Tanya: This week we got to see the epitome of crazy as both Song Yi and Jae Kyung start to snap… While Song Yi struggles to deal with her feelings for Min Joon, Jae Kyung has paraded around out in the open with his psycho-hat and took on Min Joon face-to-face. Where do we start?!

Zombie: As much as I’d like to start with Song Yi’s feelings, I think the Jae Kyung/Min Joon face-off has to come first, just because it was flippin’ awesome. Holy lots of tension Batman! That was definitely one of those situations where the phrase “if looks could kill” applies. What was even better than the death stares was Min Joon’s decision to totally blow his cover in order to put Jae Kyung in his place.

Gina: And I love how he decided to reveal himself after Jae Kyung mentions hurting Song Yi! You could tell that was all he needed in order for him to take action against Jae Kyung.

Zombie: Naturally. It’s no secret Min Joon is completely head-over-heels for Song Yi (even if he can’t admit it) so of course he’s going to everything in his power to protect her. He’s been doing that for years, so why stop now?

Tanya: I need to admit that I completely love the fact that Min Joon does like her so much, but still is not a complete pushover for her. There seems to be two types in DramaLand and he manages to walk the line between those two extremes.

Gina: And speaking of liking people, Song Yi admitted her feelings to Min Joon! And we saw at the end how Song Yi is feeling with that hilarious scene with her therapist!

Zombie: Oh my goodness! What a confession that was! My heart was pounding right along with Song Yi’s when she asked Min Joon if he was still there. Of course he was and his response, as subtle as it was, made my heart pound even more. And yes, I consider his silence the perfect response because you know that he’s trying to figure out how he can give in to his feelings for Song Yi without hurting her.

Tanya: She’s already better than Se Mi in that respect. It didn’t take her years to let him know. “Way to go!” on the bravery scale for that one! Speaking of Se Mi, was anyone else annoyed by her double-face this week? She kept details from her brother on top of the situation with Song Yi.

Gina: Oh definitely, I’m not liking all of this fake niceness at all. It would be a different story if she were actually Song Yi’s friend, but now she’s just butting into places she shouldn’t.

Zombie: I know there are some who see Se Mi in a more positive light but I honestly don’t know how you can. Her two-faced personality and her bald-faced lies are beyond irritating and I’m just waiting for the moment when someone finally puts her in her place for good.

Tanya: They revealed a lot of information about Song Yi’s family this week as well, so I kind of got my wish! I’m glad to see more of that story, which also gave us some insight as to why Yoon Jae is so overprotective of his sister!

Gina: The way that Yoon Jae is with Song Yi is absolutely adorable! Their relationship is super cute, and I love that he was watching E.T. because there is an actual alien living right next door!

Zombie: One of these days Song Yi is going to figure out what Min Joon really is and when that happens, I wonder what her reaction will be. My guess is she’ll be so much in love with Min Joon at that point she won’t really care but this is Drama Land so anything’s possible.

Gina: And she even convinced herself that Min Joon saved her during her accident and she wasn’t really too shocked that it could be him. So I think she’ll handle it okay!

So what are your thoughts on this week’s episodes? Did the Jae Kyung/Min Joon showdown give you shivers like it did us? What did you think of Song Yi’s confession? How do you think Min Joon will respond? What do you think will happen now that Min Joon has blown his cover? How about Se Mi? Is she really as innocent as she’s attempting to appear? What are your thoughts on Song Yi’s family? Do you think Yoon Jae is as adorable as we do? Finally, what are your predictions when it comes to Song Yi learning Min Joon’s true identity? Will she freak out or take it all in stride? We’d love to hear your thoughts on all this and more so be sure to leave them in the comments below!

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