Welcome to the Pinocchio Drama Club! We are super excited that this drama is finally on air, no lie. June, Jazmine, and I are ready to discuss/laugh/cry our hearts out, so let’s get started as we peer into the beautiful love story of a girl and her uncle. Wait, uh…

Meet our new male lead, Choi Dal Po.

Suzy: I’m just going to state the obvious here. That wig is going to take some getting used to. Thankfully it seems like Dal Po’s sassy and confident personality will be drawing most of my attention. And hey, it’s always nice to have a male lead who isn’t a total a-hole.

Jazmine: Everyone has been talking about that wig! It will take some getting used to but we’re still in the past so I foresee a huge makeover. Even still, it’s just a hairstyle. The story is waaay better and let’s be honest, we saw that wig for all of like 5 minutes. This episode was packed with so much backstory! I like our male lead so far and I’m really curious about how his past has shaped him into who he is. (also huge fan of Lee Jong Suk, but really...who isn’t?)

June: I have already fallen smitten with this character and because I love Lee Jong Suk so much I can deal with that ridiculous wig! This first episode already has me having way too many feels! If I've learned anything about k-dramas is that when it starts with a flashback, it never ends with a happy ending. Sighs. But all in all, I can't wait to see more of Dal Po!

And our female lead, Choi In ha.

Suzy: Yesss! A female lead who’s equally sassy! I think this Pinocchio Syndrome is going to do us a lot of good.

Jazmine: I love love love sassy female leads. It makes them a lot more relatable. Of course the challenge is making sure they retain that sassiness throughout the series. I’ve seen so many strong and sassy female leads turned into weak and quiet characters by the end of the series. I hope that doesn’t happen here!

June: I agree! I hope she keeps this sassiness throughout the whole drama! No weak female characters please k-drama gods!

Suzy: K-drama rule: Flashbacks that start off happy will never, ever end well. Screw those workers from that building.

Jazmine: As soon as firefighter dad hung up the phone after talking about a fireworks show...I knew it was too good to be true. I can’t believe those employees lied like that. It’s always better to tell the truth, especially in cases like these. It’s so sad that all those people had to lose a loved one like that.

June: I seriously was so mad at the employees who lied! They should have told the truth in the beginning! Now lives are lost because of them. So much sadness too early on.

Suzy: I wanted to shut my laptop watching these scenes, I was so angry. The reporters were ruthless, and the townspeople had no logic. Who throws an egg at a kid?! They act like the dad lounged back and sipped a martini while his crew died in the fire.

Jazmine: This was too much. I felt really bad for them. How could those reporters be so ruthless and mean? I mean yeah even today reporters always push the boundaries but this family was struggling too. Was there no sympathy?

June: I could not believe them. I was raging just watching this! How ruthless and evil could these people be. I swear if I was in the same situation I would have done other things to those reporters. I can also say that I already do not like that lady reporter. She was literally the worst.

Suzy: Poor Jae Myung. Imagine being filmed while reading your mom’s suicide note? I wish he broke more of their cameras while he was at it. I hope we get to read what it said in future episodes, because I can’t believe she pulled Ha Myung in with her.

Jazmine: Not gonna lie, whenever Jae Myung was on screen during these scenes I thought I was going to cry rivers. Not only did he lose his dad, who everyone thinks is this horrible person but not soon after he loses his brother and mother. How hard must that be on him...and all the reporters are thinking about is getting the next big story. I was happy he destroyed those cameras. I also wonder if he has some sort of phobia about cameras and being in public now. We saw him later on but I wonder what sort of psychological damage that must have done to him.

June: I can't stand how these reporters are acting. Like this kid has literally gone through the worst things he can go through and to just continue and film him. I was glad he went on and broke some of their cameras. I hate that this is like one of their "big" stories. I'm worried to see how he'll turn out later in the drama.

Uncle...you must be using a lot of good face masks…

Suzy: Ha Myung lives! And now we know how he became Dal Po. This whole backstory was so depressing, but I laughed a little too hard when In Ha’s dad called him “hyungnim.”

Jazmine: I understood why they needed to take so much time to explain this backstory. If during some random episode Dal Po tried to verbally explain all of this it would have went right over my head. The length of the backstory was definitely needed. I also laughed when In Ha’s dad called him “hyungnim” and also when Dal Po spoke informally to them.

June: I agree! I'm relieved they told the backstory now rather than later. I feel like it saves a lot of time in the story. The informal speech was hilarious! I'm glad they put it a little humor considering the whole story and how he actually got to where he is.

Suzy: Sigh. As soon as In Ha mentioned that her mom was on TV a lot, I knew it was going to be the reporter lady. Trouble in their strangle little countryside paradise.

Jazmine: Dramaland fate is never to be taken lightly. Out of all the female reporters in Korea and all the little girls who are their daughters...In Ha’s mom just had to be the one that ruined Ha Myung’s life. It’s sad. But it also sets up a little more backstory because Ha Myung and In Ha are obviously on speaking terms now. I want to more about how their relationship developed. They might not be friends, but I find it interesting.

June: Seriously, out of the whole population of South Korea, it just had to be the one reporter who got on my last nerve. This just made the drama even more interesting and drew me in even more. I can't wait to see how their friendship grows!

Suzy: It’s kind of strange to me that Dal Po/Ha Myung never reached out to his brother as he grew up. Or maybe he couldn’t? Looks like we’ll be finding out soon.

Jazmine: I find it a little strange too. Maybe he thought it would be too much for Jae Myung? We can see that he still holds a huge grudge towards the reporter lady (and rightfully so). I’m hoping they reconnect so maybe Jae Myung can start to heal. I feel like this show is going to have a lot to do with healing and forgiving, which means I should just go ahead and get the tissues ready.

June: Exactly! I have already have my assigned tissue box for this drama. I shall anxiously await for the meeting between Jae Myung and Ha Myung! 

Let us know what you thought about episode 1 and if you have high hopes for this drama in the comments!  Let's discuss!  Join us next time as we delve into episode 2, and make sure to bring your assigned tissue boxes.

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