Last week's episodes ended with a kiss, this week's ended with attempted murder... If there's a way for My Love From Another Star to get any better, I'm not sure what it would be because as far as I'm concerned, this drama is the epitome of awesome. That being said, let's not waste any more time with introductions; we've got a lot to cover!

So let's start where last week left off, shall we? That kiss! Yes, it was a kiss we all squealed over but how about the feels that came with the after? Who knew one kiss could be so deadly to an alien? At least now we know why Min Joon has been avoiding eating with people for all these years. As grumpy as Min Joon was as he lay dying, pushing Song Yi away with all the tenderness of a rabid grizzly, a part of me wonders if somewhere, deep down inside, he thought that kiss was worth it. Yes, he was suffering. Yes, his super-powers were diminished but for the first time in centuries, he gave in to impulses and emotions and for one brief moment, he didn't just exist or survive, he lived. After so many years of simply existing, that one brief moment of real living just might mean something to our beloved hero, despite the suffering that followed.

I was relieved to find that the side-effects of the death kiss weren't permanent, not only because I think it would be sad to have a powerless superhero but because Song Yi’s life depends on them! Now that Jae Kyung has decided to take matters concerning Song Yi and Min Joon into his own hands, there’s a very real possibility Song Yi could find herself at the bottom of the Han River before she even knew she was in trouble. At least Min Joon isn’t taking Jae Kyung’s threats lying down. The showdown between Min Joon and Jae Kyung was intense but I think even more scary than Jae Kyung’s gun pointed straight at Min Joon’s face (because let’s face it, we all knew Min Joon wasn’t about to let Jae Kyung win) was finding out he’s had his ex-wife locked in an insane asylum for years. Seriously? Just how evil can one man be?

The evilness of Jae Kyung can only be balanced out by the sweetness of his brother who, against my most valiant efforts, has managed to worm his way into my heart. I love the way Hee Kyung is always so gentle and his devotion to Song Yi, no matter how annoying, is absolutely sincere. There are no motives behind his affection, he's simply in love with a woman who will never love him back and despite everything, I've found myself starting to feel sorry for him. Not because I think he's meant for Song Yi but because someone so genuine deserves to be loved with an equal amount of devotion and he'll never find that in Song Yi because (and I'm so happy to say this) she's finally come to realize her feelings for Min Joon.

I think the best part about Song Yi is her ability to face everything life throws at her head-on, including her feelings for Min Joon. I loved how the very possibility of falling for Min Joon never once crossed Song Yi's mind until that one epiphanic moment when she realized she'd already fallen for him. What was even better than her realization of her feelings was her reaction to them. In true Song Yi fashion, she freaks out for a moment and then just goes with it, confessing her feelings to Min Joon before she fully understands them herself. The fact that Song Yi is so very uncomfortable with the idea of liking Min Joon is absolutely adorable because it shows us a vulnerable side of her that she usually keeps very well hidden. It's so obvious that Song Yi has never been in any sort of relationship where she's been the one doing the chasing and her uncomfortableness with this situation endears her to us that much more; though I have to say, even better than Song Yi's confession is Min Joon's response to it.

I'm sure to some, Min Joon's response was a little underwhelming (I mean who wouldn't have loved to see him jump to Song Yi's balcony and plant another death kiss on her) but to me it showed the depth of Min Joon's feelings for Song Yi. I could see Min Joon's inner turmoil as he struggled to keep his feelings for Song Yi in check, not for his sake but for hers. Min Joon knows the pain Song Yi's carried for all these years and understands her need to be loved by a man who will never leave her and he knows that he can never be that man. It's obvious his plans to leave are still very much in tact and he can't bring himself to hurt Song Yi in what would be the most painful way possible, by loving her and then leaving her. If ever there were a testament to Min Joon's feelings for Song Yi, it would have to be in his response to her confession.

Of course there’s so much more I could talk about: Se Mi’s lies, the glimpse into Song Yi’s past, Song Yi’s slowly degrading position in society, her mother’s brutal reality check, her brother's devotion, Min Joon's appearance as Song Yi's lawyer, Jae Kyung's attack on Prosecutor Yoo, Song Yi's trip to the psychiatrist, the list goes on and on but I’ve got to wrap this up sometime so let me know what you thought of this week’s episodes and we can continue this discussion in the comments below!

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