Zombie: So this week brought with it one of the best endings to a week’s worth of episodes… EVER! (And yeah, I’m totally fangirling right now.)

Gina: Same here! Oh my gosh, I definitely screamed at the end of episode 8!

Tanya: That’s one way to do it I guess… Let’s stare at each other until “BAM!”

Gina: I did not expect that either! I guess Min Joon couldn’t resist Song Yi’s charms any longer.

Zombie: We all knew he’d been falling for her for a while now, he’s just finally ready to start living a life like everyone else. Can’t say that two months before he plans on leaving is the best time to start living but I guess it’s better than never.

Tanya: There is a certain part of me that is like, “Well, that’s convenient timing after 400 years.” Way to go, Min Joon?

Zombie: Totally off the wall here but is anyone else a little worried that all of these subtle changes in Min Joon are the beginnings of him becoming human? I know he said it was probably just a sign he’s getting ready to leave but I have a haunting suspicion it’s something more along the lines of becoming “normal” and to me, that’s just sad. What’s the point of being a super-powered alien who can always come to the rescue of his lady-fair if it’s all going to go away someday? That’s just too sad for me! What’s the use in having a super-being boyfriend when he can no longer come to your rescue? Aside from being with your one true love, that is.

Gina: I am a little worried! Could it have something to do with Min Joon and Song Yi’s first kiss? Remember how he said that he couldn’t exchange fluids with humans or something? Could that have started this process?

Tanya: That could definitely be a scary possibility. There is a chance that that kiss killed his immortality or at least sped up whatever aging process he had.

Zombie: As worried as we all are about the possibility of Min Joon losing his super-powers, we can rest easy in the fact that, at least this week, his powers were anything but lacking! I kinda freaked out a little when Min Joon appeared out of nowhere to save Song Yi from going over the cliff. It was something I really wanted him to do but I didn’t really expect it to happen because that just seemed like too awesome of a way to end an episode and yet, all my wildest alien-saves-the-girl dreams came true (which is just another reason why I LOVE THIS SHOW!)

Gina: True! And on another completely unrelated note, that scene with Song Yi’s father and Yoon Jae had me sobbing. I just want to know more about their backstory!

Tanya: I know they are going to reveal more of Song Yi’s family little by little as the series progresses, but I really just want to know now. Filler episode about the family? I can dream.

Zombie: So how about Jae Kyung this week? I know he wasn’t prevalent in this week’s episodes (aside from ordering a hit on Song Yi) but the one scene he was in still had me quivering in my boots!

Tanya: Somehow I don’t think referring to him a the creeper is sufficient anymore. He’s reaching psychopath potential, which is something you don’t see in k-dramas very often.

Gina: Definitely. Even though he wasn’t in the two episodes very much, he was utterly terrifying! The scene with Jae Kyung and Song Yi in the elevator had me shaking in fear!

Zombie: I can’t help but wonder what Hee Kyung is going to do when he finds out his brother is the one that’s been going after Song Yi. Hee Kyung says he’d kill the guy but I’m pretty sure the only brother in that family capable of killing anyone is Jae Kyung. Sorry Hee Kyung, you’d be dead before you even knew your brother was after you.

Tanya: Speaking of Hee Kyung, he kind of caught on that Se Mi likes him in an “I’m an idiot” sort of way.

Zombie: In true DramaLand fashion, the guy is completely clueless when it comes to the feels! How can he not know Se Mi’s been in love with him for years?

Gina: I guess he’s been too distracted by his obsession with Song Yi. Even though he is kind of obsessive about her, you can tell that he wholeheartedly cares about her and just wants the best for her. I find him adorable most of the time!

Zombie: Seriously! I know I was a bit annoyed by Hee Kyung in the beginning but he’s just so adorable I can’t stay mad at him forever. I just wish he’d get over Song Yi already. He needs to accept the fact that her “no” really does mean “no.”

Tanya: I still find him obnoxious, but that’s me!

So tell us what you think of this week’s episodes! What do you think is happening to Min Joon? Is Se Mi going to actually confess or leave at the random realization Hee Kyung had after that phone call? Is Hee Kyung adorable or obnoxious? Let us know in the comments below or start a conversation on Twitter!

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