Annyeong drama club readers! With only one week left in the series, we are finally seeing the culmination of so many things. Love, hate, power, deceit... Let's get started.

Min Joon and Song Yi have clearly been in love for awhile now, but they are finally expressing their feelings openly. They went on vacation together. They go on dates. Min Joon proposes to Song Yi. Although there is still a lot of open-ended turmoil in their relationship, since we don't know if he actually goes home or manages stay on Earth safely, I actually feel satisfied with how they have come to be and how they act with each other.

Their date to Namsam is particularly adorable. They do the traditional lock per Song Yi's request and eat dinner in the restaurant. I find it hilarious to know that Min Joon planned to propose earlier, but stopped time to delay it, especially since Song Yi is sitting in the restaurant waiting for it to happen and it never does. If Min Joon hadn't changed his plan, it would have happened before they even put their lock at the tower.

His actual proposal by the bonfire was awesome. It was simple... while not exactly what Song Yi was expecting, but it was exactly what Min Joon wanted and needed to say since there is such a high amount of uncertainty in their future. You could tell that after all the courage it took him to finally decide to commit to proposing doing it his own way was the best. It was meaningful, as opposed to the ring-in-the-dessert bit we've seen a thousand times.

I'm becoming more impressed with Hee Kyung as this series progresses. He went from an obnoxious rich boy obsessed with a celebrity to actually have some depth in his character. He has discovered that his brother, Jae Kyung, is evil. He disowns him, but the pain deepens when he learns just how far Jae Kyung has gone when his ex-sister-in-law gave him the pen with the recording that proves Jae Kyung killed their older brother. My heart broke for him at that moment.

I must also say that I'm extremely disappointed in their parents, honestly. The father thinks Hee Kyung is after money and power? He just wants to do what's right, even though that may not be the easiest path. His mother just stands quietly to the side. Their father learns the truth at the end of our episodes, much to his dismay...

Do you think Min Joon is actually going to leave? Will Jae Kyung manage to weasel out of jail once again? What will happen with Se Mi and Hee Kyung? Tell me what you think about this week's episodes in the comments below!

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