi. The scene at the end of episode 17 where we see Song Yi writing the script to practice with Min Joon was also adorable, and you can tell that she had written it as soon as Min Joon started reading it! What I didn't realize until this week though, was how similar Song Yi and Yoon Jae are! They both feel comfortable making themselves at home at Min Joon's apartment and their personalities are actually pretty similar as well. I think we can all agree that he really stood out these past couple of episodes!

From being completely overprotective of Song Yi to taking selcas with Min Joon's telescopes, he was hilarious this episode as well! The best part was how he went from hating Min Joon to becoming his biggest fan. I'm just hoping that Yoon Jae will be able to get to know his father sometime soon because you can see how much he wants to. He's just nervous and scared.

And of course we can't forget Suzy's awesome cameo as Go Hye Mi! All of my Dream High feelings came rushing back again. And she even went on to say that Min Joon looked like her ex-boyfriend a.k.a. Song Sam Dong! The scene was too funny and Song Yi's jealous antics made it even better. It was a cute scene and Song Yi jumping into the two of them and then flailing around like a crazy person had me dying of laughter. Later on Song Yi even described "young girls" as "loud and annoying" in her screenplay, most likely referring to Go Hye Mi!

While this week did provide us with many happy and funny moments, it also featured just as many serious ones. Even though Min Joon decided to stay with Song Yi at the end of episode 17, we are still left feeling uneasy. Who knows what will happen to Min Joon after he stays on Earth past one month. Keep an eye out for Part 2 where we discuss it in more detail. We also talk about everyone finally catching onto Jae Kyung and his evil-ness.

This week also got emotional when Min Joon got drunk, and when Min Joon first told Song Yi that he was leaving. Both were sad while at the same time a little funny. Min Joon caused a widespread blackout because he was so depressed, and Song Yi drove home with Se Mi while crying and requesting to listen to sad songs. What's also funny is that all of the things that Min Joon has said that he hates (including men who drink so much that they forget their memory) he has started to get used to, like, or even become himself!

What do you guys think will happen in the end? Will Min Joon be alright if he stays on Earth with Song Yi? How will Jae Kyung finally be stopped? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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