Zombie: Well, it’s the penultimate week of My Love From Another Star and you know what that means… This week things came spectacularly together and fell spectacularly apart. I’m so excited to see how this drama ends and yet, so nervous at the same time. Will Do Min Joon decide to stay on Earth with Song Yi, or leave? I’m so perplexed by both options and honestly, I can’t tell, one way or the other, which decision Min Joon is going to make. Augh! The suspense until next week’s finale is killing me!
Tanya: I am so happy with way they are wrapping everything up, but at the same time I just want it to be over because I want to know what happens!

Gina: So this week was feels-central especially when it came to Hee Kyung. After finding out for sure about Jae Kyung’s involvement in both Han Kyung and Yoo Ra’s murders, you could see how sad and angry he was. When it came to his father, it took everything out of him in order to prove that Jae Kyung was in fact Han Kyung and Yoo Ra’s murderer.

Zombie: Oh Hee Kyung! I was on the verge of tears as he knelt before his father and revealed all of Jae Kyung’s evilness to him. You know Hee Kyung was dying at that moment because he hated to cause his father pain (who, in my opinion, totally deserved that pain and more, just for being a total jerk to his younger sons) but you also know it had to be done. There was no way his dad was ever going to believe Jae Kyung was guilty unless Hee Kyung provided him with irrefutable evidence.

Gina: So true, his father was so convinced that Jae Kyung could do no wrong that it was almost frightening. Even after Hee Kyung convinces him that Jae Kyung tried to hurt Song Yi, he makes excuses and says that he must have had a good reason. What kind of warped logic is that?

Tanya: In their dad’s eyes, Jae Kyung could do no wrong. Or rather he didn’t want anything to be wrong. He invested so much time in the older brother and he died. Then moved on to Jae Kyung and invested all his time in him. He probably didn’t want to lose all of his hard work again.

Zombie: There is no logic to Beom Joong’s madness which is why I can’t stand him... At all. Why must DramaLand parents be so ridiculously awful? At least we had Yoon Jae, in all of his adorableness, to distract us from the crazies in Hee Kyung’s family. Hooray for bromances and living out your E.T. fantasy with your friendly neighborhood alien!

Gina: Oh my! Yoon Jae definitely provided some comic relief for these two heavy episodes. That E.T. moment was too adorable as well as his keeping Min Joon’s “secret.” But although Yoon Jae did get to see his father, I feel like they haven’t gotten to a good point in their relationship yet. I’m hoping the last episodes with give us some warm and fuzzy feelings for these two!

Tanya: Yoon Jae and his father are one the path to mend and that’s a good start. Even if we don’t see it to the end, we at least have the satisfaction of knowing they are on the right path to get there!

Zombie: I have a feeling we won’t be disappointed on that score. I think having Min Joon’s approval of his father, will go a long way in healing the breach between Yoon Jae and his dad. Now if only we could figure out how this dilemma between Song Yi and Min Joon is going to work out, we could all rest easy. Any way I look at their situation, I can only see Min Joon leaving (one way or another) and that breaks my heart.

Gina: I feel the same way. If Min Joon does have to leave though, it would be great if he could somehow come back! Maybe even if it takes a year, as long as he can make it back to Song Yi!

Zombie: It’s pretty much DramaLand law that a couple has to endure some sort of separation before they’re allowed to live “happily ever after;” I just hope Song Yi and Min Joon can get to that point. If he stays, he dies. If he leaves, he’s gone indefinitely. Either way, he’s leaving, at least if he goes “home,” there’s a chance he could come back but I’m not really satisfied with either option. Here’s hoping the writers have something good up their sleeves for next week’s ending!

Now it’s time for you to tell us what you think of this week’s episodes of My Love From Another Star! Did Hee Kyung break your heart like he did ours? Did you nearly die from laughter when Yoon Jae held out his finger to Min Joon? Do you see a way for Song Yi and Min Joon to live “happily ever after?” We want to know what you’re thinking so be sure to share all of your thoughts, plots and theories in the comments below!

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