Zombie: Last week I said that My Love From Another Star was my new favorite drama, and after this week I’m sticking by that! This show has more stuff going on in the first four episodes than some dramas have in their entire run!

Tanya: I still completely agree. There are very few dramas that make me literally laugh out loud. It has happened several times. I’ve also been on the verge of tears. I love the range with this show!

Gina: I also said that I loved our female lead last week, and after these two episodes I love her even more! She’s the perfect combination of diva and vulnerable. I love how she’s called him out about being an alien twice now without even realizing she’s actually right!

Zombie: I like the depth of her character. She’s more than just a ditzy snob, she has a really good side to her and she’s also very wounded which means she’s going to find the soft spot in Min Joon he keeps so well hidden.

Gina: Especially after that scene at the hospital after Song Yi’s surgery, she had me sobbing when she got angry about her mother pretending to care about her.

Zombie: I was moved to tears by her brother more than anyone, the pain he’s had to endure and the bitterness he carries with him just breaks my heart. Then again, that entire family is just messed up and I have no doubt we’ll all be shedding a whole lot more tears over them before this drama ends!

Gina: Even though Yoon Jae is still angry with Song Yi about everything, we can still see that he cares so much about her but he’s torn about what her money has done to their family.

Tanya: Part of me wonders if the mom is the base for the family problems. I think we’re going to learn she forced Song Yi into acting and since she happened to be good at it she just stuck with it. Entertainment moms can be scary and we already know what a spectacle her mom loves to be.

Gina: On a creepier note, Jae Kyung is totally Yoo Ra’s murderer.

Zombie: Oh, there’s no doubt about it! Any man who’s willing to knock off a trusted friend and colleague because he got a little too nosey would have no qualms about pushing an annoying secret girlfriend off the side of a boat!

Tanya: We did say that we would be the ultimate evil in this show… I’m noticing that pretty much anyone he says “You know I like you, right?” to ends up dead.

Gina: I’m kind of feeling a bit of second-lead syndrome for Hee Kyung. He’s completely adorable in his persistence in pursuing Song Yi.

Zombie: Personally, I find his stubborn pursuit of Song Yi to be completely annoying! I wouldn’t have anything to do with him either, if I were Song Yi. It seems to me she’s never shown any interest in him, in all the years she’s known him, so why on earth would she start now? It’s never going to happen so he just needs to get over her and fall for Se Mi already!

Tanya: I think Se Mi needs to stand up and actually let him know her feelings. That’s the only way he is going to wake up from his Song Yi dream!

Gina: I 100% agree with you on everything. I shouldn’t find his character adorable but I still do for some reason!

Zombie: My guess is, it’s his smile, his boyish innocence, or both, that makes him hard to resist. He’s such a stark contrast to his brother that it makes him seem even more lovable. I honestly don’t have any problem with him; I just wish he’d give up on Song Yi before something bad happens.

Gina: We can’t forget about Do Min Joon! It seems as though he’s already falling for Song Yi!

Zombie: You know he is, though he’s going to deny it until the very end. There’s no way a guy can continually go out of his way for a girl if he doesn’t have feelings for her. I don’t think he quite understands what those feelings are yet but he can’t deny they’re there. Why else would he insist she stay a meter away from him at all times? I’m pretty sure it’s because he’s afraid of what might happen if she doesn’t!

Tanya: I’m sure the distance has to do with that because he’s not sure how he can handle it. There’s no other explanation.

Gina: I’m also curious about what Do Min Joon said about how he can’t exchange fluid or blood with people on Earth. Especially since episode 4 ended with an unexpected kiss between our two leads!

Zombie: I’ve been wondering about that as well. Will he lose all his super-powers if he does? Will he die? Will he be unable to assimilate back into life on his home-world? Whatever the consequence, you know that means there’s no french kissing allowed... but since this is a K-Drama, that’s not going to be a problem. At best we’ll get an awkward peck or, as the preview showed us, an accidental lip collision. It’s safe to say there’s been no exchange of fluid there so Min Joon is probably safe…

Tanya: Maybe he is from one of those ‘one mate for life’ races so all of his attempts to stay away were because he was trying to spare his own heart. He has made several comments about how short human life is in comparison to his own. That would be a strange twist!

So what are your thoughts on this week's happenings? Is is just us or is Jae Kyung absolutely terrifying? What about Song Yi's family? Does her troubled family break your heart as much as it does ours? Do you have any theories on the Min Joon fluid exchange? Is it a stipulation he's put on himself or will there be dire consequences should something ever happen? We'd love to hear your thoughts so be sure to share them in the comments below!

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