Anneyonghaseyo Drama Club readers! We waited an entire week to hear Song Yi's answer to Hee Kyung, so let's dive into this week's episodes!

I am personally a little relieved that Song Yi somehow managed to notice that Min Joon stopped time, although she's not aware of what exactly it was, she felt something was not right and turned down his proposal. Even though Hee Kyung hasn't really done anything wrong (other than be obnoxiously obsessed) I have never felt that they were right for each other in a romantic sense and Song Yi effective says the same thing when she turns him down.

Min Joon fnially gives in and ageres to be Song Yi's manager of sorts. He also caves and buys a cell phone so that she can reach him when she needs to. We are slowly seeing a lot of changes happening within Min Joon as he stays around Song Yi. He gives into her demands all the time even though he has that hard exterior.

Hee Kyung begs his father to put together an entertainment agency to represent Song Yi so her career doesn't go under. You have to appreciate his dedication/obsession, but I agree with his father, who calls him a fool. There is a certain line you shouldn't cross between profession and love and Hee Kyung wants to. You can't buy love with money!

Speaking of our lovely Hallyu star, Song Yi had a lot of funny moments this week. My favorite by far is when she was confronted with boredom and ended up watching infomercials. The epiphany that she has because of this ab belt is hilarious as she realizes she has only been sitting around and eating since she has nothing better to do.

The ever-developing relationship between Min Joon and Kim Chang Wan always leaves me loving the bromance. They have been friends for years, but have now had several meals together in addition to their regular meetings to play games or deal with business. My favorite this week was when Chang Wan gets jealous after checking who Min Joon made number one on his speed dial, which was Song Yi. Chang Wan starts walking away in a huff as Min Joon explains that he made Chang Wan his number two. Chang Wan keeps walking away while insisting he's not offended and doesn't care when he clearly is!

Jae Kyung continues on his psychopathic quest. He now monitors Song Yi's every move and knows that she has seen the video that was left behind in Yoo Ra's purse. He attempts to have her killed by kidnapping her from the hospital and placing her in her car, then sending it off a cliff because the brakes were disabled. The plan is botched when Min Joon comes to Song Yi's rescue once again. That still doesn't stop Jae Kyung from having dinner with Jae Kyung and Hee Kyung later, which was a little unnerving.

I am so relieved that Se Mi finally got enough courage to tell him how she feels without so many words. Hee Kyung gives Se Mi advice to tell the guy causing her so much heartbreak that she loves him and as he walks away from her after that talk, his phone starts ringing. After he questions why she called him, Hee Kung gives this look of "Oh my god!" because he is speechless.

This week ended with Min Joon embracing Song Yi to make her stop cleaning his house because she was breaking all of his stuff and pulling her into a kiss. If there is one lesson I have learned from this drama it is to always watch the credits. There are usually more explainations as to what happened in the episode during the credits. Min Joon tells Chang Wan that he doesn't want to have regrets when he leaves so he wants live like everyone else. That encompasses why he has been willing to eat with others, caved in and bought the phone, and is willing to act of the feelings he has developed for Song Yi.

What was your favorite part of the episodes this week? Have you noticed the bromance between Min Joon and Chang Wan? Will Song Yi get out of her slump? What will happen with Hee Kyung and Se Mi? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or you can start a conversation with me on Twitter @Hallyu_Tanya!

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