Tanya: So I just need to say, “Dear cliffhangers, When a drama is this good, you’re not needed. Kthksbai! Love, The Drama Club.”

Zombie: You mean you didn’t like it ending with time frozen and no answer to Hee Kyung’s question? So apparently every week Jae Kyung has to become even more evil than the week before. Now we know he volunteers at the animal shelter just so he can have a legitimate excuse to kill things.

Gina: I seriously thought he was going to break that poor puppy’s neck!

Zombie: And we know, without a doubt, he’s going after Song Yi next. After all, he was asking about her sleeping problems and her health which means he’s at least contemplating her death.

Tanya: He hasn’t given his tell-tale “you’re going to die” which is saying that he likes her though. I was surprised that Min Joon ran away from a cop to check on her though! Mr. Upright-and-Rigid.

Gina: And it’s awesome because you can definitely tell that Min Joon has already fallen for Song Yi!

Tanya: I liked when he took her to see the hair-pin at the museum to test her reaction. Although she obviously can’t remember, she was definitely affected by it.

Gina: And Song Yi said that she was saddened by it, even if she didn’t know why.

Zombie: Suddenly, that hair-pin brings tears to everyone’s eyes and how could it not? The story behind it is SO SAD!

Tanya: I wonder where Se Mi is going to go with that picture of Min Joon saving Song Yi. It was pretty random and how does she still have that picture after so many years?!

Gina: For a second I had total faith in Se Mi and then she turned around to her mom and changed my mind about her.

Zombie: We all said after the first week that Se Mi was probably going to turn evil and try to get some sort of revenge on Song Yi, turns out, we were right.

Tanya: I have no sympathy for her... If you’re going to choose to be in the background and not stand up for yourself, then it is your own fault. At least Se Mi was caught in her lie by Song Yi… It was pretty epic. She’s not as much of an airhead as we thought.

Gina: And she has guts! I just love Song Yi so much! She’s definitely my favorite female lead in a drama right now.

Zombie: Honestly, I like all the characters in this drama, good and bad. They’re much more dynamic than most drama characters which makes them so easy to both love and hate. So how about the opening of episode five, when Song Yi thinks Min Joon is in her dream and tells him to come back often so she can sleep in his arms…

Tanya: I love that he didn’t correct her at all and tell her it wasn’t a dream.

Gina: Yeah! He just went with it! And it was amazing.

Zombie: Hence the reason for the “one meter” rule!

Tanya: Anyone else love the little homage to Heirs? OMG, too cute!

Gina: We had our own kiddy versions of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang! And it was adorable!

Zombie: I died laughing! It was just so random and adorable, how could you not love it? Then again, I’m saying that a lot about this drama; there are so many adorable moments (mixed in with some truly terrifying ones) I can’t help but love them all!

We want to hear from you! What are your thoughts on this week’s episodes? Is everyone sufficiently terrified of Jae Kyung yet? What do you think Song Yi’s answer will be to Hee Kyung’s cliffhanging question? What are your thoughts on Se Mi? What about Song Yi? We all love her but do you? What about Min Joon? Is he not the most adorable alien ever? Tell us what you think by leaving us a comment below!

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