Tanya: This is our last week with My Love From Another Star. After watching the finale, I’m glad that my prediction was correct.

Min Joon figured out a way to make it work and although it’s not perfect, it’s better than nothing! This drama was written so well I knew I was going to be satisfied with whatever ending they gave us since the writer always seems to tie those loose ends instead of leaving us hanging.

Zombie: I’m not gonna lie, I spent the majority of these two episodes bawling my eyes out and not because it was overly sad (though at times it was) but because I just couldn’t handle the FEELS!!!

Same here! I can’t believe it’s over! Time really does fly when you are having fun!

Zombie: Seriously! I have to say, this has been the most fun drama club I have written for… EVER! There, I’ve said it and now I have to elaborate by saying that it’s probably because this has been one of the best dramas I have ever watched. I love how this drama started out as awesome and finished as absolutely amazing!

Tanya: I have a lot of respect for the writer. It really did come full circle. I am happy that even characters we didn’t have a lot of faith in also seemed to learn from their mistakes, namely Song Yi’s mother. I loved that she was like, “Screw the handbags, help my daughter!”

Not gonna lie, my heart did a little dance of joy at that moment. Finally, after all this time, Song Yi’s mother is finally starting to act the way a normal mother should. Woo-hoo!

Gina: I’m so happy that Song Yi’s family got a happy ending, and both of her parents are now on good terms!

Zombie: Speaking of Song Yi’s family… Watching Min Joon sitting at the dinner table with them, interacting as just another member of the family and then sitting down to share his thoughts on family, belonging, his desire to be a part of one… In short, bearing his soul to us in the most heart-wrenching and feels invoking way possible… Ugh, I can’t even go there! Just rip my heart out and stomp on it, why don’t you! Seriously, the tears that scene invoked are, even now, threatening to overwhelm me.

Tanya: I think it was the first time he was actually honest with himself. Just like when he was saying goodbye to Mr. Jang… it hurt, but it was beautiful. He was actually completely honest with himself about who he loved, whether he realized it or not. And I’m happy he did. I think their bromance really needed more of the connection and Mr. Jang was finally rewarded.

Oh my goodness! That farewell scene with Mr. Jang… Again, I completely lost it. Such a beautiful demonstration of genuine love and friendship… The tears… And when Mr. Jang asked to hold Min Joon’s hand… I flat-out bawled!

Gina: As sad and feelings packed as these last two episodes were, there were quite a few laughs as usual. I love all of the funny bromance moments between Min Joon and Yoon Jae. The funniest scene was after Min Joon gave Yoon Jae his telescopes and he trampled him with a hug!

That hug was so funny and adorable! I’m so happy Min Joon asked Yoon Jae to take care of Song Yi while he was away. Honestly, I was happy Min Joon asked Hee Kyung to look out for Song Yi as well. If he has to leave her, at least he’s making sure she’s well cared for.

Tanya: I honestly think that Min Joon asking that of Hee Kyung gave him more respect for him. Hee Kyung seemed a lot less competitive, although he hasn’t given up completely.

Zombie: I wish he would have but I suppose leaving him as a devoted friend is better leaving him over-the-heels for Song Yi, because that would have been terrible.

Same here, I’m glad that Hee Kyung stayed consistently well-intentioned and wonderful throughout the show.

Tanya: Hee Kyung grew a lot though as a person. His world was all Song Yi and sunshine and then he actually realized that there was more to the world that just his obsessions with her. I mean he even ended up taking his brother down in the end. Fighting!

Zombie: And that, right there, is why I have respect for Hee Kyung. He took the difficult high road and brought his brother to justice and that’s enough to make me a fan of Hee Kyung.

Gina: On another note, every time I hear Bruno Mars’ “Marry You” I will think of Song Yi and Min Joon! And I’m sure I will get a dose of the feels.

Speaking of Song Yi and Min Joon… Let’s wrap this up by talking about their “happily ever after.” It’s not as complete as I would have liked it to be but it allows Min Joon to stay with Song Yi and keep his super-powers so I can’t complain. I just feel bad for Song Yi, having to live the rest of her life wondering when Min Joon will appear and disappear. No matter how tough she is, you know that’s got to be hard.

Tanya: While hard, at least he will be there to share time with her at some point. And he’s clearly making progress since he can stay longer each visit. Eventually he’ll figure it out so he can come and go as he wants and not just when he gets sucked back in.

Gina: It may not be perfect, but it’s enough to make us all happy!

It’s pretty obvious that we, as the writers of this Drama Club, are happy with the way My Love From Another Star ended but we’ve yet to hear what you think... Did you love it? Did you hate it? Would you have liked to see things go another way or did you think it was perfect just the way it was? We’d love to know what you thought so be sure to leave us a comment below!Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 11.20.39 PM.pngSadly, now it’s time to say thank you to you, our lovely readers. It’s been so much fun, laughing and crying our way through My Love From Another Star with you, you’ve made this drama club so much fun! Of course if you really hate saying goodbye, you can always meet up with us on our blogs and/or Twitter so feel free to stop by and say hello!

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