Nail Shop Paris

None of the members of this club actually know they're members so, SURPRISE! Ha! Ok, so I absolutely love this drama and for all the wrong reasons. If you haven't heard about it, Nail Shop Paris is another one of those dramas where the main girl has to transform into a guy in order to achieve her goals. In this case writer Hong Yeo Joo (Gyuri) needs to go to the male side in order to bounce back from a disappointing Gumiho tale she wrote. She finds new inspiration in Alex (Jun Ji Hoo) who works in an all male nail salon, and that's where things get um really different. This drama is not for you serious drama watcher types who need amazing storylines and superb acting; like for real this is not that drama. This drama reminds me of Boys Over Flowers in the way that it's just totally over the top, makes no sense what so ever, but it actually makes sense once you just take it for what it is and nothing more.

Nail Shop Paris

I will say that it's breaking all the KDRAMA rules! This is like the first time I've actually seen stalking done right. Usually a character tries to hide behind a tree branch (-_-) but not this time! Hong Yeo Joo actually hid behind an object bigger than herself!

That food delivery box hid Yeo Joo really well. She was so small behind it!

Nail Shop Paris 1

Nail Shop Paris2

She even had her friend cut her hair! You know how usually all KDRAMA characters have licenses in cosmetology on the side. Everyone just cuts their own hair so perfectly in the bathroom. *cough, Go Min Nam, cough*

Nail Shop Paris 4

Nail Shop Paris5

I have to say my favorite character so far is Jin, played by MBLAQ's Thunder. He is so freakin' cute with a smile like sunshine, and hair just as bright! I totally think he looks like a storybook prince! His hair is like golden, and wavy with lots of bounce and body to it. It's just everything! It's so amazing that Rebecca was tweeting to me about Alex, but got real side tracked with Jin's hair.



Nail Shop Paris 3

Twin Zone: Thunder and the Prince

Thunder and the Prince

Speaking of hair, umm someone explain to me why it was a good idea to cut Song Jae Rim's hair?! He looks like a womanizing tango dancer with that frosted hair, and thin mustache. Sorry, but he is no longer on the sexy, and mysterious bias list. (-_-)

Before falling off the sexy list

Song Jae Rim

Totally dropped off.

Nail Shop Paris3


I don't even care; when Hong Yeo Joo transformed into Hong Ki Joo she immediately reminded me of a puppet boy wanting to be a real boy. Not only that but Jin nicknamed her "Bunny" and that's what I'm gonna call her from now on.


Nail Shop Paris 7

Ok so I'm just gonna come out and say that this script is so hilariously awful. I don't spoil so I'm gonna be totally vague here, but Bunny and that coffee cup! I CANNOT get over Bunny and the freakin random cup of coffee!

Random cup of coffee just minding its own business.

Cup of Coffee

Here comes Bunny talking about how awesome it is that the coffee is still hot.


Nail Shop Paris 14


Do any of you have a Where's Waldo themed restaurant near you? I Googled and supposedly they really exist. It just happens to be the hang out spot of the Nail crew and their tarot card, heavy eyeliner wearing friend, Woo Min.

Nail Shop Paris 12

Nail Shop Paris 11

Episode 2 was so dramatic, and I mean like Jandi getting kidnapped by that random model in Boys Over Flowers dramatic. I was laughing so hard at how dumb it all was. I seriously loved everything about this episode!

First Alex has his own sasaeng fan. That sasaeng fan has a kid who pretty much touches Bunny's goodies to let her know, that he knows, she's not a he. He's super cute O.M.G!

Nail Shop Paris 18

Song Jae Rims character, Kei needs some serious therapy because he took us on this flashback roller coaster that caused him to start punching walls and ending up in a dramatic pose against the lockers. I was just like "umm, calm down?"

Nail Shop Paris 20

Alex is the nail shop therapist, and no, it's not just a nail shop. Families get healed through hand massages, and nail art. This nail shop is a special place.

Nail Shop Paris 21

Nail Shop Paris 22

Below are a few thoughts on the first two episodes from some of my DF Twitter Besties!








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