It was another fun week with the Nail Shop Paris drama club on Twitter. As usual, we were left feeling confused and in a state of disbelief. Episode 6 finally started to fill in a few blanks for us like Alex and the bosses relationship, and Kay's real feelings for Bunny.

We got to see how Alex really ended up at the Nail Shop. It was quite dramatic to say the least.


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I totally get the boss was a patient Alex treated, but um was she stalking him? How exactly did she know he'd be drunk at the bar? (-_-)


Every week Bunny's novel becomes worse, or gets better. Depends on your reading preference.


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This weeks nail shop clients in need of therapy are Yeon Hee and Joon Young. Best friends from childhood, Joon Young absolutely hates Yeon Hee's boyfriend and is extremely obsessed with her!


Alex's Medical Corner: Where you can figure out your own medical problems by simply looking at your nails.


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Jin learned that Ji Soo is a ninja and can beat up anyone, including random thugs that hang around a children's playground at night.

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In order to give a correct diagnosis of the problem, Kay pretended to be interested in the crazy friend Joon Young. He met up with Yeon Hee and her boyfriend named Heecheol at Everland amusement park.

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Apparently Bunny completely forgot that she's been pretending to be a guy this whole time.

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Alas the real reason why Joon Young has been acting like a nutcase psycho stalker has been revealed!

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Of course no problem can truly be resolved until the Nail Shop staff actually does your nails. (-_-)

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Nail Shop Paris Drama Clubs final thoughts of episode 6.

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