Zombie: Oh my word! How can I go from rolling on the floor in laughter to bawling my eyes out within the span of two episodes? Geeze, this show is amazing!

Tanya: This show has been good for that...I love the dynamics of all of it.

Gina: At one point I was even laughing through my tears! Also when Min Joon said that he was staying for good, I definitely was so happy but also worried! This show really knows how to pull you in!

Zombie: I’m actually really worried about his decision to stay. As soon as he said it I was like, “Great, now we’ve got a Romeo and Juliet thing going on here. He’s going to stay and die and she’s going to follow suit.” Not that I really expect Song Yi to kill herself over Min Joon (she’s too strong for that) but I wouldn’t put it past the writers of this drama to keep Min Joon on Earth just to have him die some tragic death. They’re kind of mean like that, pulling on our heartstrings like they do…

Tanya: So I have this theory that this comet is going to magically to have enough of this energy from his planet to keep him alive, others who can help him, supplies… something. There has to be SOMETHING.

Gina: I hope you are right! That would be too cruel of the writers to just have him die like that! I hope that Min Joon does end up meeting Song Yi at Namsan Tower somehow for their 100 Day anniversary!

Zombie: I’m diggin’ the whole comet theory of Tanya’s. Anything to keep Min Joon and Song Yi together would be awesome! They’re too perfect together to make them end up apart. The drama gods can’t be that cruel. Can they?

Tanya: We can only hope. Is anyone else excited that Hee Kyung has a clue and is going after Jae Kyung? I cheered for him… it’s way better than being obnoxious!

Gina: Oh yes! I’m so glad that he knows that his brother was involved with both Han Yoo Ra’s and his older brother’s death. And he was able to get Jae Kyung’s ex-wife out of the mental hospital!

Zombie: Suddenly Hee Kyung isn’t the clueless wonder we all thought he was. Maybe that brain injury finally knocked some sense into him. That or Min Joon’s sudden appearance in his room made him realize there’s more going on in the world around him than he ever thought possible. That’d certainly shock the snot out of me!

Tanya: I’m certainly happy about it. The first time his face changed was pretty epic. You could sense his determination to fix everything, even if it meant his brother has to go down.

Zombie: I’ve always thought Hee Kyung was a good guy, I was just annoyed by his cluelessness. Now that he isn’t clueless anymore, he’s turned out to be a pretty cool guy. I’d almost cheer for him if he wasn’t set up against Min Joon. Sorry but no second lead will ever hold a candle to Min Joon.

Tanya: For once our Zombie doesn’t have SMLS!

Gina: I also like how Song Yi is when it comes to Min Joon’s powers, always testing to see what else he can do! It’s so accurate to how any of us would be if we were in her shoes.

Tanya: While there is a lot of fantasy in this show, they have kept the relationships very real, which is probably why it is so addicting!

Zombie: I loved when Song Yi freaked out when she realized Min Joon would never age while she got old and wrinkly. And her comment about why the girls in the vampire stories always turn in the end… HILARIOUS!

Tanya: Well, we can only hope that Episode 21 is more than just speculation!

Zombie: I think we’re going to need that extra episode to get everything sorted out nicely by the end. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy Min Joon and Song Yi’s “happy” time together because let’s face it, they deserve it!

So what are your thoughts on this week’s episodes? Did you laugh and cry along with us? Are you as happy as we are to see Song Yi and Min Joon finally together? What do you think about Min Joon’s decision to stay? Do you think his decision will be his demise or do you, like Tanya, think there’s another way for him to stay with Song Yi without disappearing forever? We want to know all of your thoughts and theories so be sure to share them in the comments below!

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