So it was another two fantastic episodes this week for My Love From Another Star! There was everything ranging from hysterically funny to utterly heartbreaking. So let's get down to business!

It's been three times now that Cheon Song Yi has wondered about Do Min Joon being an alien, and she still doesn't know how right she is! Song Yi is absolutely hysterical this episode (as usual). I love that she can go from being her upbeat sometimes boundary-crossing self while at the same time being this lovely vulnerable person who just needs some reassurance.

Oh and it's official. Min Joon has fallen for Song Yi. He just cares so much about her already, and it's adorable to watch. He constantly goes out of his way to help her. He tried to block her from seeing that her advertisement had been taken down, and he even went shopping for her! If a man buys your fake eyelashes for you, you know that he is surely smitten. And let's not forget that he didn't flip the fish! EEP!

NOPE. You have just fallen for Song Yi and it's wonderful. But on another note, how adorable is Song Yi's brother, Yoon Jae? Even if he's a bit of a trouble maker, he just does it to protect his noona. I love their relationship because even if he is angry with Song Yi, he is always the first one to defend her honor when it comes down to it! I'm hoping sometime soon (or at the very least by the end of this drama) the two will be happily reunited with each other. And far away from Yang Mi Yeon (a.k.a. the worst mom ever).

I can't wait to see more of Yoon Jae's storyline! Oh and let's not forget how adorable Hee Kyung was with Yoon Jae calling himself "FBIL" a.k.a. "Future Brother In Law." Even though we know he doesn't really have a chance with Song Yi, it's still cute how much he cares about her. His brother, Jae Kyung, on the other hand is completely terrifying. Check out part two of this week's Drama Club where we discuss him more.

Song Yi is seriously the funniest and most likable character! I swear the whole scene when she was doing things on her own had me dying of laughter. And every time she throws random English words into conversation, she has me cracking up. If you don't love her, then I don't even know what to tell you.

And now for the serious stuff. So we all could tell that Min Joon's past with Song Yi's Joseon era doppelgänger was troubling. But I didn't think it would be this heartbreaking. Imagine being an alien with all of these special abilities, but you are unable to do anything to save the only person you care about. And this was right after she had said goodbye to him, giving him the hair pin. She said that because of him, she started to want to live. Before she met Min Joon, she had no hope for her future. Think of how Min Joon has felt all of these years too. The only girl that he has ever cared about (who was still only a child) sacrificed herself for him, and there wasn't anything he could do about it. This also explains so much about the way Min Joon is now. He has tried so hard to keep himself closed off from others throughout all of these years, and who could blame him. It took Song Yi to finally shake up his life, and I am surely excited to see Min Joon and Song Yi's relationship develop further.

What do you think of My Love From Another Star so far? We'd love to hear your thoughts, so comment below!

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