It's all disillusioned heroes, emergency appendectomies, wrongly accused heroines, and murder on this week's episodes of My Love From Another Star, which means we've got a lot to discuss so let's get to it!

When my fellow Drama Clubbers and I said that Lee Jae Kyung was scary, I don't think any of us realized just how terrifying he really is. I mean, yes, we knew that he'd threatened to kill some people but this week we find out that when he makes a threat, he follows through. Whether you're a trusted colleague and friend or secret, super-star girlfriend, it really doesn't matter, if you tick this man off, you're bound to get whacked! *scary!*

On a lighter note, this week brought about some interesting developments in the relationship between our lead couple. For a man who says he doesn't care, Do Min Joon is certainly going out of his way to take care of Cheon Song Yi and that's before he decides to rescue her on that cruise ship! I really love how Min Joon keeps “coincidentally” appearing every time Song Yi is in need of rescuing, be it something as major as drowning, as cliché as appendicitis or as frivolous as fighting off boredom. I think Jang Young Mok needs to sit down with Min Joon and have a little heart-to-heart talk about this crazy little thing called "love" because any man who's lived on Earth for 400 years and is still waiting for his first kiss, is clearly a man in desperate need of help! It's no wonder Min Joon lectures his class on the frivolity and meaninglessness of love, the poor alien has spent the past four centuries alone and unloved. Well, maybe not unloved...

Is anyone else as interested in Min Joon's past as I am; in particular, his relationship with the Joseon version of Song Yi? I find that particular bit of Min Joon's past to be just as interesting as his present and I'm dying to find out what happens next, even though I know the ending of that story is going to be terribly tragic. You don't carry around the memories of a random girl for 400 years and then save her present-day reincarnation (twice) unless you love her, which is something Min Joon is probably only going to figure out the hard way. At least we know Min Joon has a soft spot for damsels in distress which is good because it means he's going to fall for our terribly distressed heroine, Song Yi.

Is there any other leading lady in DramaLand as screwed up as Cheon Song Yi? She may be a star but her life is a mess! Her family has been ruined by her fame...her mother is a greedy, selfish horror who cares for no one but herself, her brother is wounded and bitter and blames Song Yi for his ruined life, her father is MIA and Song Yi is left to carry the weight of this horrible burden on her own. Now, on top of everything, the world suspects her of murdering her rival, Han Yoo Ra! I know that Song Yi is going to have to be in desperate need of saving before Min Joon steps in but really, how much more pitiful does she have to get before he feels that tug on his heartstrings? My guess is, we're getting there but things are going to have to get a bit worse for Song Yi before Min Joon gives in to these long-dormant feelings.

So what are your thoughts on My Love From Another Star? Are you enjoying it as much as I am? I’d love to hear your thoughts so be sure to share them in the comments below!

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